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How many CBD products are in the market? Which individuals can access CBD products? This article explains the differences between CBD cream and Hemp cream.

Both the hemp plant and CBD are in the same family. The difference between the two is the percentage of THC present in each. THC is usually less in hemp than in CBD. They both come from different parts of the cannabis plant. Hemp products are derived from the plant's seeds. CBD products are derived from the plant's stalk, flowers, and leaves. Industrial hemp is derived from the Sativa strain of the cannabis plant. It is used for making printer ink, clothes textiles, and other electric daily use items. Hemp seed oil is another method in which hemp is produced. Hemp seed is what makes hemp cream. CBD oil is used in the production of CBD cream. The term hemp oil or CBD oil means that the cream is made from hemp oil or CBD oil extraction. There is usually confusion between the products. But one should know that they are different products whenever they see sellers referring to CBD cream and hemp cream in terms of hemp seed oil and CBD oil. It is only because the product is made from these two products. This article compares CBD cream and Hemp Cream and how best each o the two brands can perform.

Hemp Cream Vs. CBD Cream

The two products are made using similar methods but for different things. The topical application of these two products is both beneficial but for slightly different reasons. One commonality an individual might see across the board is certain terminology between the two. Mefteh et al. (2017) stated that  Full spectrum, isolate, or broad-spectrum are some ways to describe how pure the products are or the likelihood of it containing other parts of the cannabis plant. A good example is seeing hemp made from broad-spectrum hemp oil extract. The product contains a few parts of the cannabis plant instead of being made from pure hemp oil extract. One misconception about hemp cream and CBD cream is that they contain psychoactive components. But neither hemp cream nor CBD cream has psychoactive components. According to Nelson (2019),THC is the only component found in this family that causes psychoactivity like potential increased anxiety, hyper-awareness, and delusions. Hemp cream does not contain THC, while CBD cream may contain small traces of THC at most. Another misconception is that hemp cream and CBD cream are essentially the same product. These are different products. In addition, their process of extraction is different. As mentioned above, one can best understand the difference between CBD and Hemp cream by looking at what they are used for. The hemp cream is used as a moisturizer, aids in inflamed skin, relieves very dry skins, anti-aging help, and can also help with dry skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis. According to McGrath et al. (2018), CBD cream can treat issues beyond the skin like joint pain, arthritis pain, and inflamed muscles relieving redness and acne, healing bruises, and can as well help with dry skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis.

Does Hemp Cream Contain CBD?

The slight difference in how each product is derived differentiates CBD from hemp. One comes from the stalk and the leaves of the cannabis plant, while the other comes from the seeds. They usually come from the different parts of the plant for different reasons. They are different entities, but some brands will miss-advertise hemp cream as CBD and vice-versa. The two are different products with different ingredients and for different usage. If hemp cream does not contain any information that it contains CBD, It then means that it is not a pure seed oil extracted from cream. Skincare is sometimes very tough, especially when one's skin is sensitive. Use it slowly whenever an individual tries a new brand, especially for hemp cream and CBD cream products. Ease your skin slowly into this new product to monitor the results properly, as CBD and hemp creams are usually unsafe for sensitive skin. It is always good to take precautions whenever trying something new.

To confirm that you are getting the best products, check whether the company one is purchasing from has enlisted the assistance of a third-party laboratory. As the cannabis industry is under regulation, most cannabis-related companies must bring up a third party to offer an unbiased analysis of its practices and products and approve its methods and reports on whether they are in good standing.

What Is the Hemp plant Good For?

According to Kowalska et al. (2017), hemp plant products are good for hydrating the skin and help with anti-aging efforts and relief for super dry skin. It repairs the skin in a natural way that leaves one feeling fresh. Hemp creams can be good for eczema and psoriasis and act as an anti-inflammatory for irritated skin. It is a step up from one average moisturizer and is a significant healer for many skincare issues. The hemp plant has many benefits apart from skincare and industrial hemp. It means that it is used for other production purposes. Schluttenhofer & Yuan (2017) stated that hemp is far ahead in the skincare world for its healing properties. Sometimes, Hemp cream can also be helpful in pain relief. When looking for a hemp plant that can work better for an individual, ensure that the company uses all the natural practices and shows transparency about the active ingredients in the products. The hemp cream is safe and usually good to use though you should follow the instructions as given by the company.

What is CBD Good For?

Many users enjoy the benefits of CBD as it comes in smoking forms and edibles. But it seems like the topical forms of CBD are less known. According to Sarker & Nahar (2020), CBD can help relax when consumed orally, while the CBD applied topically can soothe the skin. In addition, it also helps in common skin care problems like eczema and psoriasis that hemp cream can also help. CBD can be used for a wide range of physical pain and difficulties. CBD cream can help reduce the pain that comes from arthritis. The relaxing component found in it helps with the joint pain caused by arthritis.


It is important to understand the differences between CBD cream and Hemp cream in the CBD oil market. They are different products made from different parts of the hemp plant. They usually have different chemical makeups and side effects.


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