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Both night creams and moisturizers are important skincare products that your skin needs. When used separately, each of them delivers hydration and nourishment to your skin. However, when combined, you’ll receive better, and long-term benefits. Most individuals are well aware of the importance of moisturizing when using CBD night cream. The only confusion is they don’t know the right time to moisturize. Some people don’t know if it’s more effective to apply a moisturizer after or before a night cream. The big question for many is, can I apply CBD night cream after moisturizer?

How A Moisturizer Affects Your Night Cream Application

Thinking about skipping a moisturizer before applying your CBD night cream? Think again. You’ll miss out a lot if you don’t moisturize before using a night cream. Understanding the effect moisturizers have on your skin will help you appreciate their role when applying a CBD night cream. Ludidi (2019) stated that applying a CBD night cream after a moisturizer, but it’s a necessity if you want rewarding results. Moisturizers do two important things: first, they soften the skin’s surface for even application of CBD night cream. This way, your CBD night cream will last longer on your skin. Second, moisturizing skin underneath CBD night cream will protect your skin from looking dull. There are many moisturizers released on the market, and some have extra benefits like controlling skin dryness, but not all are helpful. So, let’s discuss the criteria for selecting the right moisturizer to use before applying your CBD night cream.

The Moisturizer Should Be Dermatologically Tested And Approved

The first thing to consider before purchasing a skincare product is to confirm if the product is accepted by skin experts. Ensure the moisturizer you intend to use is dermatologically tested. Dermatologically tested serves as an assurance that the moisturizer is safe for use and will not cause skin irritation and damage. The purpose of these tests is to check if there are any risks or discomfort associated with the product. Never buy a moisturizer that does not give surety that it’s safe for use.

Look For A Hydrating Moisturizer

Once you’ve decided to buy a moisturizer, the next step is to look at its ingredients. A good moisturizer should offer hydrating abilities. It should contain ingredients that provide ultra-hydration into the deep skin layers. Cream (2020) explained that the right moisturizer should offer moisturizing effects to bring out the best result once you apply your CBD night cream on top.

Settle For A Lightweight Moisturizer

Most moisturizers feel oily and heavy upon application. Using a moisturizing product that leaves a thick feel on your skin will not provide the desired results. Greenfield (2020) explained that a heavyweight moisturizer may block your CBD night cream. A thick layer of the moisturizing product will fill your skin and prevent the night cream from getting absorbed. Applying a lightweight moisturizer will easily heal dry patches, and thus your skin will stay hydrated. In addition, it won’t have pore-clogging which may disrupt the penetration of your CBD night cream.

Should Not Contain Abrasive And Irritating Ingredients

Another important factor to take care of when buying a moisturizer is to ensure it is not toxic or irritant. Check the ingredient list and make sure all the ingredients the product contains are non-irritant and non-toxic. The best way is to buy a moisturizer that suits your skin type. Applying a moisturizer that is unfriendly to your skin will expose you to skin irritation. Avoid moisturizing with products that have sulfates or paraben because they are strong irritants and can increase inflammation and dryness if used for a long time.

Use The Patch Test Technique

Never buy a skincare product before testing it on your skin. Everyone’s skin reacts differently. So, no matter how much other people have hyped a particular CBD night cream, only feel confident to buy it after carrying out a patch test.  Understandably, some sellers may be reluctant to allow you to test a product because they fear you may not buy it if you discover it’s not reacting well with your skin. But others are considerate enough to allow you to test first. If the seller rejects your request to test the product, don’t buy and leave because it’s your skin health at risk. If they accept, apply a small amount of moisturizer on your neck, elbow, or the palm of your hand. Make sure you apply an adequate amount and pay attention to notice any reaction. If nothing happens, the moisturizer is compatible with your skin.

What Will Happen If You Don’t Use A Moisturizer?

Be Ready For Dry Skin

Downey (2022) explained that dry skin is exposed to acne, redness, and other skin issues. To avoid this, and make a CBD night cream work for you, apply a moisturizer. It will balance the production of oil, hydrate your skin, and protect you from skin dryness.

You’ll Miss Out On The Power To Fight Off Wrinkles

No one wants to look older than their real age. By including a moisturizer in your night cream routine, you will maintain wrinkles to a minimum. Applying a moisturizer before a CBD night cream will give your skin a firmer appearance.

 You Lose A Protection Layer

Some ingredients found in a CBD night cream have drying abilities, which means they tend to make your skin dry. When you don’t apply a moisturizer, your skin is not well protected. In other words, applying a moisturizer helps you deal with the side effects of a night cream.

Your CBD Night Cream Won’t Last Long

Moisturizers ensure your CBD night cream is properly absorbed. Moisturizing your skin will give your cream long-lasting abilities that will give you long-term benefits.

Your Skin Will Feel Itchy

A CBD night cream may leave you with a tight feeling on your skin. Imagine having the discomfort all night long. Applying a moisturizer will allow your skin to relax even with a CBD night cream on.


Moisturizing is important. It’s necessary to use a moisturizer even if you are applying a CBD night cream. Skincare experts recommend you apply a moisturizer before a night cream to get good results. Individuals have different skincare routines. However, as much as it’s up to you to know what comes first, ensure you apply your CBD night cream after a moisturizer.


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