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  • August 18, 2022 5 min read


    Are CBD eye creams effective? How fast do CBD eye creams take effect upon applying? Where does one apply CBD eye creams? This article has provided all the information you need about CBD eye creams.

    According to Clarke (2010), one of the first places wrinkles appear is around your eyes. It makes sense since the eye area has the most delicate skin, as Ameri et al. (2018) described. Without proper care, you may notice wrinkles, puffiness, or dark circles developing around your eyes. According to Behar-Cohen et al. (2018), the eye area is very susceptible to damage from UV rays. Fortunately, you can do something to keep your eye area looking and feeling great. CBD has been taking the wellness and beauty industry by storm. You can choose lots of creams that include CBD in their formula. This article will help you understand if CBD eye creams work.

    What Is CBD Eye Cream?

    There has been a lot of buzz lately around CBD and how it can enhance your daily skincare regimen. CBD is not only found in tinctures, edibles, and beverages but has also been shown to have a beneficial effect on the skin when added to salves, balms, lotions, and creams. Wolters (2019) explained that CBD is a non-intoxicating cannabinoid that works with your endocannabinoid system to give you relief where you need it most. When you apply a CBD topical, the endocannabinoid receptors in your skin interact with the CBD, which causes a decrease in inflammation and pain in that area.       

    CBD creams are a great way to target sore muscles, sending in relief right away so they can start to restore. Adding CBD to an eye cream is a great way to take all CBD's soothing qualities and apply them to the delicate area around your eye. According to Cronau, Kankanala & Mauger (2010), inflammation causes pain and makes your skin red and irritated. Inflammation and dehydrated skin can mess up the skin around your eyes, so using a CBD cream is a great way to ensure you are doing all you can to protect the area around your eye and prevent further damage.

    CBD under eye creams, when used regularly, can reduce puffiness and inflammation where you need it most. That is what makes CBD eye creams so effective. You can target the area around your eyes and work to reduce the inflammation. The results reveal healthier and more hydrated skin, especially around the eyes.

    How CBD Eye Creams Work

    CBD eye creams use CBD and other anti-inflammatory ingredients to help reduce the look of puffiness and redness in the delicate area around the eyes. Applying a cream directly to the issue helps you get the full benefits of CBD. CBD eye creams work in the following ways:

    Reduce Puffiness and Inflammation

    One of the most common reasons for puffy eyes is lack of sleep. When you don't get the rest you need, your body has a way of alerting you. This can result in puffy eyes, dark circles, or redness around the eye area. When you use a CBD eye cream, the CBD present immediately targets your puffy eyes and redness.

    Works to Eliminate Wrinkles, Uneven Skin Texture, and Fine Lines

    CBD can't stop the process of aging, but it can help smooth over fine lines and wrinkles as they develop. These lines are most noticeable in the eye area because the skin in the eye area is delicate. Applying a CBD eye cream is simple to keep that area smooth and even out your skin texture. Applying CBD eye cream to help you reduce wrinkles and prevent them from developing in the first place is advisable. If the skin around your eye is uneven, it could be due to inflammation. Applying a CBD eye cream helps your skin appear less inflamed, making it more even and smooth.

    Soothes Dry Skin

    It's easy for thin eye skin to become irritated due to dryness. The area around your eyes needs moisture. A CBD eye cream provides the moisture you need so that the skin around your eyes feels hydrated and restored.

    Helps Keep the Skin Firm and Restore Elasticity

    CBD eye creams soothe dry skin and work to firm the skin around the eyes and restore its elasticity. When the eye area is not properly cared for, you will experience puffiness and bags that can develop under the eye. Ensuring your skin gets the moisturizing care it needs makes your eyes look supple and firm.

    Contributes to a Healthy Glow

    You'll certainly glow when you care for your eye skin with a CBD cream. The anti-inflammatory properties of CBD keep the skin around your eyes moisturized and soothed. This contributes to a healthy glow.

    Relieves Pain

    If you have pain around your eyes due to inflammation or dryness, CBD eye creams can help alleviate that. It works to help reduce inflammation by tackling the problem at its source. Hydrating the skin's suppleness around the eye goes a long way toward relieving the inflammation that causes pain or discomfort.

    Safe to Use around the Eye

    If you are dealing with dryness or irritation such as eczema, especially around the eyes, you may not want to apply traditional corticosteroids to that area as it's delicate. Unlike other creams, CBD eye cream is safe around the eye and offers relief from pain and inflammation without the negative effects.

    CBD eye creams are easy to add to your routine and can be applied in the morning and evening. After cleansing and toning your face, apply the CBD eye cream around your eye, below the lower lash line, and under the eyebrow. Then allow it to absorb into your skin and go about your day.


    CBD eye creams work, and they are an incredible way to keep the forces of aging at bay, keep your eye area hydrated and soothe inflammation. However, remember that to get the best glow, you need to take care of your skin by keeping your skin safe from UV rays and staying hydrated.


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