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Firewall Argan Flat Iron Spray

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A flat iron spray that provides protection from heat styling.


Made with sustainably sourced fair-trade organic Moroccan argan oil is rich in antioxidants and vitamin E keeping hair smooth, soft and repaired while creating a light, protective barrier between your hair and your flat iron. The spray absorbs heat, prevents breakage, and smooths unruly hair and flyaways. Phenyl Trimethicone protects from heat and adds shine.

Spray 6” to 8” from dry sectioned hair prior to using flat irons. Caution: always keep irons moving to prevent heat damage.

No Salt, Parabens, Paba, DEA, Gluten, or Animal testing found in AG's Products

Infused with Argan oil, Firewall lets your iron slip seamlessly through your hair as it adds incredible shine.

  • Argan oil sustainably sourced fair-trade organic Moroccan argan oil is rich in antioxidants and vitamin E keeping hair smooth, soft and repaired
  • Phenyl Trimethicone protects from heat, adds shine



4 out of 5 stars

Teresa Kuhn

Apr 29, 2015

Expert Review


Incredible shine. Help your hair slip through your curling iron. Feels smooth and soft


Mar 24, 2015

Expert Review

Prevent damage

When using thermal irons, AG Hair Firewall gives me the peace of mind that my client's hair is being protected. The key is to not overuse because as with any product, it will become oily.


Sep 09, 2014

A Must-Have Product!

I use a flat iron on a daily basis. Until AG Hair's Firewall, I wasn't using a heat protectant on my hair. I know, what a sin!! But now, I'm HOOKED on Firewall. If you are heat treating your hair (like me) on a daily basis, Firewall is a must-have product. The product is very light weight and smells incredible.


Sep 09, 2014

Firewall Fanatic

Love Firewall. I mostly straighten my hair for the texture, and using this product makes it feel extra smooth and silky. It is interesting because it is an aerosol spray, so I was a bit hesitant at first. Just make sure not to accidentally use too much or else you may feel a little greasy (but hey, conserving means one bottle will last you longer!). This is a great heat protectant product.


Sep 09, 2014

Love that it's aerosol!

I heat style almost every day, so a good heat protectant is really important to me. Firewall is the first aerosol version I’ve tried, though. I like that it was light, airy and could be sprayed continuously. My hair definitely felt softer and shinier after using.


Sep 09, 2014

No Shine

This product didn’t add any additional shine to my hair applying both before and after my hair was dry.


Sep 09, 2014

Made my hair oily

I really wanted to like this product. However, I felt that it made my hair look oily, instead of shiny, and for me that was a deal-breaker. I want products that extend the life of my hair, not force me to wash it sooner.


Sep 09, 2014

Not too heavy

As a flat iron junkie, I’m always looking for product to help protect my hair from all the heat damage. Right away, ,I was hooked on Firewall. The smell of the product was addicting – I wanted to keep spraying Firewall simply because I loved the scent! But more importantly, the product isn’t heavy. I’ve used many heavy sprays that weigh down my hair and leave my hair lifeless and dull! Firewall really helped bring out extra shine. I use this product daily and I’ve been receiving more and more compliments on the health of my hair.


Sep 09, 2014

Shiny and Sleek

Like with the heat protection spray, I’d never used a flat iron spray, and I’m quite hooked. It gave incredible shine and sleekness and worked like a charm with my flat iron. I also really love using it as a finishing spray for an extra boost of shine. It doesn’t leave a residue or make me feel like I’m weighing my hair down. The only complaint: it definitely left my bathroom floor super slick!


Sep 09, 2014

miracles do happen

This product is a multi-purpose miracle. It protects your hair from heated styling tools, adds mega shine, and leaves your locks luscious and smooth. I’ve been using this product daily and have actually been getting compliments on how great my hair looks! It is a must-have and I look forward to adding this to my regular product rotation.


Sep 09, 2014

no protection

I did not feel like the product was able to protect my hair from the level of heat that I subject it to (about 400 degrees with a flat iron). After heat, the product left my hair dry and rather brittle.


Sep 09, 2014

Easy to use and works great

This product allows my clients an easy and quick way to protect their hair from heat styling. It works well and smells great.


Sep 09, 2014


This spray is the best!