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Have you tried CBD face wash and CBD cleansers on your skin? They could be the best remedies you need for your skin problems like eczema, acne, and psoriasis. Talk of the face washer and cleanser, are they the same?

There exist a lot of products in the beauty industry, some of which have proven to be of very great results yet others have been dismissed by customers due to no positive results that they are meant to perform. With the discovery of skin benefits that CBD has, it has risen in fame and is taking the beauty industry by storm. Sarker & Nahar (2020) provided an update on CBD and noted that Cannabidiol (CBD) is a natural chemical compound existing in the cannabis plant that is extracted from the hemp of the cannabis plant. It is second in being active after THC, which is the most active and dominant compound of cannabis. THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) is the compound of cannabis that makes you feel high when you consume it. Other than having profound benefits on the skin, Shover & Humphreys (2020) identified that CBD is also known to help in relieving pain in chronic illnesses like cancer, and diabetes that has failed to be suppressed by the respective medication. There is a lot of positive feedback from patients who have used it to kill the pain. De Gregorio et al. (2019) claimed that CBD is also used in suppressing stress and anxiety, and so most people include it in their daily intake when they infuse it in their beverages, cake, and cookies recipes, and it can be addictive since once used, the user may never want to go without it. If you are thinking of trying it out, research deeply about the right doses and amount of CBD that you can take in a day. It is wise to start slow and then gradually increase the amount up to the extent that is fit for your body. Products that infuse CBD are numerous from body butter and creams, shampoos, face washes and face cleansers, and hair oils among others. Is the CBD face wash and face cleanser the same? You will find out in this article.

Is CBD Legal?

Recently, the use of CBD was legalized in the US under the 2018 Farm Bill, which allowed it to be incorporated into products due to its numerous benefits on health.  For that many states in the US embraced it and CBD is now gaining fame globally. However, there are imposed rules that the manufacturing companies have to adhere to in infusing CBD into their products. They have to ensure that their products do not contain THC that exceeds 0.3%. CBD-infused products can be purchased online or even at a CBD store. When considering infusing it into a regular recipe, you can easily make CBD at home, following the right procedure. The methods of consumption of CBD vary, and they include vaping, the use of sublingual which you place under the tongue to be absorbed by the mucus membrane beneath the tongue, you can also use CBD vaporizers, topicals that can be applied on the skin, pills, and capsules. The method n individual chooses to use depends on how fast and long they want to feel the effects of CBD in the body as some methods take shorter than others.

Are CBD Washers and Cleansers the Same?

CBD washers and cleansers do the same basic job of cleansing the face. The major difference is that washers create foam when used and one has to wash off, while the cleansers are non-foaming and you don’t have to wash off, you wipe instead. Both are used to remove oil, dirt, and pollution from the face, with the cleanser being able to dissolve excess oil, makeup, and oil impurities much better than the face washers. The face wash cleanses pores and removes deep-seated debris, an advantage attributed to its foaming nature, however, if you want better results, you can use both a washer and a cleaner, but you need to use the cleanser first then a face wash. It becomes even more wholesome and better if you use CBD infused washer and cleanser. To get the best CBS washers and cleansers, there are a few guidelines to help you:


Before settling for a CBD face cleanser or washer, you need to search more on the ingredients used alongside the CBD. The product description and the photo may contain the list of ingredients used. You can search online about the effects the ingredients may have on your health and skin, especially if you have certain allergies. You can also consult with the doctor before settling for the washer or cleanser.

Source of Hemp and Processing

CBD-infused manufacturing companies have to give details about where and how they grow their hemp. According to King (2019), organically grown hemp gives the best quality CBD. Search online about the product you want to buy, if the company talks about the source of their hemp and the whole process that is involved in the producing the final product. The use of Carbon dioxide in the extraction of CBD is one of the best methods used. If you find the brand of wash and cleanser of your choice, research more on the company’s details.

Third-Party Testing 

Quality product manufacturing companies do third-party testing on their products, to test for potency, microbial and other impurities to ascertain that the final CBD is safe for human consumption. It would be wise if you check if the company whose brand you are buying from, has third-party testing. It’s normal that after going through third-party testing, the company is given a compliant certificate that indicates the safety of its product. You can trust the washer or cleanser you want to buy if the company has a third-party testing certificate.


The article has highlighted a bit about CBD and the health benefits it has on human skin and health at large. CBD washers and cleansers are among the many products that infuse CBD, and they work more of the same with the major difference being that washers have a build-up of foam and you have to wash it off when using while cleansers do not produce foam when using, and you just have to wipe off.  If you want better results you can use both a cleanser and a washer. CBD infused to give you the best results. Give it a try and you will love it.


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