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  • August 19, 2022 4 min read

    Are CBD face Masks Effective? The Evidence

    CBD products are booming due to their numerous advantages when it comes to skincare and nutrition. CBD topicals are applied to the skin and face masks are among them. Face masks made from CBD are not any different, they are very effective only if used in the right way. This article will serve you right. Continue reading and learn how effective it is.

    Importance of CBD

    CBD oil is extracted from cannabis oil. It has several health benefits. Moltke& Hindocha (2021) reported that CBD may help consumers suffering from anxiety, sleep disorder, migraine, joint pain, chronic pain, and skin conditions.

    CBD has Neuroprotective issues-CBD working hand in hand with the endocannabinoid system, and the brain signaling system offers benefits to people suffering from neurological disorders. According to Khalsa et al. (2021). CBD is used in treating epilepsy and MS. CBD oil is said to greatly reduce seizures, especially in children.

    CBD has benefits for the skin, too, such as dealing with Itching and Dryness. According to  Atalay et al. (2021), CBD is helpful when it comes to curing common skin conditions such as dry skin and itchy skin. Baswan et al. (2020) noted that CBD is endowed with anti-inflammatory properties that are very helpful in minimizing the potential triggers of dermatitis, psoriasis, and eczema. Massaging oils that have CBD can soften the skin a d reduce the look of irritation on it.

    Pain Relief

    CBD may be of help for people suffering from pain. It also reduces inflammation. This is possible by preventing compounds that lead to inflammation in your body. If you have scarring or inflammatory skin, CBD has proven to help.

    How Face Masks Work 

     The best additives acquired from a face mask are supposed to stay longer in contact with the skin due to the occlusion phenomenon brought about by the mask on your skin. The masks trap the dampness or the additives on the skin and come up with a film that aids in either hydrating, moisturizing skin that is dry or exfoliated depending on the ingredients that are utilized and their use. Therefore, a face mask permits the ingredients to go through the skin in a much easier way in a short period. Depending on whether it's salicylic acid used for treating acne, vitamin C for fine lines, or retinoid to mark bright the dark spots. A face mask offers a much more concentrated dose and a version that is concentrated and intense type of its ingredients as linked to other methods of applications.

    When Your CBD Face mask turns to be Harmful

    A face mask can be a great way of gaining a boost in the skin. Have you ever thought of when it turns out to be the negative way? Put in mind that many ingredients should not be equated with the quality of the product. The more the ingredients the more cautious users should be. It is essential to look for red flags: if a face mask is irritating the skin. Here are some of the warning signs when it comes to dangerous face mask hives, dry skin that may be peeling off, pain when peeling the mask, and breakouts such as the development of acne. In case you are not sure about a particular face mask; experiment on a small section of your skin before applying it to the best part of the skin. It is advisable to consult a dermatologist before plunging into face masks and any other facial oils or makeup to determine the skin type and the appropriate facial oils to use on different skin types.

    How To Choose a CBD Face Mask Routine

    There are factors to consider when getting a face mask that works best for your face depending on your skin type. Begin with the type of face mask you wish to use there are three types of face masks you can use including overnight masks – such masks are moisturizing and have ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, which is good for skin that is mature and extremely dry. Clay, mud masks, or sulfur masks. They soak up oil and have a slight exfoliating outcome. Sheet masks have antioxidants that are moisturizing and in case you store them in the fridge, anti-inflammatory.

    You have to put it on anywhere from about 10 minutes to the whole night, therefore ensure that you select a mask that is very comfortable with your skin.

    The Murky World of CBD

    According to Dutfield (2011), the FDA advised members of the public are advised to tell members to think critically before thinking about using any off-the-shelf CBD products. The following category of people should be extra cautious when it comes to CBD products: pregnant women, people under medication, and breastfeeding women. The same applies when it comes to CBD face masks Despite there being benefits of CBD, it's good to note that people have varying reactions when it comes to CBD products. Consult your doctor just to be on the safe side.


    CBD face masks are good for the face, they are effective when using them. Get a good face mask that has been reviewed by many people and certified by dermatologists. When getting a CBD face mask, ensure that you get one that suits your skin tone to avoid skin irritation and allergies. Ensure that you get your dermatologist to walk you on this path as they advise on the best ingredients in a CBD mask that will work best for you.


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