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  • August 25, 2022 4 min read


    South Dakota is peradventure the strictest US States regarding marijuana. Both medical and recreational marijuana is prohibited. Some bills were passed, but none was endorsed as a law. Technically, cannabidiol is prohibited in South Dakota, but Farm Bill explains that all hemp sourced products are legal. Let us find out more about CBD.

    South Dakota is peradventure the strictest US States regarding marijuana. Both medical and recreational marijuana is prohibited. Some bills were passed, but none was endorsed as law. Generally, the cannabis plant family has two variants, including hemp and marijuana. The variants contain different quantities of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), a psychoactive cannabis compound. Marijuana sourced cannabidiol (CBD) contains high THC contents and results in high euphoric effects. However, industrial hemp oil contains 0.3 percent or below THC legal limit. Technically, cannabidiol is prohibited in South Dakota, but Farm Bill explains that all hemp sourced products are legal. Follow this blog to know everything about CBD Tincture in South Dakota.

    Is cannabidiol oil lawful in South Dakota?

    All cannabidiol extracts, including CBD Tincture, are prohibited in South Dakota. The South Dakota cannabis legalization started in 1977 when the entire State underwent a decriminalization wave. The State legalized marijuana during that period, although shortly because the policies prohibiting cannabis were implemented again. In 2006, a grand initiative on decriminalizing cannabis aimed to legalize marijuana. The sample bill proposed that individuals with certain medical requirements be permitted to rear a maximum of six cannabis herbs on their individual properties. Also, minors were allowed to practice this provided they had an expert medical practitioner's consent and a particular medical condition. However, this initiative draft failed because most people opposed it. Another campaign began in 2010 intended to shift draconian regulations concerning the hemp-sourced cannabidiol possession. The initiative aimed to authorize hemp-sourced products like cannabidiol, possession, growth, and distribution within South Dakota. However, the health State Department was forced to legalize cannabidiol utilization by registering consumers who needed it for health purposes. Also, this initiative detected defeat by a notable range within the legislature. The residents of South Dakota were unaware of several cannabis therapeutic benefits during that period. Two different initiatives propelled in 2015 and 2017 failed before being drafted. However, the State eventually managed to endorse a policy that harshly controlled the possession and use of cannabidiol in 2017. Cannabidiol was isolated from a legal marijuana definition. Senate Bill 96 classified cannabidiol in Schedule IV medicine, specifically South Dakota. Thus, brands cannot market CBD products freely in South Dakota unless approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Although another Farm Bill in 2018 declared hemp lawful, it does not clarify the State's case due to their disagreeing legislature. This implies that South Dakota cannabidiol laws are inconclusive. Though hemp-sourced products are lawful, many State prosecutors have conflicting principles concerning CBD. The CBD illegalization is intact, while cannabidiol proponents advocate for CBD legalization. This implies that an individual cannot sell, possess, take, or offer cannabidiol to other people within South Dakota. In fact, owning cannabidiol oil and various associated products attracts a huge fine of approximately $2000 and 12 months imprisonment.

    Things to consider when procuring cannabidiol in South Dakota

    Suppose you are a South Dakota citizen intending to purchase CBD products but anxious about buying them within a free state. In this regard, some factors are worth considering when researching trademarks. Reputable cannabidiol oil South Dakota brands must meet the standards below:

    • Reputable hemp source- Customers should ensure a CBD brand derives its hemp from trustworthy farms. A farm lacking strict regulations cannot generate premium quality hemp. If the trademark does not utilize premium quality hemp, the CBD oil will have low quality.
    • A third-party testing-A brand that does not conduct independent third-party lab testing should be ignored. The third-party examination helps a trademark ensure its merchandise contains the accurate CBD amount. Furthermore, it cannot have compounds that might be hazardous to consumers.
    • Carbon dioxide extraction method- Carbon dioxide and ethanol are the major techniques employed to extract cannabidiol from hemp herbs. The highest quality companies use the carbon dioxide extraction method. This technique utilizes pressurized CO2 to extract cannabidiol, resulting in a greater potent cannabidiol. Ethanol extraction is a non-standard method. The plant is soaked into an alcohol solvent via this extraction technique. This generates lower potent cannabidiol. Additionally, the consumer risks alcohol traces being retained in the cannabidiol.

     Consider reputable companies suppose you are searching for a brand matching these premium standards. Certain trademarks deliver CBD products across all fifty US States. Therefore, you can have your favorite CBD oil shipped to your residence. Also, consider organic and hemp-sourced CBD products, which undergo carbon dioxide extraction methods. Furthermore, your procured CBD oil products should be third-party lab tested for purity and potency. This ensures the customers acquire high-quality products.

    Why should consumers purchase cannabidiol oil in South Dakota online?

    Buying CBD oil from physical shops in South Dakota might breach State’s law. This causes an individual to face law allegations like huge fines and imprisonment. Therefore, online makes the best strategy to procure CBD oils. Also, online shopping is desired by many because consumers can scrutinize the packing and confirm the products are authentic. Additionally, confirm that you acquire premium quality products by recognizing the seller before purchasing, inquiring about the manufacturing method, and checking the third-party laboratory reports. Furthermore, read customers' reviews on the products you intend to procure.


    The cannabidiol policies in South Dakota are contradicting at times. Individuals should be updated with the newest State laws to determine whether they will not encounter challenges when purchasing CBD. Currently, consumers can only procure hemp-sourced CBD oil for medical purposes. In addition, you should have an updated recommendation from an expert medical provider to shop for cannabidiol within South Dakota. Considering FDA-certified cannabidiol products is paramount because those without this approval are illegal within the State. The superior mechanism to purchase cannabidiol is via a trustworthy online merchant. The product should have a 0.3 percent or below THC legal threshold. Hopefully, this blog has answered your questions.