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  • August 24, 2022 5 min read


    CBD oil is a supplement that has been gradually increasing in the market hence increasing the risk of stumbling upon scum products trying to make a quick back on misinformed customers.

    There are many ways to tell whether you are looking at a high-quality massage oil infused with CBD. However, it’s not easy for a customer to know which brand or product they should pick, especially for first-time users. Soleymanpour et al. (2021) claimed that CBD massaging oil can help you relax and ease stress. The experience will not only help you to relax but also open the brain cells and helps to concentrate better at work. Škopek et al. (2021) argued that CBD massage does not contain THC. Because CBD massage oil has no THC, utilizing the oil won’t trigger any psychoactive effects. Below are some great tips available for you if you want to choose a great CBD oil that will take your massage sessions to the next level:

    Ask Around

    Asking around enables you to know the best CBD oil massage to use. However, CBD oil products are mostly available in your nearby physical stores and you can search them in e-commerce websites. Even though you are assured to get a good CBD oil, these options can be overwhelming at times. For first-timers, it can be completely exhausting to find a fully satisfying product. Asking around also helps you to narrow down all possible options and come up with the best only to use. You can ask are familiar with utilizing the massage oil for longer periods. Inquire from family and friends if the products you have chosen can aid in preventing stress and inflammation. The information you acquire can be helpful in setting expectations concerning CBD message oil and gaining some tips on what to buy.

    Require Third-Party Lab Results from Suppliers

    Massage oils made from CBD are available in different forms and varieties. Songkro et al. (2010) emphasized that not all massage oils available are made with the same quality, so it’s crucial for you to look or ask the vendor for the third-party lab results of the item. This enables you to verify if the product is safe to apply to your skin. It can also help to know whether the product is of high quality and if the supplier is credible. Most importantly, a CBD reputable supplier will not find it difficult to pay a third-party laboratory to check whether the contents of the items are of quality. This makes it impossible for the supplier to try and influence the results by adding anything that can be dangerous to the human system. Suppliers who value their customers know how transparency is important, hence they will do their best to make sure their products are checked by third-party laboratories.

    Before purchasing any CBD oil massage, ask for a third-party laboratory result however its form. If they don’t provide, start looking for alternative options or other products. Moreover, as you read through the third-party laboratory results, it should not contain pesticides or any other toxic solvents.

    Check the THC Content

    THC is said to be the component that’s responsible for making users high. As Small & Marcus (2003) argued, all CBD products have less than 0.3% THC, meaning that this product cannot give you a high experience. Utilizing the CBD massage oil won’t create any effects; this product possesses low THC levels. To avoid experiencing psychoactive effects, first, confirm the THC levels present in CBD massage oil. Regardless of how good the product can be or how attractive it can be, do not use a CBD product that has higher THC content. Most importantly, aside from meeting all your expectations, these products can lead to legal repercussions. CBD items that have 0.3% of CBD are considered to be legal by federal laws.  Checking the THC content can also be crucial in helping you decide on the product to use.

    Pay Attention to the Ingredients Used

    CBD products act differently on different people and most of them are used in different ways. Generally, since you are using a topical product, look for ingredients that are skin appropriate. These ingredients should help safeguard your skin from further damage and give a bright glow. Some of these healthy ingredients to choose from are aloe Vera, orange essential oils, and chamomile. Pereira et al. (2014) stated that Aloe Vera is used as a hydrating agent and also contains vitamin C and E. On the other hand, they also act as ant-oxidant agents which help your skin appear flawless.

    Orange essential oil works as a natural anti-inflammatory factor which in turn helps the skin get rid of harmful toxins. This can help make the skin clean and flawless.  Using ingredients such as chamomile regularly makes your pores tighter and help lightens your scars.

    CBD Concentration in CBD Massage Oil

    CBD products have different concentrations depending on what they are being used for. Each CBD massage oil has its own CBD rate that makes it unique to use. However, it’s recommended for you to consume a minimum of about 20 -30mg of CBD per day to enable you to relax. On the other hand, if you exceed that amount you can be able to reduce pain. Generally, the higher the concentration the fewer drops it will take to notice the therapeutic effects of the product. If it’s your first time using any CBD oil massage, it’s good to start with a lower concentration and increase gradually until you find the right amount.

    Check Certifications

    Before purchasing any CBD product, check the certificate of analysis of it before buying it. Generally, this documents the test performed on the CBD massage oil you purchase and allows you to check the CBD and THC levels in the oil. It also presents contaminants in the products and it indicates whether they can have adverse effects. Most importantly the CoA also holds information regarding the standards met to establish these products.


    Before using massaging oil topically, it will be best if you ask for the approval of the doctor first. Generally, it’s good to know that CBD and other products are safe to use but if used with any other product it may result in adverse health risks. Carefully check the ingredients used in the massage oil and do some research if they are healthy for your skin. Asking around can help you know how it works with other people and this can give you a clear description of the product. Different CBD products work differently in different people so be careful with which product you choose.


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