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Cannabidiol (CBD) face masks are essential in maintaining skin wellness and health. Face masks are infused with cannabidiol to ensure the user reaps the maximum CBD benefits. Actually, cannabidiol contains antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties nourishing and rejuvenating the skin. However, understanding the appropriate time to apply a CBD face mask is paramount. Get more details regarding this aspect here.

Skincare is an essential activity for maintaining your skin naturally radiant, fresh, and clean and hindering early aging signs. Applying cannabidiol (CBD) face masks is among the skincare routine practices. Face masks are infused with the cannabidiol (CBD) compounds to enjoy therapeutic benefits. This compound constitutes anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties paramount in maintaining skin wellness and health. When individuals apply CBD face masks, their skins are nourished and rejuvenated. However, individuals should properly apply the products to reap maximum benefits. Also, the dilemma among people is the most suitable time to apply CBD face masks. Slide here to discover this essential aspect.

Should You Administer a CBD Face Mask Before or After a Shower?

Selecting the appropriate CBD face masks for your skin variety and needs is paramount. It helps people eliminate excess oils, boost the pore's appearance, brighten your skin, and promote hydration. However, timing when applying the product is important. In this regard, individuals should administer most cannabidiol face masks on a clean and freshly washed face to optimize the benefits. This explains why you should integrate it into your shower lifestyle, either after or before it. It substitutes the essential period of cleansing the face before administering CBD face masks. Conversely, this practice is engaging since you should consider the time factor when integrating these masks into the skincare routine. Notably, administering cannabidiol face masks requires much time. In this regard, the duration required to allow cannabidiol to release its nutrients into the skin is long. Three essential things will determine whether an individual applies the face masks after or before showering. According to Eikenberry et al. (2020), no universal answer determines the most suitable time to administer face masks appropriately for everybody.

Using CBD Face Masks before Showering

Generally, everybody should wash their face before administering a cannabidiol face mask. Else, every nourishment it can deliver to your skin remains on excess dirt, oil, and makeup accumulating on the face throughout. Tang et al. (2020) discovered two ways individuals can use face masks prior to showering. Firstly, they can bathe their faces in the bowl or sink and apply the mask. After this, they should allow it to remain on the face while preparing for the shower. Alternatively, people can bathe their faces while showering, administer the mask, and allow the products to remain on the face while showering.


  • The method decreases the waiting period and is convenient for most people.
  • It is excellent to suppose you have little time for a comprehensive skincare routine.
  • Eliminating masks after applying is simple because you should rinse them off.


  • Administering face masks while showering is difficult unless the individual uses a mirror.
  • The steam or water can affect the mask setting process.
  • The masks might remain on the face for a limited period because the shower spends a long period.

This Method is Best for Dry Skin

People can benefit most from masks when administering the products prior to the shower. Specifically, certain face masks are drying and help those with dry skin. In fact, using them before showering preserves the moisture from the mask.

Using CBD Face Masks After a Shower

In agreement with Colet et al. (2017), using face masks after showering is not convenient. Nevertheless, this option is suitable for individuals who intend to retain the face mask provided and should sit on the skin. Certain masks might be massaged into the skin and allowed to remain overnight. Administering this product after showering guarantees the product is not accidentally eliminated. People can use cannabidiol face masks later or immediately after showering, provided the face is cleaned and washed before applying the mask. In fact, the method is perfect for individuals intending to integrate face masks into their relaxing lifestyle and have sufficient time to relax throughout the day.


  • Showering softens the pores and skin, thus allowing the mask to penetrate more effectively and faster.
  • It functions best for profound cleansing because you can allocate enough duration for the face mask to nourish and cleanse your skin.


  • This method is not convenient for it prolongs the skincare routine.
  • Continually washing the face from cleaning to showering after and before administering the face mask can increase your skin dryness.

Why This Method is Superior for Combination and Oily Skin Type

  • Leaving certain face masks on the skin overnight or for one hour allows for profound cleansing and greater nourishment.
  • Steaming and showering have a mechanism to prepare the skin for greater cleansing treatment.

Type of Masks

According to Bergstrom (2004), various face masks are fashioned to treat, nourish, hydrate, and cleanse your skin as required. However, discover the suitable mask that meets your skincare goals before applying a face mask. For acne-susceptible skin, eliminate the superfluous oil for the skin by making it softer and smoother with certain clay masks.


CBD face masks are excellent for preserving the health and wellness of your skin. This enhances customers' use of non-toxic and natural skincare products. Cannabidiol contains antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that revitalize and nourishes the skin. Individuals should select the appropriate face masks that address their skincare goals. It helps people eliminate excess oils, boost the pore's appearance, brighten your skin, and promote hydration. However, individuals should choose whether to apply the product after or before showering. Whichever method you choose, there are advantages and disadvantages. Experts have not established the best time to administer CBD face masks since people are different and have unique skincare goals.


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