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Which CBD products do you want?  Looking for the best CBD product to use in the market?  Have you ever tried CBD lotion and CBD Balms and Gels?  Which of the two is better than the other?  This article explains the difference between CBD lotion and CBD topicals.

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a broadly consumed oil, but topical cannabidiol products are progressively popular.  Some people prefer CBD lotions to CBD Balms and Gels because they are wetter and easy to apply.  Others prefer CBD topicals since it has a pleasant aroma.  Individuals have different cravings and health goals.  Cannabidiol (CBD) is a broadly consumed oil, but topical cannabidiol products are progressively popular.  Cannabidiol topicals provide localized relief and promote health and overall skin appearance as the products are seen as offering numerous benefits.  CBD lotions and topical formulations are distinguished.  Topical formulas have different skincare components like vitamins, essential oils, and herbal extracts.  Naturally, people dislike products with irritating effects.  Cannabidiol topical include massage oils, serums, balms, salves, lotions, and creams.  These topical formulas are intended for specific purposes.  CBD lotions are wetter than CBD Topicals which some consumers like while others dislike.  Below is a concrete discussion about CBD Topicals and lotion.

What is CBD?

Cannabidiol (CBD) is sourced from two cannabis variants, including hemp and marijuana.  Van de Donk et al. (2019) explains that these chemical compounds are loaded with analgesic and therapeutic benefits.  The US federal law directed CBD products to contain 0.3 percent or below a limit threshold.  The cannabis plant contains other cannabinoid compounds such as THC, a psychoactive compound with high euphoric effects.  But, cannabidiol is non-psychoactive and non-intoxicating, causing many US countries to legalize it.  According to Birnbaum (2019), some countries allow CBD for recreational while others for therapeutic purposes.  The 2018 Farm Bill endorsed CBD consumption, farming, and production because industrial hemp contains THC below 0.3 percent.  Therefore, consumers report that CBD has natural healing potential and has minimal side effects.  CBD users are recommended to purchase CBD products from trustworthy brands as the brands must ensure their products have 0.3% or fewer THC amounts.  Also, they must undergo a third-party lab examination and a Certificate of Analysis (COA) available for confirmation.  The COA confirms whether the products are tested for heavy metals, microbial, pesticides, and contaminants.


What are CBD topicals?

Cannabidiol topicals are every cannabidiol product intended to use topically.  Users smear these products on their skins, especially in victimized regions.  Besides CBD oil, cannabidiol topical contains other components such as plant extracts and creams.  These additional ingredients are fashioned to produce pleasant aromas and enhance absorption ease into your skin.  Patel & Lio (2019) state that cannabidiol topicals are manufactured with shea butter or aloe vera, soft compounds to ensure skin smoothens.  Certain products may include fruit extracts, herbs, coffee, or chocolate.  Therefore, CBD topicals are the most intriguing and best smelling of all-cannabidiol-based products since their scent persists for an extended time after smearing them.

CBD Lotion

Cannabidiol lotion is maybe the most prevalent CBD topical form since it comes in various formulations.  According to Wilson & Nutbrown (2021),  CBD lotion contains more water content than other CBD topical versions.  The additional water content makes consumers apply with ease, and it gives it consistency like other lotions.  Consequently, users smear it throughout their bodies without causing annoyances or sticking.  Cannabidiol lotions have additional moisturizing compounds that keep one's skin healthy.  It makes CBD lotions an excellent alternative for serving oneself with cannabidiol oil and improving your overall skin wellness.

 Selecting a CBD Lotion and Topicals

There are various vital mechanisms when selecting premium quality CBD products.  They include:

Quality Control

Search for cannabidiol topical suppliers with independent third-party laboratory reports.  Individuals should consider Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP)-a submissive facility which uses Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulations to qualify. Some brands make products with the wrong labeling causing customers to purchase undesirable merchandise.

Hemp Source

Purchase topical cannabidiol products manufactured with USA-grown and non-GMO hemp.

Extraction Method

Reliable and robust extraction techniques like carbon dioxide and ethanol generate premium quality products.

Brand Reputation

This is challenging when searching out because the concern is beyond the brand's longevity or size.  Traverse customer ratings and reviews where they are found.


No CBD dose or strength is medically recommended currently. CBD topical products sourced from hemp plants differ in CBD doses per ounce present; thus, consider this aspect keenly.

Hemp Extract Variant

The full-spectrum formulation is sourced from entire hemp plant compounds, including terpenes, flavonoids, fatty acids, THC, CBD, and cannabigerol (CBG).  Broad-spectrum contains all cannabis compounds except THC contents. A cannabidiol isolate is the purest CBD formulation.  Anderson et al. (2021) stated that most people prefer full-spectrum products because of the entourage effect. This effect implies that cannabis compounds function better when combined than solely. Cannabidiol oil contains important fatty acids, although the correct topical can reinforce that moisturizing healthful value with additional correct moisturizers and different compounds. Search for extra pain-relieving and nourishing ingredients such as menthol, shea butter, lavender oil, cocoa butter, avocado oil, arnica, apricot oil, and aloe vera.

Between CBD Topicals and Lotion, Which is Right for You?

CBD consumers have different health goals and requirements. Liu (2019) stated that some people prefer CBD topicals because they positively impact health conditions like skin disorders and soreness. The product penetrates human skin instead of sticking to the surface.  It enters into subdermal and dermal levels after applying.  Its cannabinoid component binds cell receptors in nerves, muscle, skin, and tissues.  It creates a calming effect on pain and inflammation. CBD lotion is formulated from CBD topical products. It contains more water which enables users to apply faster.  Cannabidiol lotions ensure the skin is nourished throughout.  Some customers prefer CBD lotions, while others choose topicals. Thus, the choice depends on the users.


CBD Topicals are products applied to human skin, particularly on the affected region. These products have various formulations like salves, creams, lotions, and sprays. From the discussion, CBD lotions are formulated from cannabidiol topical products. It implies that most ingredients producing lotions are similar to those in CBD Cream. Besides CBD oil, cannabidiol topicals contain other plant components that produce a sweet aroma after application. CBD lotions contain more water, hence a better skin nourishing product. CBD Balms and Gels are perfect if you desire a sweet skin aroma, but those intending to have well-moisturized skin should choose CBD lotions. In this regard, know your health needs to choose wisely.


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