August 22, 2022 5 min read

Can Men Use CBD Sugar Scrubs ForTheir Skin?

Do you know CBD products are good for your skin? Here is a sugar scrub for men to use for their skin and how; what is a sugar scrub, how to use CBD sugar scrub, the benefits of using CBD sugar scrubs, and where to use a sugar scrub.

Cannabidiol, also known as CBD, is one of over one hundred different chemical compounds found in marijuana plants. They are well known for the calming effect that they give off. However, one of the most significant benefits of CBD is that it does not produce the "high" feeling that marijuana is commonly known for. It would appear that CBD products are dominating the market. Edibles, vape pens that contain only CBD, and other CBD-only products are gaining popularity. Therefore, it is unsurprising that more and more people are becoming aware of the advantages of using CBD-infused body and skincare products.

What Is A Sugar Scrub?

Sugar scrubs are becoming increasingly common in individuals' daily skincare routines. In addition to being composed of several calming ingredients, as their name implies, they also contain sugar in their construction.Halim& Mohd (2017) noted that the primary functions of these scrubs are to exfoliate the skin and hydrate the skin simultaneously. When you exfoliate your skin, you help remove dead skin cells and buildup, which can dull the skin. You can get skin that is brighter and well-hydrated if you include sugar scrubs as part of your regular skincare routine. This will result in you looking your absolute best. The well-known salt scrub can be harsh on the skin, whereas a sugar scrub can be quite a bit more soothing. Sugar scrubs are often considered the gentler option among those with sensitive skin because the smaller granules of sugar are easier for the skin to tolerate than the larger granules of salt.

How To Make CBD-Infused Sugar Scrub?

Feel like a good scrub? Why not make your sugar scrub with CBD already mixed in? For your next at-home spa experience, you can whip up a sugar scrub that is refreshing and revitalizing with as few as five ingredients and as little as five minutes of your time.


1 cup organic granulated sugar

½ cup Organic coconut oil (melted)

4 milligrams of CBD Oil

4 tablespoons of almond oil, avocado oil, or olive oil

10 drops of essential oil, suggested for frankincense for face, or citrus for lips


Place all of the components inside a mason jar.

Give everything a good stir.

Close the container completely so that it won't let air in.

Keep for a maximum of one month in the bathroom cabinet.

How To Use CBD Sugar Scrub?

It is simple to use a sugar scrub that contains CBD. Apply a warm towel to the area or by soaking the area in warm water to open the pore. Apply the CBD sugar scrub to your skin with the pads of your fingers, and working in small, circular motions is recommended for best results. This stage ought to last somewhere between sixty and ninety seconds. Cleanse the region thoroughly with warm water once more. Pat your skin dry. Towel rubbing can be irritating to the skin because it causes friction. Remember that sugar scrubs are not intended to be used daily. Instead, make it a point to give your face a CBD sugar scrub no more than twice or three times per week. Even with a very gentle product, according to Lev & Maibach (2012), over-exfoliating your skin can irritate if you do it too often.

Benefits Of Using CBD Sugar Scrubs?

Sugar scrubs have several obvious benefits for the skin, and these benefits do not depend on the type of CBD oil they contain. The first benefit is that they can exfoliate. The effects of a treatment like this are frequently described using words like vibrant and glowing, but here is a more concrete explanation of what happens after receiving the treatment.

There is a reason your skin can sometimes give the appearance of being dull. Getting rid of those dead skin cells has several benefits, the most important of which is that it stops pores from becoming clogged up with oil and dirt. Because of this, a CBD sugar scrub could assist you in preventing breakouts before they even begin.

Center (2006) showed that the ability of sugar scrubs to hydrate the skin is an additional benefit that is not entirely dependent on the CBD content of the scrubs themselves. The majority of products include a variety of additional components that are recognized for their capacity to hydrate the skin. For instance, some scrub sold contains argan oil and avocado oil, whereas some scrub contains shea butter and sweet almond oil.

But if the sugar, oils, and other ingredients are already doing the majority of the work, then adding CBD in the first place seems like it would be a waste of time. CBD isolates and oils with a broad spectrum aren't completely ineffective, but they don't compare favorably to full-spectrum products in terms of efficacy. It's impossible to determine how much CBD is in a single golf-ball-sized glob of sugar scrub, but it's not a lot. It’s doubtful that the CBD is providing any benefits that the other ingredients aren't already providing. Furthermore, the dosage levels are so low and unpredictable that it's impossible to determine exactly how much CBD is in a single golf-ball-sized glob of sugar scrub.

Where To Use A Sugar Scrub

According to Ravisankar et al.  (2015),sugar scrubs are generally safe to use on the body, although the exception is if you have a history of skin irritation. They are especially beneficial for areas of the elbows, knees, and heels that suffer from extremely dry and rough patches of skin. You could even try exfoliating your hands with sugar to help keep them from becoming dry. Because sugar crystals have a rough texture, you should avoid using sugar scrubs on any areas of your skin that are currently experiencing irritation, including wounds and rashes. Sugar scrubs may make these conditions even worse.


If you use a sugar scrub and experience any side effects that do not improve after a few days, you should consult a dermatologist about your treatment options. If you have sensitive skin, eczema, or any other skin condition that causes inflammation, you should also avoid sugar scrubs.


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