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Everyone who follows a night skin routine understands the importance of CBD night cream. So, can you use normal cream as a CBD night cream? Learn more below.

There are some differences and a few similarities between CBD night creams and day CBD creams. Individuals should understand and consider it safe to use a normal cream at night. How and when you use a skincare product greatly affects your results. Picking up a CBD cream uniquely designed for daytime and using it at night may appear something acceptable. However, you’ll be surprised to know that swapping the prescribed time will deny you the unique properties needed to keep your skin nourished. So, is it safe to use a normal day cream as a CBD night cream?

What Is A CBD Night Cream?

Hinton & Asher (2022) explained that both CBD creams, whether taken at night or during the day, have different key functions. For a night CBD cream, opt for a heavy texture product rich in formulas that will quickly sink into the skin overnight. This product is enriched with powerful ingredients to maximize your skin’s collagen production. In addition, it has essential antioxidants for soft and healthy skin. Depending on the brand, the product may also contain unique substances for better skin retention and exfoliate your skin overnight to keep it smooth and hydrated.

Why Is Normal CBD Cream Not Effective For Night Use?

If you’re keen enough, you’ll notice most day creams have fewer ingredients. Rubin & Comitas (2019) explained that the main purpose of a day CBD cream is to protect your skin from daytime assaults and harsh environmental factors like weather. It focuses on skin protection. Mohiuddin (2019) explained that CBD night cream focuses on skin repair, renewal, and restoration. Daytime cream is designed with fewer ingredients to keep it light in texture. That’s why it’s uncomfortable when you apply a night cream during the day because the night product is usually heavier. Using a night cream during the day may take your skin to another level because it contains more ingredients that may lack in a day cream. However, applying a day cream at night is ineffective because you’ll be denying yourself important ingredients your skin needs for repair. A normal CBD cream contains sunscreen, which your skin does not need at night. Most dermatologists advise individuals to avoid using night creams with sunscreen. Thus, using a normal cream will not do much to your skin cell regeneration.

How Bad Is It To Use A Normal Cream As A CBD Night Cream?

It’s difficult to beat the satisfaction of using a normal cream at night and seeing results. For many, skincare involves trying new products as long as it’s hyped to cause skin transformations. Unfortunately, switching your normal cream to work as a night cream will often slow your progress. It will take longer for a daytime CBD cream to give you noticeable changes. You may even see no improvement at all. Skincare products’ labels may promise to perform multi-purposes and work both night and morning. While it may be possible for manufacturers to put all ingredients in one product for a wider range of purposes, these benefits are often temporary. So, you may see results quickly, but the changes will fade quickly too. Casey & Kraynak (2019) explained that it’s never worth it to invest in a CBD cream that does not give you specified skin help. Regarding prescription options, manufacturers have something to let you know. CBD night cream uses powerful ingredients to work on your skin for fewer hours, but normal cream uses less powerful ingredients that will stick on your outer skin for many hours. To avoid irritations, formulas on normal creams are not strong because they stay on the skin for more hours than the night version.

When Does It Make Sense To Change Your CBD Night Cream?

The rule in skincare routine is; if you find a product that works well for your skin, stick with it.’ However, manufacturers don’t advise one to follow this belief at all times. Instead, they encourage you to switch that rule with a better one ‘there is always a product out there that is better formulated for your needs and will perfectly solve your skin concerns.’ Some specific moments and scenarios may need you to change your skincare approach because of how the product affects your skin. If you realize the night CBD cream is not working for your skin, switch to another CBD night cream. Take note-don’t look for a normal CBD cream if the night cream is not effective; only switch to another type of night cream because it will give you the help you need. Reasons to switch to another CBD night cream;

If you experience hormonal changes

When you’re pregnant or suffering from a specific health condition, some night creams may be off-limits to use for safety reasons. Thus, you may need to look for a skincare product that accommodates the hormonal shift without giving you problems.

Weather changes

The environment has a big impact on your skin’s health. Tiller et al. (2019) explained that moving to a new place and a different climate may require changing your skincare products, including your night CBD cream.

When you start a New Workout Routine

Sweating more because of the gym or being exposed a lot to sunlight because of outdoor activities may call for a change in your skincare routine. You may need to switch to a CBD night cream that offers cleansing abilities and increases your skin’s ability to fight off sensitivity.

If You Get a Bad Reaction from the product

Experiencing sensitivity reactions or unpleasant side effects is a good reason to consider changing your CBD night cream.

You Want to Try Something New

Some individuals love exploring new skincare products and trying new styles of treating their skin. If you're that type of person, you are allowed to change to a new CBD night cream.


Can you use normal cream as CBD night cream? Although you'll not experience health concerns from doing so, it’s better to stick to a CBD night cream for your night skincare routine. Avoid using normal cream in the place of night cream. You should only switch to a different CBD night cream brand and use other products like cleansers and serums. A normal cream lacks certain ingredients rich in antioxidants and formulas needed for your skin repair, renewal, and restoration.


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