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  • August 16, 2022 4 min read


    Cannabidiol (CBD) oils are the most preferred CBD products formulation. The demand for this product has increased, leading to more production and extraction. Carbon dioxide (CO2) is the standard CBD extraction method. Here is everything you need to know about the CO2 extraction method.

    Cannabis and hemp plants contain over 100 chemical compounds such as cannabidiol (CBD), tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), and other cannabinoids. Consumers claim that cannabidiol has therapeutic benefits. As a result, CBD has gained popularity because many brands are producing, manufacturing, and extracting it into a broad product range. These products are creams, CBD oils, and edibles. CBD Oil Drops are widely used and have the highest demand. Most people prefer this product because it has numerous benefits and offers rapid effectiveness. However, quality is essential when choosing consumable CBD products. CBD Oil Drops have many extraction methods, including carbon dioxide (CO2), the standard industrial technique. This blog discusses this method exhaustively.

    How to Extract CBD Oil from Cannabis and Hemp through CO2 Extraction

    Cannabidiol brands have devised a Wild West reputation because they lack control over manufacturing and labeling standards. Research is paramount when considering CBD oils. Although the hemp source is essential, the extraction method determines the end product's quality. Illegitimate companies lower costs by using chemicals like hexane and butane. Besides damaging volatile terpenes and lying clients, chemical solvent extraction might leave toxic deposits if not removed appropriately. Unfortunately, consumers might ingest harmful chemicals in products expected to be healthy. Therefore, people should shop for products from companies that employ carbon dioxide extraction equipment. This technique ensures that the end products have more cannabinoids and terpenes since it does not utilize additional solvents or heat.

    What is CBD Carbon dioxide Extraction?

    Carbon dioxide extraction employs pressurized CO2 to pull maximum healthy substances from cannabis herbs, such as the plant's important waxes, terpenes, and cannabinoids. The product obtained is viscous, gold, healthy-looking extract that manufacturers suspend in Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCT) or carrier oil. The carbon dioxide extraction method is versatile. It functions as a solvent when operated under certain pressure and temperature range. However, it lacks dangers linked with toxic solvents such as hexane or butane. This extraction process generates high-quality extracts under a supercritical state. These products have extremely high quality and consistent potency standards.

    Nonetheless, carbon dioxide extraction is not meant for CBD oils only. This method is standard for the food and herbal industries. For instance, decaf coffee utilizes a CO2 extraction method to remove caffeine from its coffee seeds. In addition, the most crucial oil production depends on this expertise. Modern brands have discovered that wastefulness, solvent toxicity, and flammability risks have traditional extraction methods. Before introducing the supercritical carbon dioxide method, companies used unsafe solvents, including ethyl acetate, trichloroethane, and methylene chloride.

    What is Supercritical Carbon dioxide Extraction?

    Cannabidiol oils have many CO2 extraction methods, but supercritical carbon dioxide extraction represents the industry's golden standard. This process employs supercritical fluids to extract components from others. Manufacturers mostly use carbon dioxide ingredients. However, some producers use co-solvent like alcohol to modify it. At standard temperature and pressure, carbon dioxides act in gaseous form. When dealing with supercritical CO2, it assumes a fluid form when manufacturers use temperature and pressure beyond their critical limits. The working of the supercritical carbon dioxide extraction method is shown below.

    • Manufacturers use carbon dioxide gas and pass it via a chamber. The pressure is increased gradually while the temperature is maintained at -70 degrees Fahrenheit minimally.
    • The gas transforms into a liquid.
    • At this point, carbon dioxide has liquid and gas properties. Generally, it occupies space like gases while retaining the liquid density.
    • The supercritical carbon dioxide enters via a chamber full of raw cannabis substances.
    • The liquid runs via the plant substance, dissolving the trichomes' membrane. Consequently, the carbon is allowed to capture enough active compounds.

    Benefits of Carbon dioxide Extraction

    The main benefit of employing the carbon dioxide method is that it lacks extra solvents or excessively high temperatures. People regard the CO2 method as a green solvent. The utilization of CO2 produces healthier and cleaner products. Carbon dioxide occurs naturally, especially from the gaseous human exchange. Unlike solvents like butane, supercritical carbon dioxide does not leave any harmful chemical deposits. Furthermore, the process is recyclable, making it less expensive. The CO2 extraction benefits include:

    • It is non-toxic, non-flammable, and inert.
    • Carbon dioxide contains moderate critical limits.
    • The solvation strength can be adjusted by regulating the material’s density.
    • The process produces more pure extracts in large quantities.
    • Carbon dioxide gets into its supercritical form in approximately ambient temperatures. Therefore, this solvent is excellent for extracting volatile substances.

    Carbon dioxide Extraction and Cannabidiol Entourage Effect

    Besides giving clean products, the CO2 extraction method produces larger amounts of terpenes and cannabinoids than other techniques. Cannabis herb has over 115 cannabinoids besides numerous flavonoids and terpenes. Although THC and CBD share several similar benefits, the effects intensify when all cannabis compounds get into one product. Cannabinoids like cannabinol (CBN) and cannabigerol (CBG) contain potential therapeutic benefits. However, terpenes modulate cannabinoid effects. For instance, limonene elevates cannabinoid absorption and promotes other terpenes.

    Nonetheless, alpha-pinene counteracts sort-term memory disorders linked with tetrahydrocannabinol. Myrcene might lower blood-brain limitation resistance generating a better pathway of essential chemicals in your body. These effects are called the entourage effect. This occurrence shows the interaction between all terpenes, cannabinoids, and cannabis components. The synergistic impacts increase the CBD extract benefits while regulating possible side effects. Although premium quality cannabidiol isolate has many uses, full-spectrum products have more advantages, especially when optimizing CBD oil efficacy.


    When purchasing full-spectrum cannabidiol oil, people should invest more cash in premium quality, safe, and pure merchandise for consumption. Many reputable companies employ carbon dioxide extraction methods to manufacture cannabidiol extracts. Pressurized CO2 generates healthy and clean products because it lacks harmful solvent deposits. In addition, this standard method pulls the maximum desired compounds from the cannabis plant. This makes its cannabidiol oil a more refined product because it pulls optimum cannabis phytochemical content. Many experts claim that these products provide more consistent and better outcomes than isolates. Although the CO2 extracted CBD oils are more expensive, the consumer is sure they are clean and safe for consumption.