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CBD body lotions are formulated with a lighter consistency than body butter. Additionally, they contain higher humectants than occlusives, while body butter is vice versa. People have different skin types which respond uniquely to CBD topical products. CBD body butter seals in moisture and is suitable for extremely dry skin, while lotions are applicable on mildly dry skins. Know the best product here.

CBD body butter is formulated with more thickness than body lotions. However, lotions contain higher humectant amounts than occlusives, while body butter is vice versa. This implies that the latter locks in moisture while the former supplies nutrients to the skin surface without a protective seal. Choosing a suitable choice between these topical products depends on your skin variety, dryness degree, and environmental climate or season. Those living in arid climate prefers thick cannabidiol body butter, particularly after showering, to preserve the skin moisture. However, a lotion is suitable for individuals in more humid or tropical surroundings. Slide here to discover the best product for your skin type.

Ingredients to Research, Based on Your Skin Type

  • Sensitive: A blend of ceramides and various vital fatty acids such as shea butter assist in restoring the skin barricade.
  • Oily: Silicones are incredibly effective occlusives without containing heavy textures of waxes, mineral oil, or petroleum. Thus, silicon is suitable for individuals with oily skins residing in extremely dry surroundings and desiring to preserve skin moisture. This compound creates a barricade on the skin surface.
  • Dry: Mango, cocoa, and shea butter are excellent ingredients for fighting dry skin. They are preferred for having fatty acids that moisturize and soften the skin. Beneficial oils such as rosehip, jojoba, sunflower seed, olive, and argan are perfect for adding to topical product formulations.

Health benefits of using CBD topicals

CBD Body Lotion

Anti-aging and Wrinkles

CBD contains anti-inflammatory, moisturizing, and ant-oxidative properties, it is an ideal compound in anti-aging skincare products. Cannabidiol oil resembles skin lipid structure body lotions enhance oil production. According to Shanbhag et al. (2019), oil synthesis combats dry skin and might inhibit wrinkles and fine lines appearance.


Jiang et al. (2015) stated that Psoriasis is an inflammatory and autoimmune skin problem that affects many individuals. Cannabidiol oil body lotion supports healthy skin by controlling inflammation levels. The skincare market is flooded with over-the-counter inflammatory drugs. However, cannabidiol lotions are alternative products to other skincare products.


Allergies cause eczema to certain substances, including pollens. It is an itchy, uncomfortable, and often painful problem affecting numerous people's skins. Baswan et al. (2020) showed that cannabidiol has anti-inflammatory qualities that promote skin health by offering pain relief. In particular, CBD lotions soothe eczema empowered by their moisturizing properties. Search lotions with unscented or hypoallergenic ingredients to inhibit further irritation.

Joint pain and Muscles

According to Kogan et al. (2019), in 2018, Food and Drug Administration (FDA) legalized the farming and utilization of hemp products. Therefore, it has not undergone FDA approval to treat pains and aches. Nevertheless, consumers who have used topical cannabidiol lotion have testified to it improves their joint and muscle function. Reid et al. (2015) showed significant impacts in older adults with joint, muscle, and chronic pain discomfort.

CBD Body Butter

Natural cannabidiol body butter is thicker and richer than lotions, making them applicable to dry skin. Additionally, they nourish human skin with non-chemical butter compounds from shea, mango, or cocoa butter. Manufacturers source them from natural oils like jojoba, hemp seed, grape seed, coconut, and almond. Interestingly, these elements are exceptional for producing body moisturizers. They are essential in skin care products alongside slathering the skin when softening it.

  • Eradicate makeup: A CBD body butter trifling portion is important when using cotton pad-like makeup eliminators in dissolving everyday cosmetics. Although it excludes waterproof mascara, avoid using this cannabidiol body butter within the eye region. Furthermore, clean the face after using a facial cleanser.
  • Nutrition: According to June (2022), cannabidiol body butters supply your body with omega 3 fatty acids, which calms skin inflammation and promotes hydration. For instance, manufacturers have been using shea butter to boost human skin in body butter. Likewise, it consists of vitamin E, F, and A, lowers inflammation, hydrates, and nourishes the skin. In particular, shea butter comprises distinct acids like stearic, palmitic, oleic, and linoleic that guard and rejuvenate the skin.
  • Tired spots: Body butter alleviate spots such as the neckline or lips, particularly ones containing high antioxidant amounts.
  • Stretch marks and scars: Administer body butter to de-escalate stretch marks and scar appearance with vitamins and fatty acids.
  • Soothe legs after shaving hair: Lasing, waxing, or shaving the hair hurts skin regardless of the employed technique. Applying body butter help folks to hydrate and soothe the skin during the day.
  • Revitalize your hair: Biological body butter replenishes both dry and stressed hair. Experts recommend consumers massage the cannabidiol product into their dry hair and bath with clean water.
  • Moisture: Cannabidiol body butter sustain the skin moisturized with natural elements like emollients from seed and nut oils. Most body butters have no water, while lotions contain significant amounts. Additionally, the latter persists longer along with other related extracts than lotions by forming barriers on the skin.
  • Problem patches: Cannabidiol body butter cleanse and shield dry spots from heels, knees, elbows, ankles, and hands. Users should apply adequate amounts with soft cotton cloths to increase the benefits.
  • Feet and hands: For folks working outside, the cannabidiol body butter soothes cracked knuckles and dry palms and re-establishes dry cuticles.


Cannabidiol body lotions and butter deliver essential nutrients when appropriately applied to the skin. Consumers have unique skin varieties which respond differently to topical products. CBD body butter is appropriate for people living in an arid climate. They should apply immediately after showering to preserve the skin moisture. Contrastingly, cannabidiol body lotion is preferable for consumers residing in humid or tropical conditions. The former moisturizes extremely dry skins while the latter delivers the desired ingredients to mildly dry skin. Discover skin types like oily, dry, and sensitive to choose the correct topical product. Therefore, your choice of skin variety, dryness degree, and environmental climate determine your choice.


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