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Beach Bomb Tousled Texture

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A lightweight, alcohol-free cream that conditions and creates a natural, full texture.


Infused with Keratin Protein, Silk Amino Acids, and AG's C3 Complex to condition and keep hair healthy. This curl cream creates bomb-shell-worthy waves that are natural, fully of texture, and incredible sexy. Bio-fermented Tomato Fruit Extract shrinks the hair cuticle and encourages curl while Rice Amino Acids hydrate, improve hair strength, and promote curl while fighting frizz. Silk and Keratin Protein add moisture, strength, and elasticity. Beach Bomb is alcohol free and wont dry hair. Carbuba Wax provides exceptional shine and texture.

Use a small amount, scrunching through damp hair. Add more as needed. Use a diffuser on a low volume, high heat setting or air dry.

No Salt, Parabens, Paba, DEA, Gluten, or Animal testing found in AG's Products

The lightweight cream formula is alcohol-free and utilizes moisturizing ingredients and AG's Curl Creating Complex to create soft, healthy hair. Features a light coconut fragrance.

  • Bio-fermented tomato fruit extract shrinks the hair cuticle and encourages curl
  • Rice Amino acids hydrate and improve hair strength, promote curl and help fight frizz
  • Silk and keratin protein adds moisture, strength, elasticity and shine
  • Alcohol-free formulated in a soothing natural base that won’t dry out hair
  • Copernica cerifera (Carnuba wax) provides exceptional shine and texture



4 out of 5 stars


Aug 16, 2014

Not for me, but may be for you!

My hair is thick and any sort of tousled look sometimes looks crazy, so I steer clear of this. I did try it out on a few occasions of different weather, but just need to call it a day on this one. What I will say is that I'm sure it's because of the thickness and texture of my hair. Someone with medium or fine hair will love the results. It'll give that added voluminous look without the excessive heat from a blowout.


Jul 28, 2014


Didn't do anything for my long, thick hair. It may work better on fine hair.


Jul 23, 2014

Magnifies and Moisturize

I absolutely loved this product! I enjoy my natural wave/curl but some products end up giving me too intense of a volume. Beach bomb is different in that it just accentuates the good and derails the bad. For example, it magnifies curl but derails the dryness that can come along with the curl.


Jul 23, 2014

Staple for Curly Girls!

Absolutely in love with this product. I always gravitate toward cream-based products and this product works wonders for my curls. I love the texture it gives my curls and it’s super easy to achieve volume that lasts all day with this product. It’s definitely a staple in my curly hair routine.


Jul 23, 2014

A Staple

I completely fell in love with the Beach Bomb. I naturally have a wave in my hair but I try to kick it up a notch with products that add definition. In the past I’ve tried beach sprays, curl sprays, and curl boosting mousses, all in an attempt to achieve the perfect waves. Some products were better than others but never quite got there. This did! I noticed results the moment I started scrunching the Beach Bomb through my hair. By the time my hair was dry (I chose to air dry but you can also use a diffuser with this), I had those easy, tousled, beachy waves I have been craving for so long. I am obsessed with this product. It delivered amazing results and never made my hair feel weighty or stiff. I can never go back to the other products again, that is for sure.


May 30, 2014

Delivers amazing texture!

I am so happy with how well this product worked on my hair. It really delivered! I scrunched it through the length, let my hair air dry, and was amazed to see tons of beachy waves! This is my new summer must-have.