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  • August 24, 2022 5 min read


    CBD body butter is a CBD-infused topical product that people apply to moisten the skin and make it supple. Still, you can put it on your hair since early studies found that CBD and other ingredients in CBD body butter are good for hair.

    Most people use CBD body butter for the skin, but you can also use it on your hair. You only need to have the hair dry and gently massage it with the butter, after which you can wash it off. Studies show that the ingredients in CBD body butter, including CBD and massage oils, are good for the hair, although many are not using body butter for hair at the moment. Here is all you need to know about CBD body butter, including how to use it on your hair.

    What Is CBD Body Butter?

    CBD body butter is a CBD-infused topical product with shea butter as a key ingredient. CBD body butter is not a new idea per se. However, because CBD remained under the radar and was illegal for a long time, many did not use it. The passing of the Farm Bill in 2018 meant a lot for CBD enthusiasts, and manufacturers started featuring CBD in skin-care products, hence CBD body butter came into the picture.

    According to Watt & Karl (2017), CBD is therapeutic, and many CBD fans look forward to such benefits from CBD body butter. Besides, it is worth noting that there is more to CBD body butter than CBD. For instance, it has essential oils extracted from jojoba, avocado, and olive trees. Djilani & Dicko (2012) noted that these essential oils are therapeutic and medicinal. CBD body butter may also have plant and carrier oils and extracts like aloe vera gel, depending on the brand.

    What Is CBD Body Butter Used for?

    According to Verallo-Rowell et al. (2016), moisturizers are great for rejuvenating the skin, explaining why people cannot do without them. CBD body butter is an emollient moisturizer that people use to moisten the skin and keep it supple. Besides, the many ingredients in CBD body butter make it add a glow to the body. The plant and carrier oils from cocoa, coconut, and other plants add value to the CBD body butter. Shea butter, the key ingredient in any body butter, adds to the moisturizing properties of the topical product.

    Adding CBD to body butter adds to the benefits of the topical product. According to Hammell et al. (2016), CBD has powerful anti-inflammatory properties, and CBD body butter helps tap on these benefits. Besides, Aqawi et al. (2021) stated that CBD has antibacterial properties, which you can benefit from by applying CBD body butter.

    How to Apply CBD Body Butter on Your Skin

    Do you want to make CBD part of your regimen and choose CBD body butter as your ideal delivery method for the cannabinoid? Follow the steps below to use CBD body butter;

    1. Pat dry the area you want to apply CBD body butter on
    2. Scoop the butter from the jar with your fingers
    • Allow it to melt on your palm
    1. Apply on the intended area while massaging gently
    2. Add another layer if necessary

    Can You Use CBD Body Butter on Your Hair?

    Many people are already using CBD body butter for the whole body. Other regions like elbows, knees, hands, and feet that happen to be dry spots need more CBD butter since they are prone to drying. So, can you use CBD body butter on your hair? Yes, although the use of CBD body butter on the hair is uncommon, you can do it. The individual ingredients in CBD body butter are good for hair. For instance, Nel et al. (2021) stated that CBD can prevent inflammation in the scalp and improve hair conditions. Meanwhile, Gupta & Talukder (2021) found CBD good for hair growth and regrowth. Since CBD is an ingredient in CBD body butter, you can look forward to the hair-related benefits after applying the topical product.

    How to Use CBD Body Butter on Your Hair

    Do you want to use CBD body butter on your hair? It is simple and follows almost the same process as applying the body butter to your body. Proceed as follows;

    1. Ensure your hair is dry
    2. Scoop an appropriate amount of CBD body butter and put it on your hand
    • Allow the body butter to melt
    1. Apply it gently to the hair and massage continuously
    2. Add more when necessary, a little at a time on the scalp and hairline

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    Should Your Rinse off CBD Body Butter?

    Many people who use CBD body butter on the body let it stay for long. Some even allow it to stay overnight. How do you do with your hair? Should you let the body product stay for long? Since CBD body butter has many fatty contents, letting it stay on your hair for long leaves it greasy. You can wash it off but after allowing the hair to absorb the compounds in it. However, sleeping with the body butter in your hair will leave your bedding dirty and greasy.

    Types of CBD Body Butter

    There are at least three types of CBD body butter based on the CBD formulation they feature. You can choose any of the following;

    1. Isolate-based CBD body butter; features pure CBD without additional cannabinoids, terpenes, or flavonoids
    2. Full-spectrum CBD body butter; has CBD with the entire range of cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids
    • Broad-spectrum CBD body butter; is more like full-spectrum CBD body butter with terpenes, flavonoids, and the entire range of other cannabinoids but does not have THC

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    Most people use CBD body butter for the whole body while focusing on dry spots that need moisturization. Using CBD body butter on hair is uncommon but possible. The essential oils and CBD in the CBD body butter can add to your hair growth, clear scalp inflammation, and improve its condition. However, remember to wash off the body butter to prevent your hair from becoming greasy even as you do so.


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