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Do you want to take care of your beard the same as you do to the whole body? You may wonder what to use that best suits your beard with comforting results. Many prefer to use face wash, made with CBD on their face and on their beards too, and perhaps you too are wondering if you can use face wash on your beard.

CBD is now being incorporated into a variety of products and those who use such products give positive feedback on how it works for them and how they don’t prefer another product to the CBD-infused ones. CBD (cannabidiol) is a chemical that occurs abundantly in the cannabis plant after the THC. Tetrahydrocannabinol is also a chemical compound that is the most abundant occurring in the cannabis plant, but unlike CBD, it causes a ‘high’ feeling to its users. CBD is found in three major forms, which are; the Isolate CBD, Full-spectrum CBD, and Broad-spectrum CBD.  Isolate CBD is the purest form of CBD. The full-spectrum CBD is a form that contains all other cannabidiols that occur in the cannabis plant including THC. The Broad-spectrum CBD contains a combination of other cannabidiols and other compounds like flavonoids and terpenes but does not contain THC. Over some time, CBD has been found to offer numerous benefits to the general health of people who use it. Capano et al. (2020) emphasized that it helps in soothing pain that results from severe pain of chronic illnesses. Its use was legalized under the 2018 Farm Bill. The bill passed allows manufacturing companies to infuse CBD into various products, but the THC should not exceed 0.3%. CBD is often consumed in various ways like the use of CBD sublingual placed under the tongue and is absorbed by the mucus membrane. The user can also vape or use vaporizers, capsules, and pills. CBD is also being infused into beauty products that have since proven better than harmful and users are loving the results. You can find it in body creams, body butter, shampoos, face cleansers, and face wash. A face wash does a good job of cleansing the face and getting rid of any dirt. Can you use CBD face wash on your beard? This article will help you see if you can use CBD face wash on the beard. Learn more about how many times a day should a person use cbd face wash

Benefits of CBD for your Beard

Soothes Post-shaving Inflammation and Rash

As Stella et al. (2019) stated, CBD is generally known to reduce inflammation of the skin. You are likely to suffer inflamed skin and rashes with swollen ingrown hairs. CBD helps to minimize inflammatory cytokines on your hair bulbs and your skin. It also soothes the pain receptors. When you shave you can use the CBD beard wash to help reduce pain and itching on your beards.

Promotes Facial Hair Growth

According to Katikaneni et al. (2014), CBD helps in the promotion of hair growth, as it heals the hair bubbles. It is also known to treat androgenic alopecia. If you use CBD wash on your beard, you will notice a healthy growing voluminous beard after some time.

Refreshes Face Skin

As Hamelink et al. (2005) noted, CBD has antioxidant properties and its potency is higher compared to other antioxidants. It does this by minimizing the reactive oxygen species (ROS) which are responsible for cell damage, then removes them and prompts the natural anti-oxidative mechanism. By applying the CBD wash, the skin will be rejuvenated and you will appear a bit younger than you are.

Counteracts Skin Disorders

CBD has anti-inflammatory properties that help to correct skin disorders like dermatitis and acne. Acne is formed by the overproduction of sebum that blocks the skin pores leading to inflammation. Peyravian et al. (2022) commented that CBD helps to regulate the production of sebum reducing skin inflammation. If you have trouble with acne and pimples, CBD wash is the best remedy for the skin. Normally overgrown beards are a prone area for acne and pimples, so with the wash, can have acne free beard.

Can You Use CBD Face Wash on Your Beard?

When using CBD face wash, you will likely use it on every part of your face, including your beard area (the chin). The main focus is the CBD and how beneficial it will act on both the beard and the skin on the beard. So yes, you can use CBD face wash on your beard. There are many brands of CBD face wash and no matter which one you choose, that is of quality, it will give you good results on your beard. However, there are wash that is meant for the beard specifically, and you can look them up online or from your stores, regardless, you can use face wash if you don’t find it. Learn more about how to use cbd face wash


Everyone wants the best results out of the product they purchase, and to work for the specific purpose they purchased it. The article has shown the benefits of CBD on the skin and the various skin problems it helps to curb. You may want to buy CBD to help with your beard and wonder if you can use CBD face wash on it. Provided the main ingredient is CBD, you can comfortably use the face wash on your beards as it will perform the same tasks. Pimple filled irritating beard can be a real embarrassment and source of discomfort. With the CBD-infused face wash, you can now be confident and itch no more, as it helps with anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidation properties. There is CBD wash meant for specifically the face and the beard. You can look them up or inquire how to obtain them. If you don’t, then you can go ahead and use the normal CBD face wash for your beard. Learn more about what is cbd face wash


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