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  • August 20, 2022 4 min read


    Bruising is very common in daily life; CBD oil can be used to remedythis. Another research by Athar & Nasir (2005)foundthat gel infused with CBD helps with skin benefits. Using topical CBD lotion such as recovery Balm, CBD   is usually absorbed in the skin, interacting with cannabinoid receptors found in that area. 

    Wondering whether this oil can treat bruises? Bruises are among the very common injuries one may get as they carry out daily activities.Everyone has experienced a bruise injury at one point in life. Bruises come due to injuries when they miss a step andfall.A bruise comes about when some bloodvessels have been raptured due to the impact of the fall. Swelling or oozing of blood is common in such instances. Here is what you need to know about CBD’s ability to treat bruises.

    Causes of Bruises

    One study by Urakov (2020) observed some causes, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, and remedies of bruises that could be useful for this article. Some of the major instances when one might get a bruise are when someone falls when something falls on them or whenhit by a blunt object such as sharp corners of the stairs or a wall. Additionally,when one is fond of lifting heavy objects, and the pressure is exerted onthe skin or muscles, it can make the blood vesselsburst. Cuts andburns can also be a cause of bruises. Capillaries are located close to the skin, and they are therefore prone to bursting if one falls or hearts themselves. People with delicate blood vessels or skin are also victims of bruises.

    Can CBD be used to Treat Bruises?

    Inflammation is a natural healing process that may be a reason for pain in your body. Research by Singh (2017)foundthat bruised people can use CBD oil ointments to reduce swelling and inflammation in the recent past. Another research by Philpott et al. (2017)found that gel infused with CBD reduced swelling and inflammation when applied to the joints. Using topical CBD lotion suchas Poko’s Recovery Balmgets absorbed in the skin, interacting with cannabinoidreceptors found in thatarea. Experts have verified that this willhelp minimize swelling, discomfort, and redness. Therefore, using CBD oil when bruised helps reduce soreness and generally quickens the recovery process.

    Does CBD RelievePain?

    In most cases, severe bruises are often painful when pressure is exerted on the area that has been injured. Getting injured leads to the search for a pain-relieving process. It is believed that CBD oil isa natural pain reliever. The argument by Johnson et al. (2010)backs up the ability to relieve pain that cannabinoidreceptors found in our body are linked closely to the nervous system.The nervous makes them get linked to sensory and pain reception.Another study argued that CBD makes some pain receptors less sensitive thereforedulling ourpain. The study went on to urge that CBDcan affect inflammation. Conclusively, CBD is very beneficial in pain relief.

     Heat and CBD Oil

    When heat is applied to the affected area, the blood circulation dispersesthe clottedblood, encouraging blood flow. By dispersing trapped blood, you get to minimize the appearanceof the bruise.With the help of a warming balm that is CBD induced. The CBD helps in smoothening the muscles and reducing both swelling and pain.Other natural plant extracts like capsicum oleoresin and comfrey oil may help blood circulation by warming the affected area. One can also massage the affected area using a CBD oil balm or cream. When rubbing the affected area gently in a circular motion, you boost the circulation. One is eligible to use CBD creams if the bruise is mild.

    What is Known about CBD?

    CBD works! In terms of healing wounds, bruises, and burns. We have fast evidence due to the increasing research on CBD daily. Therefore, non-psychoactive cannabidiol, CBD, can treat many diseases that are discovered daily. Both CBD oil and creams are magnificent facilitators of returning the body to a homeostatic balance. When the body undergoes pain or trauma due to surgery, CBD will help to get the body back to its normal state. The endogenous cannabinoid system found in the human body willassist in creating and sustaining the health of human beings.


    CBD oil is a perfect solution for treating not only bruises but also wounds. The oil helps in speeding up the healing process. Everyone is legible to be bruised no matter the age. Therefore, having a CBD Tincture or cream in store for the emergency will serve you right because it will save you the agony of slow healing and excess pain experienced after getting bruised. It is highly recommended to use CBD oil in cases where the bruise is mild. The reason is that some bruises may involve breaking a bone, whereby other medical attention is needed before applying the CBD Tincture or cream. Thanks to the anti-inflammatory aspect of CBD, it can play a significant role in healing bruises.


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