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Interested in knowing how to make a CBD bath bomb? Looking for the best way one can make a CBD bath bomb? What are the ingredients needed for making CBD bath bombs? This article explains how one can make CBD bath bombs.

CBD bath bombs require CBD oil or isolate, baking soda, citric acid, carrier oil, Epsom salt or sea salt, and cornstarch. Individuals can add essential oils and flair of choice to take the bathing vibe to the next level. CBD bath bombs are among the most popular delivery methods people enjoy CBD oil. They come in circular shapes, although one can have CBD bath bombs with various shapes, depending on the mold. CBD bath bombs also come in different strengths, colors, and fragrances, allowing people to have many options. Did you know that you can prepare CBD bath bombs at home? It is a simple process taking less than 48 hours. Ensure cornstarch, baking soda, citric acid, Epsom salt, and carrier oils. Others also add essential oils for fragrance and additional benefits, and you can excite the bathing vibe by incorporating a flair of choice. Here it is discussed the ingredients used in making CBD bath bombs.

Understanding CBD and CBD Bath Bombs

CBD and bath bombs have formed many people's self-care regimens, and CBD bath bombs combine the two components, exciting the bathing experience. CBD, also called cannabidiol, is one of the many extracts of cannabis plants, also called cannabinoids. There are about 113 cannabinoids, including the psychoactive THC, CBG, CBC, and CBT. Still, CBD remains many people's favorite since it is abundant and non-psychoactive. McGregor et al. (2020) explained that CBD products such as CBD edibles, capsules, or tinctures could not make an individual get high, making them more popular.

There are many ways to explore CBD benefits, and CBD bath bombs are good examples. Although studies are still ongoing to uphold that CBD bath bombs are topical, they fall in the topical CBD category. They feature many ingredients other than CBD oil, and this article helps you know what you need to prepare CBD bath bombs at home. To benefit from a CBD bath bomb, one put it in warm water, allow it to dissolve, and soak themselves in the water. There are three types of CBD bath bombs, depending on the type of CBD oil they are made from, including;

Full-spectrum CBD Bath Bombs

These feature CBD Oil Drops with the entire gamut of cannabinoids in cannabis plants, including the psychoactive THC. It also boasts terpenes and flavonoids and makes a great option for those longing for the health-promoting compounds in cannabis plants.

Broad-spectrum CBD Bath Bombs

These feature CBD Oil Drops with the same composition as in full-spectrum CBD bath bombs but do not have the psychoactive THC. If one needs full-spectrum Sublingual CBD Oil Drops but wants nothing to do with THC, broad-spectrum Sublingual CBD Oil Drops and bath bombs would be great for them.

Isolate-based CBD Bath Bombs

These are prepared using isolated CBD oil that has nothing other than CBD. It has no terpenes or flavonoids, and most CBD beginners find it a great option to explore.

Regardless of the CBD oil used in making CBD bath bombs, the ingredient list remains the same. Some of the ingredients used in making CBD bath bombs;


Although one needs only a little CBD oil to make CBD bath bombs, it remains a critical ingredient for the entire process. The resulting bath bombs would not be called CBD bath bombs without CBD Oil Tincture and would be like any other bath bombs. Individuals can opt for isolates if they want pure CBD Tincture in their bath bombs. Kinsley (2020) explained that one could choose full- or broad-spectrum CBD Oil Tincture if they want to benefit from the whole gamut of cannabinoids in cannabis plants. Either way, you cannot do without CBD Tincture, tincture, or isolates.

Epsom Salt

Regular bath bombs have Epsom salt as part of the ingredient list because of the many health benefits the salt has. One needs Epsom salt for their CBD bath bombs, and they cannot do without it or its substitute. Individuals can use other sea salts if Epsom is not good for them. Any sea salt should have minerals like Epsom salt, making the bath experience even more rewarding.

Coconut Oil

Cardoso Filho et al. (2019) stated that an individual needs coconut oil to prepare CBD bath bombs at home as part of their ingredients. MCT coconut oil makes a good carrier for CBD, and it's no wonder that most brands use it as a base carrier when taking CBD oil. One needs a base carrier for other ingredients while making CBD bath bombs, and coconut oil should be it, serving as a carrier until the mixture solidifies in the mold. Individuals can use other alternatives, but coconut oil is the best for its consistency.

Citric Acid & Baking Soda

There are many reasons to like a bath soak, including the color transformations for colored CBD bath bombs and fragrances. Without enthusiasm, a bath bomb would never be a bath bomb. The enthusiasm or the bubbly explosions create great scenes that are good to look at, but one cannot have it without citric acid and baking soda, making the two critical ingredients in preparing CBD bath bombs.


The enthusiasm makes a bath soak experience good, but it needs to be controlled. The bubbling would happen prematurely without a buffer, and cornstarch makes a great buffer.

Essential Oils

To produce better CBD bath bombs, one can have essential oils as part of the ingredient list. There are many options to explore, with geranium, olive, rosemary, lavender, and ylang-ylang oils being the commonest. Depending on the experience an individual is looking for in the CBD bath bombs, they can mix several essential oils in different proportions.

Flair of Choice

If an individual likes seeing color transformations while soaking in a bathtub, they might need some coloring agents for the flair, although glitters are also great. Brand (2020) stated that some brands add dried flowers to the CBD bath bomb recipes, adding flair to the products. Individuals can also opt for a fragrance to hype their final product.


Individuals can prepare CBD bath bombs at home, and the process is simpler than many people might think about it. It requires CBD oil or isolates, Epsom or sea salt, coconut oil, essential oils, baking soda, citric acid, and cornstarch. To take the bathing vibe to the next level, one can also add dried flowers, glitters, and coloring agents.


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