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What is a massage oil? What are some of the benefits of using massage oils? What are some of the precautions to be considered when using massage oils? How is it safe to use massage oils? This article explains what massage oils for sex are, their benefits and precautions to be considered, and whether they are safe. CBD massage oils can be used as lubricants when it comes to sex.

How CBD Affects Libido

To better understand how CBD acts in your body when it comes to sex, let's get to know how CBD operates in the body. Inside our body, tiny receptors are part and parcel of the endocannabinoid system. Let's consider the receptors as the keys while  CBD  is the lock. While  CBD  does not look unlike them directly, it can spike a series of reactions in the body that stimulates the system. The body responds in several ways through indirect CBD activation, such as being an anti-inflammation or anticonvulsant.

According to Nielsen et al. (2019), ECS receptors in sexual reproductive organs such as testicles are also present inside the brain. Gonzales (2021) said that CBD and THC  help alleviate libido levels, as others have complained of decreased libido. A journal about assisted reproduction and genetics reported that too much use of CBD lowered sex drive. Kasman et al. (2020) argued that  CBD products help improve libido by minimizing anxiety. Anxiety reduces the sexual performance of people. Relieving anxiety may elevate the desire for sex.

Benefits Of Using CBD Massage Oils for Sex

The terpenes generally determine the benefits of CBD. Mugao et al. (2020) explained that terpenes are chemical compounds found in plants that offer them a smell and give them their flavor. For instance, terpene limonene is a terpene found in citrus fruits such as oranges. Limonene combined with CBD gives the body an uplifting, energizing effect. Regardless of the content, here are the benefits of CBD massage oil in sex;

Blood Flow

CBD is good when it comes to heightening the flow of blood. For instance, the penis requires enough blood flow to erect for a  long period while having sex. Benson (2020) explained that if you or your partner is having hard times with the penis remaining hard, CBD is of great help. Ayurvedic practitioners have been utilizing CBD to raise their sexual performance.

Lowering Cortisol Levels

CBD lowers the levels of cortisol, therefore reducing stress while having sex. Low sex drive might be brought about by stress. CBD comes in handy by enabling its user to unwind from their day's normal stress.

Hormonal Balances

CBD balances hormones, which change one's sex drive. In women, CBD helps in vasodilation, in which blood vessels expand to give room for oxygenation. Good signs of vasodilation while aroused are:  one gets warm the whole body, one may sweat, the clitoris becomes more sensitive and erect, and you get wet.

Brain Functioning

CBD improves the functioning of the brain, especially short-term memory. CBD gives you better sleep after sex by relaxing the muscles together.

What Is CBD Lube Used For?

CBD is cannabidiol found in the cannabis plant. CBD  does not make you high. There is limited research about CBD lubes. The anecdotal effects of CBD are the ones known, and it's recommended that you speak with your physician before thinking of beginning to use CBD as a lubricant. The reason is that CBD lubricants could potentially interfere with any prescriptions you might be taking. Generally, to some people, CBD lubes can be an awesome experience compared to other lubricants and could also address specific problems in the bedroom. Evans (2020) explained that CBD is thought to reduce inflammation and increase blood flow, and aid in muscle relaxation, which helps CBD-infused lubes become a dependable option for women who feel pain when having sex.

Precautions For Using CBD Massage Oils

It is advisable when getting a CBD lube, to refrain from those that have chemicals and possess artificial scents. Oil-based CBD massage oils used as lubes are likely to degrade the latex found in condoms, thereby making them less effective. Individuals are required to look for water-based lubes. Do not go for any CBD massage oil as a lube but try to get what suits you best to avoid irritation.

Is It Safe to Use CBD Massage Oils?

Yes, it is very safe to use CBD massage oils. However, due to various factors, CBD may react differently from others. Some people have complained of CBD lowering their sex life, while others have applauded it. Generally, CBD massage oils are safe to use as long as you use the required amount.


Get an ideal dose for yourself. Get a CBD massage oil that has a potency that works best for you. Buy good quality products by reading reviews of the product you want to purchase. Finally, use CBD before going to the bedroom. Since CBD does not work immediately after using it like vapes and tinctures,  CBD massage oils take quite some time, around thirty minutes, to kick in.


CBD massage oil will never go wrong in almost all aspects of the body's functioning. When it comes to sex, people have varying experiences.CBD has been known to increase the sex drive of both males and women. In men, it has been applauded for enabling one to maintain an erection throughout the sex period. In women, it helps increase the sensitivity of the clitoris, thereby making it erect and the vagina becoming wet. Refrain from CBD lubes that contain chemicals and fragrances that may cause itchiness and irritation.


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