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  • August 19, 2022 5 min read


    There is an endless list of toners and serums that when used, glows the skin instantly. Having these options is quite fantastic but confusing when walking down the beauty aisle. Therefore picking the right product is very important.

    The big question is; can you use a CBD serum without a toner? Is serum a better skin moisturizer compared to toner? It is not that easy but worries no more because we will give some breakthroughs on the above-complicated topic for your goodness on whether to use a CBD serum without toner or not.

    What is a CBD Serum?

    This is a super-concentrated solution with a light texture to give your skin a boost of moisture. The CBD hemp seed oils work together to help control skin dryness. The serum helps lessen the visible signs of growing old by counteracting free radical damage and reducing the look of inflammation. According to Zahra et al. (2016), cannabidiol skincare can help to end issues like wrinkles, skin dullness, and red-colored skin tone. The serum is applied directly to the face of a cleansed skin and one is likely to absorb natural anti-inflammatory ingredients. Serums help to counter dehydrated old growing skin. When combined with Hyaluronic acid, it is anti-aging.

    What is a Toner?

    This is a quick penetrating liquid that gives skin a fast hit of hydration and as Mendhekar et al. (2017) commented, it helps remove some dead cells off the surface of the skin. It looks like water acts as a hydrating agent, and is packaged more than hydrogen and oxygen. It can contain acids, glycerin, antioxidants, and anti-inflammatories depending on the type of toner. Toner is like a primer for the rest of the skincare routine like serums and moisturizer.

    Why Skin Care is Important

    Some people believe that taking care of the skin is only related to the wellness of the mind. There is some truth attached to this since the human skin is the largest organ we possess and therefore it is very important. It also plays a role in protecting our bodies from external damage. Just like eating healthy and working out well, good skincare should also be a natural part of a healthy and self-loving lifestyle. The better we feel the more confident and vibrant we appear. Our skin keeps on changing and that is why we should consider skincare every day. Our skin shows:

    • Changes in hormones
    • Our current lifestyle changes
    • Our sleeping habits
    • Our state of emotions

    Above are just a few among the many factors that cause a change in the skin. Serums and toners can help you keep your skin in a better condition protecting it from oxidative stress and damaging environmental factors.

    Nourishing Skincare with Serum

    Face serums are some of the most popular beauty products as they offer nourishing care and can be applied easily. They can directly be used after cleansing and toning or can be added to your most suitable moisturizing product. Moisturizers are also made of many active ingredients. The serum has a lower molecular weight compared to that of face cream hence reaching the deeper layers of our skin when applied yielding maximum results. When there, the nourishing skincare product unfolds its full potential leaving your skin nourished and toned.

    Oil serums are full of antioxidants as well as essential fatty acids. Using a few drops of nourishing serum on our faces can help our face can help improve the effects of your other skin products.

    Toner with Seed oil: the Perfect Moisturizer

    More men and women are making toners a part of their daily routine to take care of their skin. What we need to know is what does it to their skin hence being included in their daily skincare schedules.

    Toners are very important and they are constantly talked about. According to Yang et al. (2000), they make the cleaning process very fruitful as they are very hydrating and they can close the skin pores. They also bring back your skin’s PH to normal and prepare your skin complexion for whichever products you choose to utilize, not all skin toners are made equally. Those having hemp oil ingredients are packed with vitamins, minerals, and nourishing acids which are paired with moisturizing Aloe Vera plant that leaves you with a very blazing completion that will last the entire day. It is very easy to use a toner: apply it on your freshly cleaned face followed by a serum, a cream, or nurturing face oil of your like.

    Beauty Boosters

    The best solution to glow the skin is to use beauty boosters. Kumar et al. (2012) also claimed that they help to pamper your skin with extra vitamins, antioxidants, and moisture making it look beautiful.  When using the CBD serum without a toner you need to be sure that your skin is clean and free from any makeup before applying the toner. Toner acts as an extra effort in cleaning the skin.

    Which is more important: a Toner or a Serum?

    A serum with active ingredients is considered to be more of value. A toner is just a watered product that is assumed to do nothing. Toners from western balance the PH of the skin while those from Korea provide an extra strength of hydration which both can be attained by a good serum. Our skincare should be prioritized before anything. Our skin requires:

    • A good cleanser
    • A moisturizer
    • A product for protection against the burning sun

    Along with the above products, a serum is added to create an additional element required by our skin. Dehydrated skin needs a hydrating serum to rectify dark pigments and spots by use of an anti-aging serum containing vitamin C. There are many serums and toners available in the market places to take care of your skin.

    Which should be Applied First: Toner or Serum?

    Both serum and toner are appropriate for a skincare routine. They are oil-based cleansers to dissolve dirt oil and make-up. Basing my argument, you can use a toner and then serum.


    It is possible to use a CBD serum without a toner having passed through the above information. Several CBD serum users have testified that they didn’t get any issues since the product is natural and people should feel secure using it. It is a helpful and well-performing product on the face.  It gives a glittering and soft face hence making the skin healthy. There are several benefits associated with the two products and therefore making the right choice before going for the product will leave you happy.


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