August 26, 2022 4 min read


CBD is used to relieve stress and anxiety, relieve pain like muscle soreness and migraine, enhance sleep, treat acne, regulate high blood pressure, and enhance focus, among many other benefits, both medical and non-medical related issues. Thousands of people are taking CBD because of the benefits it has; they have a choice to vape, apply in topicals, take in edibles or take sublingually.

The ancient known method of ingesting CBD was through smoking and vaping, which most people felt uncomfortable using it. Luckily, today, you can choose from many ways if you want to ingest CBD.CBD can be taken through vaping and smoking, sublingually through oils and tinctures, used in edibles, and used in the form of topicals. Both these methods have their pros and cons; an individual has an option to survey through all the methods and settle on what is more favorable. This article will address all forms of taking CBD oil. Then you can analyze what will work for you.      

Viable forms of CBD   

CBD oils and tinctures

CBD is extracted from hemp, and the products are later infused in oils like sesame and tinctures. Oil or tinctures is taken sublingually by ingesting some drops of oil or tincture underneath the tongue, or you can spray inside the cheeks. Hold it in the mouth for about a minute, then swallow. The membrane mucous in the mouth dissolve it for ease of absorption; hence a rapid onset is experienced. The second-fastest form of CBD shows the effect faster after vaping.

This method is faster, easy to use, and more effective. It’s the only method that ensures a long-term effect after administering; the user can feel the effect for up to 6-8 hours. A con about this method is that it has an awful taste; people who are sensitive to taste may not prefer this method of intake. The effect also varies from one person to another, maybe because of their body metabolism rate.

CBD Topicals

These skincare products have been infused with CBD; you're likely to find them in balms, patches, ointments, creams, lotions, gel, and salves. They are massaged to the skin, especially to targeted areas with sores or pain, so that they penetrate through the skin layers later to the epidermis. The exact dosage amount is not determined, so apply what you feel is enough, but be careful on prolonged use as it can result in skin irritation. The form of ingesting is easy, does not require any additional tool to administer, and works perfectly fine for muscle pain, skin issues, and acne treatment.


According to Liu Tina (2019), use a vape pen enhance rapid absorption of CBD into the bloodstream. Vaporizers heat CBD oil to create inhalable vapor. This is the fastest way to get the effect of CBD. It only takes about 10 minutes for effect to kick in because the inhaled vapor is absorbed directly into the bloodstream. It is easy to regulate your dosage with vaping and doesn't produce harsh smoke that can ruin your lungs.

 Vaping allows the user to get a high concentration of CBD, and that's why it takes the shortest time possible for the users to get the effect. Some a few cons to this form of ingestion are that additional tools are needed, such as vaping pen and accessories, and most times, you're prone to taking high concentration than is needed, which may be overdosing, and this can be dangerous to a beginner since it may result to


A pleasing way to enjoy your CBD if you hate the awful taste is by use of edibles. CBD gummies are popular delicious treats that most people prefer because they are portable. They are found in various flavors like (pink grapefruit, passion, strawberry, and rhubarb) and are easy to digest. Apart from gummies, CBD edible can be in the form of brownies which entails chocolates and fudges. Another form is cookies and crackers. You have a choice to either go for chewable candies inform of gummies; whether to choose chocolates and fudges or cookies and crackers, you have an option.

Edibles take quite some time, say 2 hours, before the effects kick in; this can be tricky because you can be tempted to eat as many as you can not know that you’re overdosing. Eat a few pieces and wait for the effect to get onset. The method is discreet, and you've got endless options of using edible. Apart from using CBD gummies, you can also drop some drops in your favorite drink, smoothie, or even your food.

How to know if CBD is legal

You've gone through all the CBD forms, and now you want to make an important decision about buying CBD; what are you supposed to check for the plant's legality? Should have COA certificate to check for transparency, safety, and quality. The Certificate of Analysis with help you identify compounds and ingredients used, some should lack THC, and if they have, it should not exceed 0.3%. It should not contain harmful ingredients like; heavy metals, pesticides, mold analysis, and pesticides; for this reason, it is wise to have third-party testing by an ISO 17025 compliant lab. Ensure the source of CBD is hemp, legalized in the US. Lastly, check for potency, quality COA certificate, the process of manufacture, and ensure you buy from a reputable source.


Currently, CBD is available in various forms, as you've never known before. You have an option to use CBD sublingually vaping, use in edibles, use as pills and tablets, or use in topicals. All these forms have advantages and disadvantages, but consider taking it sublingually if you're considering the fastest effective administration by vaping if you want the effect to take the longest period possible. You’re open to making a personal choice as long as you select a favorable and convenient form for you.


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