August 22, 2022 5 min read

CBD Toner After Mask: The Step You Can’t Skip

CBD toning after the mask ensures that your skin is ready for moisturizer or face cream. CBD Tincture is a component of marijuana or hemp. Read this article to know more about CBD oil, the types of CBD Tincture, and the side effects of CBD oil.

Masks and toners are important steps of a beauty regimen, but you will not get the best results if you do not follow the right steps. There are two ways to use a CBD toner – before and after a mask. Using a toner before or after a mask depends on preference and your skin needs. However, using a toner is a step that you should not skip. Some people think toner is unnecessary, but it is important because it will balance out the pH of your skin, purify your pores and soothe your skin.

What is CBD?

 CBD(cannabidiol) is an extract of marijuana or hemp. Marijuana and Hemp are not the same because of the amount of Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) which determines if a plant will have psychoactive properties. Hemp has less THC than CBD, while Marijuana has more THC than CBD. Therefore, marijuana may make the user euphoric, meaning it can make you feel "high".Evans, J. (2020) highlighted that industries are working towards ensuring that CBD reaches their customers based on their needs, and therefore CBD has been used in many forms in a variety of products; such as an after-shave lotion, a CBD beard oil, conditioner, soap, gummies, and skin products.

What Is A CBDSkin Toner?

A toner is a substance that removes any traces of dirt and grime that has been left on your skin after cleansing. A CBD toner is infused with CBD. You may feel you have washed your face,which is clean after cleansing. The toner does the thorough work after cleansing. If you tone your skin regularly, you may realize that it looks different from when you did not tone it. The toner's roles include balancing the skin's pH levels and tightening the pores. After a while, you will realize that your skin will glow and look better than it did before you started toning. Toning the skin alsoabsorbs the moisturizer more easily than without a toner.

The Benefits Of CBD Toner

You may feel as if the CBD toner is not an important step in the beauty regime, but it is important for the reasons below;

The CBD Toner Makes The Pores Smaller

Jin& Laopanupong (2021) indicated that toning the skin removes any traces of impurities, make-up, and dirt, thus making the pores seem smaller. The pores are more relaxed when smaller because they are not overwhelmed by impurities. When the pores are smaller, the skin looks smoother.

The Toner Protects The Skin

When the toner clears the skin, the pores get smaller, meaning fewer impurities can get through the skin than when the pores are larger.

Our skin’s pH balance is naturally acidic; when we wash and cleanse it, the pH balance is disrupted. Applying the toner will help in restoring the pH balance of the skin.

It Is A Moisturizer

The CBD toner is a moisturizer that hydrates the skin, restoring lost moisture from washing and cleansing.

May Treat Acne

Hansen et al.  (2011) revealed that the overproduction of sebum causes acne. The body produces sebum so that we can have smooth skin, but when sebum is overproduced, the pores will block,hence acne. The CBD toner will also relieve the user of inflammation and pain because CBD has anti-inflammatory and painkilling properties.

Great For Sensitive Skin

CBD skin-care products, including toners, have anti-inflammatory properties by targeting neurotransmitters that cause inflammatory reactions. The CBD toner will reduce inflammation.

Types of CBD toners

According to Brockway (2020), some people think that all CBD products are the same but are not. The following are the types of CBD;

Isolate CBD Oil

Isolate CBD oil only contains CBD and does not contain other contents such as terpenes and fatty acids from the plant.

Full Spectrum CBD Oil

Full-spectrum CBD (also known as a whole plant extract) includes other components such as THC, fatty acids, and terpenes.

Broad-Spectrum CBD Oil

The broad spectrum includes all the components of the original plant except THC.

How To Use A CBD Toner

After you remove your mask, you may use a ball of cotton wool to apply the toner. Place some toners on a cotton wool ball and wipe it over your face. There is no harm in using the toner on your neck and chest because it is normal to want the texture and the tone of the neck, chest, and face to match. It would help if you used the toner after washing your face and before using a moisturizer. If you do not have cotton wool, use a clean piece of clothing, or you may use the palm of your hands to spread the toner on your face. The best time to use the toner depends on your preference, as any time is okay unless the directions on the toner have stated otherwise. You do not have to use a toner daily, especially if your skin feels dry.

The Versatility Of The CBD Toner

While shopping for other types of toners, you will have to consider the needs of your skin, but the CBD toner is versatile as it can be used for various reasons. Most of the properties of CBD are soothingand hydrating the skin, clearingsebum, and calming inflammation. According to Wang et al.  (2022),CBD toner has antioxidant and anti-aging properties. You get all the benefits from one CBD toner.

How To Choose A CBD Skin Toner

The CBD toners are easily available online and in pharmacies, but they are congested in the market, and so are the ingenuine CBD products, too, jammed with all sorts of impurities that may be harmful. Check the ingredients to see if they ingredients are suited for you. However, beginners must visit a doctor for advice on whether they can use toners, and for the prospective customers who may be on medications that may react with CBD, only the doctor can give the green light on whether they may or may not use CBD. A beginner should also seek to know if their health status is compatible with CBD. Sometimes the CBD products come laced with impurities; therefore, the user should consult the doctor for recommendations on the best place to buy genuine CBD products.

Side Effects Of Using A CBD Toner

CBD products, including the CBD toner, may not have psychoactive effects on the users and are potentially safe so long as they have been purchased at the right place and used in the right dosage by a user who does not have any health issues that might worsen after CBD use. Some medications may interact with CBD. However, you may experience some side effects from CBD, for example, diarrhea, reduced appetite, dry mouth, fatigue, and drowsiness.


Cannabis has been used for centuries, and it is now more popular than it has ever been. Industries are in a rush to make CBD products of all forms. There are CBD soaps, lotions, oil, beauty products, etc. The beauty industry is huge, with customers ready to try new products. The good news is that CBD products usually do not have THC unless indicated otherwise and so the users do not have to worry about getting addicted to CBD or getting “high” from using CBD.


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