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Do you pay attention to the anatomy of the skincare products you use? What is inside the lotion, cream, or CBD bath bomb you use determines how it will react on your body. Not all products are safe for the skin. That’s why it’s necessary to know the ins and outs of what you’re buying. A CBD bath bomb is a trusted product that offers many health benefits to the skin. Despite its known abilities, it’s still important to find out what makes it special and the explanation behind its powerful qualities in improving mental, physical, and emotional health. So, what’s the anatomy of the CBD bath bomb?

The Inside Components Of A CBD Bath Bomb

If you have ever used a CBD bath bomb, you must have wondered what gives it skin-smoothing abilities and the secret behind its delicious fragrance. This product is capable of creating an enjoyable pampering experience because of the things it contains inside. It’s common to fall for beauty products only to discover later the damage it has done to you because of the harmful chemicals added to them. Zammit-Lucia (2019) explained that one will be surprised to know CBD bath bomb capabilities are not associated with any dangerous substances. Cannabidiol in it is responsible for most of its health benefits. One can safely assure you that CBD bath bombs are the safest and most skin-friendly skin care product on the market.

CBD bath bombs are spherical blends of fragrant, smoothing oils and extracts that you can conveniently toss in your tub and experience a relaxing bath. The main ingredients are citric acid and sodium bicarbonate. These two powerful substances interact with each other after dissolving in water to create a fizzing effect you will love. Immediately after this reaction takes place, the CBD bath bomb breaks apart, dissolves, and releases all the benefits of cannabidiol and other ingredients packed in it. Most companies hide the constituents of their CBD bath bombs, making it difficult for buyers to know what is in the bath bombs they wish to buy. You must check the ingredient list in the product before you buy. To help our readers understand what is found in a CBD bath bomb, we’ll be transparent and educational when sharing the ingredients found in a CBD bath bomb.


Maldonado (2021) explained that CBD cannot miss in a CBD bath bomb. It’s the substance that distinguishes the CBD bath bomb from the normal bath bomb. This compound gives the bath bomb powerful skin benefits your skin needs. The average amount of cannabidiols in a CBD bath bomb is between 25 to 100 milligrams.

Sodium Bicarbonate And Citric Acid

Sodium bicarbonate or baking soda and citric acid are the base for bath bombs. Baking soda is a common ingredient for deodorizing, baking, and cleaning, but also a game-changer in CBD bath bombs. It is useful to the body because it manages oily skin, tightens skin pores, and fights off skin infections. Citric acid is the cause of the fizz. The low Ph of citric acid and the high Ph of sodium bicarbonate usually combine to neutralize and initiate an exciting bath bomb fizz. The two make your bath water silky, smooth, and powerful enough to give your skin and body an amazing transformation.

Essential Oil

CBD bath bombs smell good. There are varieties, allowing you to choose what makes your nostrils contented and happy. Berman (2021) explained that although some bath bombs are unscented, manufacturers often add fragrance oil or essential oil to their CBD bath bombs. This way, the product will have a higher level of aromatherapy for a healing, fun bathing experience. These essential oils are obtained from natural plants and are highly potent. Fragrance oils serve the same purpose as essential oils, only that they are not natural. Instead, they are manufactured. Some companies avoid artificial` fragrance oils and opt for essential oils to design creative, and well scented CBD bath bombs. Common fragrances are from exotic flowers and non-irritants but artificial fragrances may irritate sensitive skin because of the chemicals you soak in.


Kettner et al. (2019) explained that CBD bath bombs manufacturers use certain ingredients to add unique colors to their products, for example, water-soluble dye. This dye is bloomed in water for a while to activate and gain its true color before adding it to the CBD bath bomb. It’s appreciated in the bath bomb market because it makes the bath bomb effective in serving the purpose you want it to. Artificial and natural dyes introduce a colorful appearance to CBD bath bombs. Those with sensitive skin may react poorly to the chemicals added in dyes. Even if you are not suffering from any skin problems, the skin around the private parts is usually more susceptible to severe irritation. So, be careful when choosing the product and avoid CBD bath bombs with ingredients you don’t understand.

Our CBD Bath Bombs Safe For Everyone?

At this point, you know what is inside a CBD bath bomb. If you’ve never used it before, you may be concerned to know if everyone is safe to use it as CBD bath bombs don’t have any restrictions as anyone can use them harmlessly. However, individuals with sensitive skin should be careful with what they buy. Focus on the ingredient list and avoid elements that appear unknown to you. Feel free to ask manufacturers the constituents of the CBD bath bomb you wish to buy. However, keep in mind most bath bomb producers will not be transparent with the ingredients’ information. Not all of them can reveal the true substances they used on the product. Once you’re confident the product does not have any harmful substance, you can use it for a bath daily. Whoever can use it whenever.


Understanding the anatomy of CBD bath bombs can help you decide the right product to buy. Knowing what is in a CBD bath bomb helps you make better decisions and avoid what can give you skin issues after using. You must know that different CBD bath bombs act differently on people’s skin. So, be watchful to recognize any abnormalities after using the product.


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