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  • August 16, 2022 5 min read


    Kennel cough is a disease that affects unvaccinated puppies, immunosuppressed dogs, and senior ones and can cause serious repertory conditions if not attended to. Although CBD studies for dogs are limited, and there is insufficient evidence to show that it can treat kennel cough, some studies from human and animal models show that it might help fight pain and inflammation in the infected dog and help him feel better.

    We love our furry friends and are affected when they fall sick. As much as we love them, we are always left with little to do to help them, especially because they cannot talk, meaning we can only guess what they are suffering from and still err. However, a cough is noticeable, and in the event that your dog's cough is because of the kennel cough infection, you will see the dog struggle. A vet often diagnoses the coughs and helps you know what is affecting your furry friend. The hype around Sublingual CBD Oil Drops grows each day, and some brands exclusively deal in dog products while others sell dog items alongside human-grade CBD oil. Does this mean that Sublingual CBD Oil Drops treats kennel cough and that you should opt for it when your dog coughs? Here is all you need to know.

    Understanding Kennel Cough

    Kennel cough, also called tracheobronchitis, is a respiratory condition affecting the lining of dogs' respiratory tract airways. The trachea and bronchi become inflamed, especially in their lining, causing never-ending irritation, high-pitched coughs, and cough spasms. Kennel cough is common among unvaccinated puppies and dogs, especially seniors and those with compromised immunities. It usually starts as a normal cough that progresses when not attended to and might lead to more serious respiratory conditions. Besides, if your dog interacts with dogs infected with kennel cough, he might be infected if he is unvaccinated, but the symptoms, especially the cough, could take 10 days or more to appear.

    What is CBD Oil, and Why Would it Help with Kennel Cough?

    Sublingual CBD Oil Drops is one of the cannabinoids or active compounds in cannabis plants, and it stands out among other cannabinoids for its ability to express the desired effects without making you ‘high.’ Sublingual CBD Oil Drops can come from hemp or marijuana plants, although most brands focus on hemp for manufacturing Sublingual CBD Oil Drops and ensure it has minimal THC in line with the 2018 Farm Bill requirements. Sublingual CBD Oil Drops is touted as safe, and it seems like it could help with any condition. As such, you may wonder, ‘can Sublingual CBD Oil Drops treat kennel cough?’

    CBD Oil for Kennel Cough- What Studies Say

    Unfortunately, there are no studies on Sublingual CBD Oil Drops for kennel cough, leaving no evidence to bank on and suggest it for dogs with the infection. Besides, studies on Sublingual CBD Oil Drops for dogs are equally limited, meaning many knowledge gaps need to be filled before recommending Sublingual CBD Oil Drops for kennel cough. So far, one study by McGrath et al. (2019) suggested that CBD Tincture could help dogs with seizures experience fewer attacks. However, the responders in the study on placebo and CBD groups were statistically significant, showing that while CBD Tincture could help with seizures, it was not any different from the placebo in effects. Although we cannot bank on CBD Tincture for treating kennel cough, early studies suggest that it might help with symptoms of the cough, as explained below.

    CBD Oil for Inflammation in Dogs with Kennel Cough

    One thing dogs have to deal with when they suffer from kennel cough is inflammation. Inflammation of the airways and their lining cause kennel cough, and when the dog coughs, it worsens, causing pain and further inflammation. Could CBD Tincture help with inflammation? Burstein (2015) reported that CBD Tincture could help with inflammation. Although the study did not involve dogs, it can be extrapolated and applied to dogs. However, until advanced studies are conducted on CBD for inflammation in dogs, we do not recommend that you give your dog CBD Tincture.

    CBD Oil for Pain in the Throat of Dogs with Kennel Cough

    When dogs suffer from kennel cough, the inflammation of the airway lining causes pain in the throat and respiratory tracts. The pain worsens as the dog coughs more and more, and in case the kennel cough results in serious conditions affecting the throat and the airways, the pain worsens. Can CBD Tincture help with pain from kennel cough? Bebee et al. (2021) looked at the effects of CBD Tincture with THC on people with back pain and reported a significant reduction in the pain more than a placebo. As such, CBD Tincture promises to help people fight pain, and the same findings could be extrapolated for dogs. However, we need more studies, specifically on dogs with kennel cough, before recommending the cannabinoid for dogs with the cough.

    CBD Oil Types for Dogs with Kennel Cough

    Since CBD Tincture promises to help with inflammation and pain, you might opt for it the next time a dog coughs. Here are the three CBD formulations to explore;

    • Isolate-based CBD Oil Tincture; Features pure CBD Oil Tincture without any other compound from cannabis plants.
    • Full-spectrum CBD Oil Tincture; Has many compounds other than CBD. It has THC, mostly in minimal amounts, other cannabinoids in cannabis plants, terpenes, and flavonoids.
    • Broad-spectrum CBD Oil Tincture; Is more like full-spectrum CBD Oil Tincture, only that it lacks THC. If you want to give your doctor whole-range CBD Oil Tincture without THC, it is the best option to go for.

    Give your dog CBD Oil Tincture in tinctures by adding drops under the tongue. You could also mix it with foods and drinks, although this is less bioavailable. Other CBD products for dogs are dog bites and chews that feature various flavors and compositions for you to choose from.


    There are no studies on CBD Oil Tincture for kennel cough that prove it is efficacious for the disease. However, some studies, mostly extrapolated from human and animal models, suggest that CBD Oil Tincture could fight the pain and inflammation of kennel cough. However, because of the many knowledge gaps on CBD for dogs, including those suffering from kennel cough, we do not recommend the cannabinoid. Still, if you choose the CBD route for your dog, there are CBD tinctures, chews, and bites that you could offer your furry friend.


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