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Washing your hair with CBD bath bomb water will not harm your hair. The ingredients in CBD bath bombs are mild, but they may leave your hair greasy. So, is CBD bath bomb water good for your hair. Learn more below.

Many people believe in the therapeutic properties of CBD bath bomb water and some use it to wash their hair. CBD bath bomb water will not harm your hair since the ingredients are mild. However, CBD bath bombs typically feature many ingredients, including plant and essential oils, which can leave your hair greasy. Therefore, while it is not bad to wash your hair with CBD bath bomb water, it is not recommended. Here is all you need to know about washing your hair with CBD bath bomb water.

CBD Bath Bombs- All You Need to Understand about Them

CBD seems to be the talk of the town, and its products are largely available, especially in states that have legalized CBD. With the increasing trust and confidence, more people are embracing it. Yet, the question about what it is remains a concern. According to Massi et al. (2006) and Bauer et al. (2020), CBD is the non-psychoactive chemical compound in hemp and other cannabis plants. Watt & Karl (2017) looked at the effect of CBD on Alzheimer's disease and stated that it is therapeutic. Anecdotal evidence also shows that CBD may be helpful for humans, and people are more interested in it.

There are many CBD products in the market, CBD bath bombs being one. These products are like regular bath bombs, only that they have CBD as the extra ingredient. Other ingredients in regular bath bombs, including citric acid, baking soda, and cornstarch, are present in CBD bath bombs. Besides, according to Dave & Yadav (2013), aromatherapy can fight stress and anxiety. CBD bath bombs have incorporated aromatherapy since they feature fragrances and scented materials.

Are CBD Bath Bombs Worth the Hype?

Bath bombs and CBD are popular on their own, and when combined, as in CBD bath bombs, the product works wonders. So, are CBD bath bombs worth all the hype? People claim that CBD bath bombs have various therapeutic benefits, including relaxation. However, there are insufficient studies on CBD bath bombs and CBD in general to prove the claimed effects. Nonetheless, soaking in bath bombs, whether CBD-infused or not, allows one to meditate, helping them relax. Djilani & Dicko (2013) also stated that essential oils are therapeutic and medicinal, all the more why essential oil-filled CBD bath bombs are many people’s top CBD pick.

Can I Wash My Hair in CBD Bath Bomb Water?

People find CBD bath bombs versatile and use them for the body and feet. Still, many wonder if they can use CBD bath bomb water for washing their hair. Generally, there are no hard-and-fast rules on using CBD bath bombs for hair. Therefore, you can use such water to clean your hair.

Washing Your Hair with CBD Bath Bomb Water May Leave Your Hair Greasy

While CBD bath bomb water may not be harmful to your hair, you need to know the ingredients in the CBD bath bomb beforehand. Many things are used to prepare CBD bath bombs, including plant, animal, and moisturizing oils. Besides, some companies use butter to prepare the bath bomb to improve the experience. However, when using CBD bath bomb water on your hair, the oily ingredients clump together on your hair, leaving it greasy.

How Colorants in CBD Bath Bombs may Affect You

One should also consider how the colorants in CBD bath bombs will affect you. Other than fizzing and the oils that add to the bathe experience with CBD bath bombs, colorants cause color transformations, making bath time fun and luxurious. How, though, do they affect your hair? If you wash your hair with CBD bath bombs, the thick debris that is part of the coloring agents can stick to your hair. Depending on how thick the agents were and how much debris was trapped in your hair, CBD bath bomb water can cause damage to your hair.

Do Petals and Other Flare-Ups Go Well with Your Hair?

CBD bath bombs can feature many ingredients, including flare-ups like petals and glitters. Glitter, petals, and other flare-ups might not completely mix with the warm water in the bathtub. When you wash your hair with CBD bath bomb water, these flare-ups might get trapped in the hair, leaving it messed up. Before washing your hair with CBD bath bomb water, you should consider this.

CBD Bath Bomb Water: Is It Recommended?

CBD bath bombs are used for whole-body and feet therapy and are part of many people's regimens. However, they are not recommended for hair, because of the concerns discussed above. Instead, there are other CBD products for hair, including conditioners and shampoos, which you can go for to enjoy the hair-related benefits of CBD.

Rinse Off Your Hair after Washing It with CBD Bath Bomb Water

If you choose to use CBD bath bomb water on your hair, you are less likely to damage your hair because the ingredients are mild. Still, you need to rinse off the hair. The colorants, flare-ups, and oil ingredients in CBD bath bombs will only clear off your head if you rinse it off the hair.


Washing your hair with CBD bath bomb water is not bad but still not recommended. CBD bath bomb water ingredients are mild and will not damage your hair, but you don't want the hair to be greasy or have deposits clumped on it. Therefore, you need to rinse off your hair after using CBD bath bomb water on it.


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