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When a product appears to be too good to be true, you’ll start having doubts about it. Individuals have different priorities when choosing a skincare product to buy. For some, the price means everything. For others, the popularity of the product is their main focus when determining what to purchase. While for many, the quality and effectiveness of the product matter a lot. This group of people values the safety of the skincare as they want to invest. Before they buy a CBD bath bomb, there’s one big question they’ll ask themselves; are CBD bath bombs good for my skin?  Well, let’s find out.

What Is Unsafe In The CBD Bath Bombs

Brand (2020) explained that most CBD bath bombs are safe for use as they are unlikely to cause harm to your skin. The ingredient list is what differentiates a safe CBD bath bomb from an unsafe product. You can only know if the product is safe by looking at the elements used during its making. Some manufacturers are transparent and honest about what they add to the CBD bath bombs they release to the market. However, few manufacturers may be secretive or dishonest and hide the true ingredients of what they sell to customers. By doing so, you can blindly invest in a bath bomb that will damage your skin because of the harmful chemicals it contains.  CBD bath bombs brands use different ingredients in their products. Thus, it’s not guaranteed all your CBD bath bomb sellers use the same constituents. It’s important to know what ingredients are safe and what are not.

Acceptable Ingredients In CBD Bath Bombs

  • Pure CBD oil
  • Baking soda
  • Citric acid
  • Sea salt/Epsom salt
  • Water
  • Organic essential oils

Unacceptable/Unsafe Ingredients In CBD Bath Bombs

According to dermatologists, your skin will get damaged if it gets in contact with unfriendly ingredients. Another point skin experts emphasized is that people react differently to foreign substances. Evans (2020) explained that your friend might experience a bad reaction after using a certain CBD bath bomb while your skin may not react at all. So, the advice here is that you examine your skin and understand what is not working for you. It’s also important to talk to your dermatologist for good advice on what to avoid. Consult skin experts who understand your skin health history because they are in a better condition to recommend a product that suits your needs.

The main unsafe ingredients in CBD bath bombs include;


Ehrhardt (2020) explained that most brands use preservatives to extend the shelf life of a CBD bath bomb. On average, a CBD bath bomb will last a few months to one year. While you may enjoy using your CBD bath bomb for many months or even years, ask yourself the hidden price you are paying for having a product with an extremely long shelf life. It is not said that all bath bombs that stay longer than others are all unsafe. The point is, be careful with the chemicals added to extend the usable days of a product because you may be surprised while your bath bomb is enjoying a long-living period, you are unknowingly reducing your life span because of the health damage from those preservatives.


A good scent is one of the things that attract us to CBD bath bombs. Companies that care about their client’s health use organic essential oils like lavender oil to introduce a pleasant fragrance to their product. However, some brands only care about making profits even if it means using low-quality, and unhealthy fragrance oils. Kapetanakis et al. (2017) explained that one should avoid CBD bath bombs that contain artificial fragrances because they may harm your skin, especially if you have delicate skin.


People love bath bombs because of the colorful shades they introduce to their bathwater. CBD bath bombs are found in different colors, both bright and dark. Manufacturers use dyes to give a bath bomb the power to transform your bath water into a colorful, interesting tiny paradise. Some dyes are natural while others are lab-made. Watch out for unhealthy dyes and avoid them.


If you love your bathwater glammed with glitters, you may have to rethink the damage they can cause to your skin. These additives may be abrasive to your skin. Be careful with the percentage and type of additives added to the product. If possible, avoid them.

Safer Ways To Enjoy Beautiful Baths With CBD Bath Bombs

  • Consider making a homemade CBD bath bomb. Making your product with ingredients you trust will protect you from falling for harmful bath bombs.
  • Always read the ingredient list and buy the ones manufactured with substances you know well. Avoid artificial fragrances, additives, dyes, and preservatives.
  • Test the bath bomb before throwing it into your bathwater. Dermatologists recommend you rub a CBD bath bomb on your elbow and wait for 2 days. If irritation or redness develops, never use it.
  • Reduce the time you use for a CBD bath bomb wash up. The longer your skin is exposed to the possible allergens, the higher the chances they have to affect you. Limit your bath time to about 15 minutes.
  • Avoid using a CBD bath bomb daily. You can schedule to use it a few times a week. Probably three times. Reduce the number of times you use it, and increase the quality time of each of your bathing sessions. Playing your favorite song or lighting candles are great ways of making your three times a week CBD bath bomb use interesting and worth it.
  • Make sure you rinse your body properly after bathing with a CBD bath bomb. This way, you’ll eliminate all the potential harmful residue that may irritate your skin.
  • Stop using the CBD bath bomb any time you notice skin irritation.


It’s safe to use a CBD bath bomb as long as the ingredients added to it are natural. You don’t have to give up on this amazing product. But if your skin is highly sensitive to it, use it cautiously or avoid them. Bathing with a CBD bath bomb is beautiful and beneficial to the skin. But, be mindful of what is included in this spherical fizzy substance. Your skin is important. Make it feel important by protecting it from harmful CBD bath bombs.


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