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CBD-infused products are becoming popular day in and day out and the CBD face mask has not been left behind. Though it took time to be in the market, it finally found its way and many people are loving the benefits that the mask is providing. If you have had a busy day, you can end your day by using the CBD face mask and you will feel relaxed afterward. Not only will the mask make you feel relaxed, but also it will provide your skin with the benefits of the CBD ingredient.

In this article, you will get to know whether wearing the CBD face mask can protect you during the dry season. The article also discusses facts surrounding the CBD face mask and all that you need to know.

What is CBD?

CBD also known as cannabidiol is one of the major compounds present in the cannabis plant. Burstein et al. (2015) discovered that the cannabis plant contains over eighty cannabinoids. But the major compounds are flavonoids, terpenes, CBD, and THC. You will get to know the effects of these four compounds below.

CBD contains many benefits and that's why many skin care and health products are using it as one of their ingredients. CBD contains anti-inflammatory properties and that’s why if you might be experiencing pain such as headaches, joint pains, and muscle pain, Schilling et al. (2021) advised that using CBD products may help you get rid of the pain. Healthwise, CBD may be of help if you may be experiencing anxiety or you want to minimize your addictions. Skincare products such as lotions and balms, use CBD since it contains anti-inflammatory properties it may help you if you might be having acne. Since it contains anti-oxidant properties too it may help you in lessening aging and wrinkles.

THC is another main compound in the cannabis plant. Since it's a psychoactive element, it gives its users a high effect.

Flavanoid is a compound that is responsible for the flavors in foods. It is also an antioxidant.

Terpene is a compound that is responsible for taste.

The CBD you see as an ingredient on the product label is extracted from the hemp plant and not the marijuana plant. The reason is that the hemp plant contains very low levels of THC compared to the marijuana plant.

Can Wearing a CBD Face Mask Protect You From the Dry Season?

The answer is yes.  During the dry season, the sun leaves our skin feeling dehydrated. This then leaves the skin dry and dull. Russo (2007) commented that using the CBD face mask may help you if you may be experiencing dry and dull skin since it hydrates the skin.  Since CBD penetrates through multiple layers of the skin, it will leave your skin feeling hydrated. The CBD face mask also contains several ingredients such as hyaluronic acid which gives you moisturizing benefits. So, after a sunny day, you can use the CBD face mask to help your skin feel hydrated and it also seals in the moisture hence leaving your skin feeling rejuvenated and moisturized.

What Is a CBD Face Mask

This is a face mask that has been infused with the CBD ingredient. It is natural and non-toxic since it contains anti-inflammatory properties.

If you have been looking forward to a facial skin experiencing the benefits of CBD, you should then try using the CBD face mask.

If you are one of those people who do not enjoy using chemical-laden products, the CBD face mask might be a very good option for you.

Other Benefits of using the CBD face mask include:

Reducing Acne

Due to the anti-inflammatory properties present in CBD, a CBD face mask may help you if you are experiencing acne. CBD face mask lessens inflammation and it also helps in soothing your skin.

Peyravian et al. (2022) discovered that another reason why the CBD face mask may help in reducing acne is that it helps in oil regulation. The sebocytes glands which are present in our skin are the ones responsible for the production of oil. Since they are a lot in the facial skin, this makes the face have acne more compared t other skin in the body. If sebocyte glands overproduce oil, this leads to acne formation since sebum oil mixes with dirt in the pores, when under-produced, it may lead to skin dryness. That is why CBD is really important due to its ability to regulate the production of oil.

Decreases Headaches

If you keep on experiencing constant headaches and migraines, Cuttler et al. (2020) recommended that you try using the CBD face mask. This is because due to its anti-inflammatory properties, it may help you with the pain and it also reduces the number of headaches that you may be experiencing. It also reduces the pressure that you face in your skull and face too during headaches.

Lessens Anti-aging and Wrinkles

CBD has long been identified as having antioxidant properties. Due to this, it helps in taking out the toxic chemical that floods your pores and also bloodstream. Since aging can be caused by oxidative stress, Few et al. (2022) argued that CBD may help in counteracting the signs of aging such as wrinkles and fine lines.

Ingredients to look out for in a CBD Face Mask

Some of the most important ingredients found in the CBD face mask include:

  • Hyaluronic Acid: This ingredient helps in reducing aging signs and it’s also a moisturizing agent.
  • Aloe leaf Extract: It helps in revitalizing your skin and also in damage repair
  • Licorice Root Extract: This ingredient helps in the evening the skin tone.


Though you might have heard all the wonderful benefits of using the CBD face mask and you might be wanting to try it, it is very important that before purchasing it, you should consult with your doctor first so that you may be able to know if you may be allergic to its ingredients. The CBD face mask is packed with so many benefits due to the ingredient it uses. Therefore, during the dry season, you can utilize its benefits and you won't be disappointed in it.


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