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  • August 20, 2022 5 min read

    Can You Use CBD Body Scrub on Your Face?

    The beauty world has gained popularity at a very high rate. Everybody desires to look good on their face regardless of the procedure or the type of beauty product they apply to their face.

     Using the products on the face has led many people to lose their natural beauty. It's important to be a consideration you take at beautifying your face to live a happier life. The article below provides information on whether to use CBD body scrub on your face.

    What is a CBD Body Scrub?

    According to Schultz et al. (2020), Cannabidiol (CBD) body scrub features Cane brown sugar, brightening dull skin. It is a mild exfoliate that completely cleanses the skin and removes all impurities due to the presence of essential nutrients, including proteins, and a variety of minerals, all of which, after revitalizing and skincare benefits, help alleviate dryness. The body scrub is a full–spectrum Cannabinoid Extract with CBD and other Cannabinoids known for supporting the body and mind in various ways. Mohiuddin (2019) noted that body scrubs remove dead skin cells from the outer layer of your skin with ingredients like sugar or salts. This stimulates skin cell turnover, resulting in smoother, brighter skin and possibly preventing future acne breakouts. The performance of the scrubs depends on the type of your skin.


    Ingredients That Make a Body Scrub

    Raw cane Brown Sugar (Sucrose Molasses), Coconut Oil (Cocos Nucifera), Soybean oil (Olean European), Shea Butter (Butyrospermum parkii), Alfalfa powder(Medicago sativa L.), Cannabidiol.  However, all the ingredients have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration, and the product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

    How Body Scrubs are Used

    Requires following only a few simple steps below:

    • Rinse your skin in warm water.
    • Put a small amount of body scrub in your hand.
    • Gently rub it on your skin in small circular motions, using your hand or an exfoliating glove.
    • Scrub your skin gently for not more than 30 seconds.
    • Rinse your skin with lukewarm water.
    • Wash your skin using a cleanser
    • Shave if the need arises
    • Pat your skin dry
    • Apply a moisturizer

    According to Oba et al.  (2015), body scrubs temporarily disrupt the skin barrier. Looking for oil-free sources of moisture such as ceramides, vitamin E or hyaluronic acid will help.  Body scrubs help your skin look brighter and may prevent future acne breakouts. Most people have reported that body scrubs are beneficial, although you should talk with your daughter first if you have an existing skin condition.

    What Is Needed to Make a Body Scrub

    The following items should be made on hand:

    • Spoons to facilitate mixing
    • Mixing bowl
    • Measuring cups or spoons
    • Base oil or a carrier such as coconut oil, jojoba oil, grapeseed oil, almond oil, or olive oil.
    • Sealed oil to store the scrub in
    • A few drops of your favorite essential oils, if desired.

    Having all the items above, one can comfortably mix the oils with the granules of interest, such as salt or sugar. Other ingredients such as honey or green tea can be added. It is easy to be consistent with homemade scrubs

    Types Of Body Scrubs And How To Make Them

    Facial Scrub

    You need:

    • ½ cup of coffee grounds
    • 1cup brown sugar
    • 2 teaspoons. Milk or butter
    • 1 teaspoon honey

    What to do:

    1. Add  the ingredients to an air-free container and stir well
    2. Splash your face slowly with water or wet your face using a spray mist
    3. Spread the scrub over your face and neck, avoiding your eyes
    4. Wet your hands and begin to rub the mixture gently into your skin in a circular motion
    5. Rinse using lukewarm water and pat dry
    6. Store any remaining scrub in the fridge

    Brown Sugar Body Scrub

    What you will require

    • ½ cup coconut oil
    • ¼ cup honey
    • ½ cup brown sugar
    • 3 teaspoons ground oatmeal


    • Stir coconut oil with honey
    • Add brown sugar and oatmeal, and then stir until you are left with a thick paste.
    • Gently rub the mixture on your skin after wetting.
    • Finally, rinse and pat dry.


    How to Choose a Scrub

    There are different scrubs for the body, face, and feet. You can also find options for different skin types. Keep the tips below in your mind before choosing a scrub.

    • Counter checking the scope-do not use a scrub meant for your body on your face. Body scrubs are harsher and may tear delicate facial tissues.
    • Use one product at a time-at time. It is tempting to buy a full set of products. Avoid using more than one product at the same time. Using several products on the sane skin can cause damage and result in unwanted side effects.
    • Switch products out-you may require going through different products as your skincare needs change; if your skin has become oily, consider using a product with charcoal.

    It is not recommended to use a body scrub on your face since most are homemade and made from sugar. Homemade scrubs do more damage than good. Lotya et al.  (2009) showed that the market's recipes and exfoliating products are comprised of different ingredients such as sugar, salt, ground walnut, or apricot seeds. These ingredients are imperfectly rounded and have ridged edges that can leave scratches across the skin, causing irritation, congested pores, and swelling.


    You have seen that it is not necessarily good to use body scrubs on the face, for they can cause more harm than good. CBD products are manufactured and designed for specific purposes; therefore, customers should not neglect the guidelines.  Body scrubs are formulated mainly for the face, while facial scrubs are mainly for the face. It would help if you did not use body scrubs on the face. If a product packaging says it is for use on both face and body, please don’t buy it because the dermatological condition in the face and the rest of the body is not the same, so clearing the dead skin cells, you will require different scrubs noting the type of the skin in need. In a nutshell, our skin does not require scrubbing regularly.


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