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  • August 23, 2022 5 min read


    The CBD beard oil has benefits such as healing facial problems and giving the beard a fragrance. CBD beard oil can also stimulate beard growth. Read this article to know more about CBD oil and CBD beard oil and the other benefits of CBD beard oil.

    The beard sits on your face and is the first thing people notice when they look at you, and if you want to present a good image of yourself, you have no choice but to ensure that it is well-groomed. CBD oil may be great for your beard because it has some properties that will ensure that the beard is shiny, full, and has a nice fragrance. Sometimes you develop problems on the face such as acne and dandruff as soon as you start growing your beard. Grooming your beard does not end at taking care of your beard only but also your facial skin. CBD Beard Oil can also treat the beard and facial skin, including the issues you may have with dandruff and acne.

    What is CBD?

    CBD, also known as Cannabis, is a component of Marijuana and Hemp. It exists in the plants alongside tetrahydrocannabinol, also known as THC. There may be other compounds in Marijuana and Hemp, but CBD and THC are the most dominant compounds in the plants. THC is the component responsible for the psychoactive qualities of Marijuana. Marijuana has more THC than Hemp does, and Hemp has more CBD than THC. The percentage of THC in Hemp is less than 0.3%. As Hemp has less THC, it is less illegal in most countries than Marijuana. Working (2022) explained that CBD might not have psychoactive properties but doesn't help liven the mood and appetite.

    What Is CBD Beard Oil?

    CBD Beard oil is a product of cannabis sativa, but it does not have psychoactive properties because it lacks the elements that can make an individual euphoric. The CBD beard oil is specifically meant for the beard.

    The benefits of CBD beard oil

    Below are some of the reasons why CBD beard oil is good for your beard;


    The beard oil may be laced with terpene, so your beard may have a scent when you use the oil. CBD oil does not have any scent. The scent is great for your beard and mood because when your olfactory nerves pick the scent, they'll send the signal to the brain, which response by giving you a good mood.

    For Lustrous Beard

    The CBD oil has lipids that make the hair strands seem thicker, making it the perfect choice for people with a patchy beard. The oil also makes the hair look lustrous and healthy.

    For Facial Skin problems

    The best deal about the beard is that it hides many skin issues you'd not like people to see. The irony is that the beard most probably caused the skin issues. As soon as you start growing a beard, you realize that your facial skin may have issues like dryness and acne. CBD beard oil can nourish the skin by improving blood circulation and opening pores. Also, it reduces the production of sebum, which clogs the pores. Back (2020) explained that the skin issues you may have from having a beard may be painful, and CBD beard oil, having the painkilling properties of CBD, may be useful in making the facial skin problems less painful.

    For Ingrown Hairs

    An ingrown hair is hair that grows back into the skin instead of growing out of the skin. It may be caused by clogged skin or sharp hair ends piercing the skin. Your beard may have some ingrown hairs, which can be very painful. Ingrown hairs are painful because they are inflamed. Philpott et al. (2017) explained that CBD is anti-inflammatory and will also prevent the pain caused by the inflammation hence relieving pain and swelling. And if the over-production of hormones causes ingrown hairs, CBD has the properties that can reduce hormones.

    Stimulate Hair Growth

    Growing the beard may be caused by genetics, but sometimes the beard may grow big and healthy depending on how you groom it. CBD beard oil can stimulate hair growth from the follicles causing faster growing and thicker beards.

    Treats Itching

    Itching does not mean that you have neglected your beard. The trimming and shaving may irritate the skin and cause it to itch. CBD can calm the skin with its antioxidant properties.

    CBD Beard Oil Is a Moisturizer

    The CBD hair oil adds protein to the hair and Vitamin E, a natural hair conditioner. If you use CBD regularly, the beard gets and feels softer. When your beard gets in contact with other people's skins, they will not complain about your beard scratching them. Your beard hairs will toughen and dry if you only wash, but you do not moisturize it because by washing it, you'll be stripping it of its natural oils. Moisturizing the beard keeps the skin underneath the beard moisturized and free from dandruff, making your beard look healthy.

    Other Benefits Of CBD

    The benefits of CBD are not limited to the face only. Legal (2022) explained that CBD would eventually get into the bloodstream, and you will enjoy the other benefits, including treating anxiety, epilepsy, and seizures. Also, Baswan et al. (2020) stated that CBD oil may be used for panic attacks, and CBD beard oil is a component of CBD oil that an individual can use for the same purpose.

    Is CBD Beard Oil Safe?

    CBD beard oil is safe for as long as it has been regulated by manufacturers and used well. CBD beard oil is unsafe if bought on the backstreet, meaning you will not know the right dosage to use and will also not know if it is compatible with any health issues you may have. Beginners should seek the doctor's advice to get the best recommendations on where to buy, how to use, and if you can use CBD beard oil.


    CBD is popular and is available in more products than it has ever been. Cannabis medicines have been around for thousands of years. You can find it in soap, lotions, shampoos, candles, gummies, and beard oil. Everyone wants to look great, so people may want to use CBD beard oil because it leaves the beard looking lustrous and healthy. CBD beard oil may be safe, but some products may have impurities that are unsafe for you. You need to consult the doctor to know if you can use CBD beard oil and the right dosage because you will not get that information in the backstreets.


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