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Can You Use Terpenes in Candles?

Terpene candles are candles that contain terpene for their fragrance. You can use terpene in candles to give the environment a nice scent to express yourself. Read these points to know the Points to consider before buying terpene, what to consider when making your terpene-fused candle and why you should use terpenes and not perfumes to make a candle.

Human beings are constantly coming up with ideas to improve things, and having terpene in the candles breaks the usual boring wax candles into scented ones. You would be curious about the possibility of using terpenes in candles because terpene is the component responsible for fragrance in many plants. You probably want the same scent in your candles. Terpene is a perfect choice for scent because terpene is natural and has a consistent smell when burnt. You may also want the terpene in your candles for the health benefits you can gain during aromatherapy.

What are terpenes?

Terpenes are found in many plants and are known for their aroma. People think terpenes are cannabis, but that is because cannabis contains a high concentration of terpenes. Terpene is responsible for the scent of many plants. Whenever one smells a distinctive smell in a plant or fruit, terpene may be responsible for the fragrance, such as the smell of orange peels, lavender, pine, and cannabis.

Can we use terpenes in candles?

Yes, you can use terpenes in candles. Terpene can be used in candles, and some in the market have already been infused with terpene. In case you are wondering why people may infuse candles with terpenes, below are the reasons;

To Make the Environment Have a Nice Scent

Breitmaier (2006) refers to terpene as a fragrance. A terpene candle that suits your desires comes in handy. If you want the inside of your car or room to smell nice, you must light a candle. You can also mask odors with the candle. You need various fragrances available to make your choice, as you would a cream or a lotion.

To Express Yourself

When you wear perfume, it is usually a sign of self-expression. You want to have a scent that stands out. You want to be associated with a certain scent so that when people feel it elsewhere, they can recognize it as your scent. It can be helpful during nostalgic incidences.

To Enjoy the Versatility of a Terpene Candle

When you need candlelights, the terpene candle comes in handy as it does provide not only lighting but also emits a nice fragrance. Vickers et al. (2013) explained massage as the therapeutic manipulation of soft tissues. It is worth noting that some terpene candles can be used in aromatherapy.

It has a romantic feel.

A terpene candle is great for romance because it has a scent, and one will always associate the romantic moment you have with that scent.

What to consider when making your terpene-fused candle;

Factors to consider when choosing the best terpene scent for you;

The challenge people face when choosing terpene is choosing the best scent, as there are a variety of terpene scents in the market. You will need to consider the factors below to find the best fragrance;

Living space

Sundell (2004) showed that using heavily concentrated fragrances in a small space is not advisable. Some scents smell great, depending on the space. Using a lightly concentrated scent in a big space will not make sense. You may have different scents in different rooms depending on the mood you want the rooms to have. Soft scents are best for the bedroom, and delicious scents are best for the kitchen. Lime scents are best for the bathroom.


Terpene scents, like any other fragrance, have different purposes. It depends on the aroma you need. For example, a nice rosy scent will make your room romantic, and a slightly terpene/cannabis scent will be best for a pub. Having a lime scent in the kitchen will not be a great idea. Lime is usually best for the bathroom. You also have to consider what you want to use the candle for. It should have a scent that relaxes you if it is meant for aromatherapy. It should be a scent that you can cope with. If the wax is versatile when it melts, you can use it for massage. The scent should be the type you can tolerate because your skin will absorb it.

Can I Use Terpenes on Cannabis Candles?

Yes, terpene can be used to enhance cannabis candles to mask the cannabis smell and make the cannabis candles more effective. According to Joy et al.  (2006), terpenes have an aroma, flavor, and immense therapeutic qualities that may boost the effectiveness of a cannabis candle. The combination of cannabis and terpenes is known as cannabis terpenes and can be used to fight inflammation and promote sleep.

Why Use Terpenes And Not perfumes?

The following are some of  the reasons why terpene is better for candles than perfumes;

  • Perfumes are laced with alcohol; therefore, it is not advisable to use them in candles because they will be in contact with fire. Alcohol is flammable, and that makes perfume risky in making candles. Terpene, on the other hand, is natural and inflammable.
  • Perfumes may pose a wide range of health risks as the manufacturers use substances that may harm the human body, e.g., parabens. Terpenes are natural and have medicinal properties, perfect for healing pains and inflammation.
  • Perfumes are not stable, and the candles come out flaky, while terpene candles are stable as they have aromatic compounds known as aromatic rings, which make them stable.
  • Perfume has lost lasting effects, while terpene has a fragrance that lasts as long as the wax.

Points to consider when buying terpene

Below are the points that you need to consider before buying terpene;

  • Is terpene legal in your state?
  • Does the terpene contain harmful substances like benzene (which may cause cancer)?
  • Check the expiry date.
  • Check if it has synthetic additives because it could be flammable.

Points to Consider Before Buying Terpene Candles

Below are the points that you need to consider before buying terpene;

  • Does the terpene contain harmful substances like benzene (which may cause cancer)?
  • Check the expiry date.
  • Check if it has synthetic additives because it could be flammable.


Terpenes are popular in making candles because of their aroma. The terpenes are important because they have qualities beneficial to our health. When used in candles, they can ease your tension. Terpenes can be used in massage candles because they are safe for your skin. They are safe for your skin but come in various scents you can choose from to have a nice scent after the massage. The candles have anti-inflammatory qualities that make them perfect for your skin. Terpenes generally have curative and therapeutic qualities. However, it is important to note that terpene should be used in small quantities because it can harm your health if used in large quantities.


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