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  • August 24, 2022 5 min read


    Individuals have different types of skin; some have oily skin, some have dry skin, others have sensitive skin tones, and some have normal skin as one should give better care to their skin. It's nice that you have thought of cleansing it; now the big question is should you go for any cleanser that you come across so long as it has CBD? According to your skin type, there are ingredients to avoid and others to embrace. This article explained the CBD face wash that can be used for dry skin and other types of skin.

    Causes Of Dry Skin

    Voegeli (2007) explained that dry skin can be because of environmental conditions, excessive washing, exposure to irritants, or hard water medical conditions such as hypothyroidism or diabetes. There are two causes of dry skin, which are internal and external factors. External factors are humidity, use of harsh soaps, and bathing habits. Vitamin B deficiency makes you so sensitive to particular skin care products and sunlight.

    CBD And Its Importance In Dry Skin

    The cannabinoid is a natural chemical compound present in the cannabis sativa plant. Many manufacturers who extract the compound usually combine CBDwith carrier oils such as coconut oil and hemp oil to come up with CBD oil. There is a range of products that can be made using CBD itself. The products include edibles such as CBD gummies, vapes, CBD tinctures, and topicals. CBD oil can make several skincare products that take good care of the skin. CBD is good for the skin by offering various benefits to the skin such as;

    Dealing with Acne

    Acne is a very common skin condition in most people. According to Trivedi et al, (2006), acne is caused when the skin's sebaceous glands produce sebum in excess, which is a waxy, oily secretion as sebum is not all that bad as it helps protect the skin. Excess sebum does not cause acne. CBD inhibits sebocytes from producing too much sebum, which leads to acne. Besides, that CBD has antifungal properties from the cannabis plant. According to Orrapin et al. (2019), this will prevent acne caused by infections on the skin.

    Itching and Dryness

    According to  Atalay et al. (2021), CBD is helpful when it comes to curing common skin conditions such as dry skin and itchy skin. CBD is endowed with anti-inflammatory properties that are very helpful in minimizing the potential triggers of dermatitis, psoriasis, and eczema. Massage oils that have CBD can soften the skin and reduce the look of irritation on it. It is good for people who have sensitive skin.

    Basic Skin Care Routine For Dry Skin

    As much as the causes may be different, anyone is likely to practice a skin routine for dry skin. When your skin dries up,  it starts shrinking and causes cracks that can become deep, and painful, and you can start bleeding. Cracks give room for germs and bacteria to enter the body, and they can be the potential to lead to infections of the skin. When it comes to skincare rolls, here are the 5 steps to follow;


    Cleansing comes as the first step. Get a hydrating cleanser that removes dirt and oil without disrupting the outer skin layer. A CBD cleanser will work on you.


    Many toners use alcohol as the main additive that dries out the skin. Get an alcohol-free toner with active ingredients that re-establish the skin's PH levels.


    Target aids in particular skin worries. Focus on hydration with pure hyaluronic acid serum, or go for something meant to aim skin concerns such as wrinkles, acne, and hyperpigmentation.


    The best moisturizer will have lots of benefits in a serum. Make use of a moisturizer that is designated particularly for your face. It's more advisable to look for a non-comedogenic label.

    Greatest Skin Routine for Dry Skin with Acne

    Acne can occur even if you have dry skin. Few tips can enable you to clear blemishes and moisturize your skin simultaneously. First, keep away heavy products such as oil-based lotions, skin moisturizers, and sunscreens. Cleanse your dry face for at least one day. Avoid exfoliating, which can make the skin dry out. Go easy on drying constituents such as benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid. Individuals should know that alcohol, dyes, and fragrances may irritate sensitive skin. It's good to look for non-comedogenic goods.

    Safety Tips While Cleaning A Dry Face Using CBD Wash For Dry Skin

    If you are under a certain prescription or OTC product of anti-acne, you may be tempted to use a cleanser that deals with acne. Remember that the overuse of acne-fighting additives like benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid may make your skin much drier. If you are utilizing a cleanser with vitamin A, you should be extremely cautious and apply sunscreen any time you walk outside in the sun. Retinols can make your skin more susceptible to damage from the sun.

    How to select a Face Wash for Dry skin

    Ascertain the ingredients

    Checking the ingredients is key because you get to affirm that the product is cruelty-free and mostly vegan. Ask yourself some questions like, are you concerned about certain ingredients such as phthalates or parabens?

    Product Working Ability

    Check whether the product will work towards solving your skin condition as you should get real about your expectations since most of the time, one product works well in two areas.

    Confirm the Formula

    Since there are several formulations and textures in the CBD facial cleansing industry. Do you want cleansers that foam? Do you prefer cream consistency or gel consistency? Go to the formula that works best for your skin type, in this case, dry skin.

    Keep away from harsh additives

    Alcohol, dyes, fragrances, and other ingredients can greatly harm your skin. Scented products are most likely to cause skin irritation, redness, dermatitis, rashes, and allergic reactions. Get products that have hyaluronic acid.

    What To Look For In A CBD Facial Cleanser Meant For Dry Skin

    For dry skin, check for a CBD face wash with the following ingredients: vitamin, hyaluronic acid, other hydration such as ceramides and humectants, and glycerin.

    What To Avoid In A CBD Facial Cleanser For Dry Skin

    Here are some of the ingredients you should avoid if you have dry skin. They include benzoyl peroxide, alcohol, anti-bacterial soaps, alpha hydroxy acids, BHAs, Urea, retinol or retinoids, and fragrance. Learn more about can i use my cbd facial cleanser to remove makeup


    With the information above, it is now for you to do the homework to move out and evaluate a face wash before purchasing. Acne is common in people with dry skin, but the beauty of it is that CBD as an ingredient of the face wash got you covered. Follow the skincare routines and enjoy smooth, glowing skin. Learn more about 101 guide to cbd face wash


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