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Massaging oil has been used for decades due to its never-ending benefits like circulation improvement, easing tension, and energizing the body to help remove excess toxins. However, when you combine massage with aromatherapy it helps bring out happy energy. Generally, there is no better way to enhance massage than with your own DIY massage oil blends at home. This gives you a variety of flavors to choose from which can help enhance your experience. You can share this blend with your friends or keep them for yourself. As always, it’s important to patch test on a small part of your skin to make sure that you experience no allergic reactions while using the product.

Massage Essential Oil Blends Plus Uses

It’s not a simple task to put together your personal massage oil. However, the dilemma applies to when you should utilize them and how to use them too. Most are confused with this but the more the varieties you have the better you enhance your experience. The article discusses many various massage ideas that may be of help to you.  All of this oil has its benefits to the areas applied. Here are some of the massaging oils.

Love portion Massage Oil

  • eight drops of sandalwood essential oil
  • three drops of jasmine essential oil
  • two drops of vanilla essential oil

Put the essential oils above with a base recipe that’s uniform. Use a half or one tablespoon to rub on your partner.

Relaxing hand massage

This hand blend will help to release some fixed muscles in your hand and help in skin nourishment. It will also help to smoothen your hands and moisturize them.

  • Three Drops of neroli essential oil
  • Two drops of frankincense essential oil
  • Two drops of bergamot essential oil
  • Two drops of sweet orange essential oil
  • One drop of sandalwood essential oil

Learn more about are you choosing the right cbd massage oil

In the zone head massage

This is one of the favorite massages to be performed. It has many benefits to the head and contributes to healthy hair growth. However, it is so comforting that you can plait it with your hair with a brush for hours. Can et al. (2019) explained that it will also help reduce tension and can help you be focused and stay alert.

●       Six drops of peppermint essential oil

  • Four drops of rosemary essential oil

To the base recipe given above, add in your essential oils. Then massage into your necks temples using a small amount and to the necks base, this will help in rejuvenating and enhancing concentration.

Calming Night Time Foot Massage

ÖZCAN (2018) explained that it's known to contain a  relaxing effect when applied to the foot at night. If you consider it to be too much work you should try massage oil that won't take much of your time to make.

  • Ten drops of Roman chamomile. If it is unavailable you can use lavender oil instead.

Then you mix it with one ounce of some base oil. After that, you put a little amount on your hands and do a patch test. If it's good for you then massage your feet gently and smoothly. Learn more about which oil is best for hair growth and thickness

Soothing Face Massage

It's a light process to do to your face and it's not time-consuming. Incorporating a short facial massage into your night skincare routine will positively result in your face.

  • Three drops of frankincense essential
  • Three drops rose absolute essential
  • Three drops of geranium essential oil
  • Two drops of carrot seed essential oil

Into one ounce of carrier oil, add the above essential oils given. One should shake well before mixing it. After you wash your face, you should put on a few drops of massage oil on your hands. Then you gently massage your skin in small circles beginning from the chin and going up to the top of your face. Learn more about what is a face cbd serum what are its benefits

Activate Leg Massage

According to Kumar et al. (2019), it is mainly used to energize the lymphatic system together with a combination of a dry brush.

  • Four drops of juniper berry essential oil
  • Two drops of grapefruit essential oil
  • One drop of cypress essential oil
  • One drop of lemon essential oil
  • One drop of sweet orange essential

To one ounce of carrier oil add your essential oil above. Make sure they are mixed well. Rub into the skin using upward combined with circular movements mainly focusing on the area's cellulite. You can use oil either before you dry brush or even after you are done dry brushing.

Ayurvedic Aromatherapy Massage

Rao (2018) explained that this is one of the popular ways Ayurveda can help to bring back equilibrium which is by unblocking the pathways present in your body hence enabling everything else to move freely. This will majorly allow the several functions to occur easily compared to other forms of massaging oil. Massaging your body using blissed-out oil makes the blood and lymph get moving which helps to calm your body. While inhaling you should breathe easily which helps to calm breaths and restore your breathing too.

Breathe Easy Inhalation Blend 

  • Five drops of peppermint essential oil
  • Ten drops of lemon essential oil
  • One tablespoon of grape seed or sweet almond oil

Blissed Out Massage Oil

  • Twenty drops of sweet orange or grapefruit essential oil
  • Ten drops of sandalwood essential
  • Forty milligrams of sesame seed or if unavailable use grape oil instead

In separate bottles, mix the oils for each of your recipes. Before using, ensure to shake your bottle well.

How To Do an Ayurvedic Massage

Ayurveda massage is made by mixing both blends in different bottles. However, after that, make sure your room is warm before preparing your bath. While inhaling the blends, you can think of your favorite place to be in. This will make the entire muscles in your body relax. You can also put a tiny amount of blissed-out oil into your hands and warm it by massaging your hands together. Massage your face by applying the oil using firm circles across your forehead and to the cheeks. You can also rub the entire body in an exact way, specifically your shoulders and neck.


Making more essential oils benefits you more and gives you the chance to find the one that suits you better.  Each essential oil has a different use in the body. The best thing about these essential oils is that you can apply them in the comfort of your home without needing a massage therapist.  However, their increased benefits will make you wonder why you haven’t tried them before. These oils have changed the lives of many by making them make numerous DIY creations. 


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