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CBD products need not be injected or inhaled to be absorbed into the lips. They can also be applied on the lips, and the endocannabinoid system will react with the cannabinoid, and the effects will be felt. Some of the knowledge about CBD use on the lips include how CBD heals the lips, the benefits of CBD lip balms, and how to choose a CBD lip balm.

The only way that CBD can be absorbed through the lips is if one uses the CBD lip balm. CBD is not only absorbed through ingestion or inhalation but also by applying it to the lips. Every person has an endocannabinoid system in their body. The system interacts with the cannabinoids like CBD through a particular cannabinoid receptor in the body. The lips also have cannabinoid receptors in them. When applying the CBD lip balm to the lips, the cannabinoid receptors are targeted. The interaction may be minimal, but the results are powerful and must be absorbed. 

Ways In Which CBD Heals The Lips

Eases Pain

The endocannabinoid receptors on the lips are from the sensory nerve cells. The sensory nerve cells are responsible for registering pain experienced or present. When one has cracked, dry and chapped lips, CBD will summon the receptors to assist them in soothing the pain away.

Anti-Inflammatory Properties

According to Evans (2020), CBD lip balms have anti-inflammatory properties that help inflammation. The CBD lip balms can heal itchiness, raw red lips, and painful swelling. Inflammation is the body mainly occurs when the immune system is working to fight against a foreign thing. Some foreign things the body may be fighting include; stress, bacteria, an imbalanced diet, or even toxins. This will make the endocannabinoid system send more immune cells to fight against them. The presence of the immune cells in the epidermal layer of the lips makes the skin painful, red, swelling, and itchy. Once one applies the CBD lip balm, the endocannabinoid system in the immune cells works with the CBD to minimize the inflammatory reaction.

Assists the skin in repairing itself

Robinson (1996) suggested that the CBD lip balm not only soothes the inflamed lips and eases the pain but also has a powerful way of rejuvenating and healing the lips. The skin cells on the lips also have the presence of endocannabinoid receptors. CBD lip balm interacts with the cells and encourages the cells to regenerate and stay healthy. According to Cream (2020), when one applies the CBD lip balm, it will assist them in replacing the dry and chapped lipped by shedding off the old dead skin cells and having them get the new and healthy ones.  

Sebostatic effects

Mist (2003) stated that CBD could help produce sebum in the area around the lips. Applying the CBD lip balm aids in minimizing the sebum production and thus helps control acne around the lips.

How Does The CBD Lip Balm Work?

The CBD present in the lip balm is absorbed by the endocannabinoid system and acts on it. The therapeutic effects are then felt this way. The effect experienced is local, just within the area where the CBD lip balm has been applied. CBD lip balm will not make an individual fail a dope test.

How To Use The CBD Lip Balm

Just like how you introduce new products to your skincare routine, CBD lip balm is one of the products that can help people. Apply the lip balm to your lips and check on its effects on the lips. Check for any sign of discomfort or irritation. If there is no reaction to the lips, you are good to go and can continue using the CBD lip balm on your lips. Like normal lip balms, CBD lip balms can be used many times.

Choosing A CBD Lip Balm


Before settling for a particular CBD lip balm, check on the quality of the product. Most CBD products are expensive. When checking on the quality of the CBD lip balm, be sure that it is of high quality to avoid being knocked off by buying a lip balm that is low quality and still expensive.

Quantity And Concentration

Most people believe they still perform the same duties whether the CBD lip balm is concentrated. This may be true but still can make you miss a lot. The more the CBD lip balm is concentrated, the greater the effects and the benefits. It is always advisable to check the labels and see how concentrated the lip balm is.

Ingredients And Flavors 

When planning on a lip balm to settle for, it is always great if you check on the ingredients and the different flavors present in the lip balm. The best CBD lip balm is made from natural and organic ingredients such as coconut oil, avocado, and beeswax. They do not affect the lips. Some ingredients, such as alcohol, should not be used on the lips. You may feel some cooling sensation, but still, your lips will be irritated and can even make the outer layer of the lips come out. This will make them unprotected.


CBD can always be absorbed into the body by applying lip balms infused with CBD. You do not have to inject or inhale CBD for it to be absorbed by the lips. The body has the endocannabinoid system that interacts with the cannabinoid receptors in the body. The cannabinoid receptors found in the lips are responsible for the absorption of CBD into the lips. The interaction between the CBD receptors and the CBD oil may be minimal, but the result is always effective and powerful.    


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