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Investing in high-quality CBD products for your natural skincare routine helps to keep the skin balanced and happy. Knowing when to use CBD skincare products and in what order also impact how the skin looks and feels.

If you are looking for a hydrated, glowing, soothed face, nightly applying the face serum is the best choice. We are diving into the use of face CBD serum at night, so you can look forward to seeing the benefits of CBD face serum every time you look yourself in the mirror.

What is a CBD Face Serum?

It is important to know what face serum is. In beauty and skincare, the different terms and products can be confusing. A face serum is made from a lightweight molecular formula with ingredients to hydrate, protect and nourish the skin. Applying face serum can properly absorb the active ingredients before moisturizing. Even though face serums have moisturizing ingredients, they are not an alternative to moisturizers. Moisturizers have a thicker consistency to block moisture into the skin. The CBD skincare serum is a very strong supplement compared to other Cannabidiol products. It is powerful and less absorbing. The face serum is refined with nutrients and organic ingredients. It also contains extracts that resemble hemp during its pure state.

About Evening CBD Face Serum

Each morning you'll always embrace how you look and feel refreshed with evening Cannabidiol face serum, meant for night use. The serum has less mass and is easier to use, and assists you achieve the glow of no effort and beauty without age. Before going to bed, use the serum on your well-cleansed face to leave it to absorb fully. This product is maximized to work with skin's natural overnight and awaken to beautiful skin.

Benefits of Night CBD Facial Serum

There’re many benefits to assist you achieve young and attractive skin. According to Casiraghi et al. (2020), using Cannabidiol for skincare is the recent trend, and for such a reason. CBD plant extract is an effective, naturally occurring compound, important to the most expensive and well-doing skincare routines.

Gives Soft Moisture

It contains important acids, and it slowly hydrates the skin; hence you can forgo bulky facial creams as it provides skin with a careful condensation that stays for long.

Has Antioxidants against Aging

Rubin (2018) commented that CBD products on a daily routine can help reduce indicators of aging and help you look young as per your feeling. Since the compound is obtained from the cannabis plant, it contains antioxidants that counteract mobile radical destruction and renew your natural odor.

Repairs and Restores Dry Skin

The serum is beautifully textured and can help repair a dehydrated skin that requires it most. According to Hon et al. (2013), it provides rich hydration while soothing the skin and restoring it to its most radiant state.

Reduces smooth Lines and Coinage

The quality Cannabidiol facial serum contains vitamins that moisturize the skin. Patt & Procyte (2010) discovered that Vitamin A might help minimize the appearance of smooth lines and coinage, as vitamin C is crucial for boosting the amount of collagen in the skin to assist you to achieve vibrant skin.

Facilitates Healing of the Skin

This is because of cannabidiol's ultra-effective soothing properties. The serum helps keep the skin calm from everyday environmental disruptors such as redness, irritation, and exposure to the sun.

How to apply Night CBD Face Serum

Begin by cleansing your face. If using a toner, be free to use the serum for the next step. Here comes a CBD serum that your face will always desire every evening. Massage the serum to your face, so it soaks up all the plant like-benefits. Your skin might be experiencing no thirst, comfortable, and soothing. If the skin requires more hydration, the addition of a moisturizer may be suitable. This does better at night. Ensure your hands are clean before using the evening face serum. Use a dropper from the bottle, and warm a little amount in your hands. Massage the Cannabidiol face serum gently and plant-based ingredients into the face. Create a night routine of practicing self-care with CBD face application. Rethink what you want to achieve for the coming days, weeks, or months. Create a thank you list. Visualize your targets and stroke your declarations.

Side Effects of Face CBD Serum

Even though face CBD serum has benefits, it also has some side effects, such as;

  • Fatigue
  • Drowsiness
  • Dry mouth
  • Changes in appetite (either reduced or increased)
  • Weight gain or loss
  • Increase in liver enzymes

Devinsky et al. (2018) suggested that, in the short- term, CBD is largely safe and well-tolerated. Some people may experience a worsening in their sleep quality after using the CBD face serum. These effects need further investigation.

Dosing of CBD Face Serum

Dosing should be considered when applying the facial CBD serum. Unfortunately, it is not yet clear what dosage of CBD is needed to give a person the right facial outlook. In one of the studies done above, the participants used 300mg per night. There is the likelihood that the dose needed must be personalized and titrated on its effects. Factors that may affect the dosing include:

  • The severity of a person's facial disorder
  • Medications the person is taking.
  • Side effects experienced (such as whether the person is feeling fatigued)
  • The formulation used


Face serums are lightweight products that have a high level of active ingredients. They quickly absorb into the skin, making them a good step towards your facial beauty. There are several kinds of serums; each has indistinguishable use and build-up. Some facial serums help to cheer up the skin or minimize spots, while some focus on elevating hydration or stopping the signs of growing old.

Face CBD serums perform better when used in the evening. Other serums may work best in the morning. If you are not certain if the serum is the right for your use or which type is suitable for your facial use, liaise with a board-proven dermatologist for extra details and assistance. There isn't enough medical research to fully support the effects and benefits related to the use of CBD face serum at night. If thinking of going for one, research and consult a healthcare provider to learn how it might affect your face and overall conditions.


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