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There is no limit on how much you can perfect your beauty routine. You can keep updating it by trying several steps and routines once in a while. It would be best if you took the time to perfect your existing routine. For example, if you have been rubbing your facial products in your lifetime, there are some ways that you can always pat your products instead of just rubbing them in. The article discusses Dab, Tap, and Rub and determines the morse code of communication with the skin, which can make all the juicy goodness penetrate the skin better.

Does Dubbing Irritate the Skin?

Hedaoo, & Chandurkar (2019) explained that dubbing your skin is less irritating and a gentle way of moisturizing the face. Beauty enthusiasts advise you to pat the product near the eyes because the skin is thin. You should extend that gentle touch all over the face.

Is it Better for the Eye Area?

Can the eye be as thin as 0.5mm? Dabbing the Moisturizer and serum should be the only way to apply the products in this area. It makes you avoid stretching the Skin patch too much, giving it all the love without any of the nasty rubbing business.

It Delivers a Concentrated Dose?

Thick moisturizers usually take some time to sink in, and once you apply them in a rubbing motion, you take the product away from the face. According to Cream (2020), patting on the hand offers a more concentrated dose of the cream to the face.

Patting Minimizes Product Wastage

According to Tan et al. (2020), patting the product prevents product wastage, and you are also easing up on the aggressive rubbing. It is especially beneficial when applying serums that are supposed to be used in lesser quantities. It is also a good way because it makes the product last longer.

Method One: The Dab or Pat

When you take some skin-loving moisturizers in your hands, warm it up a little bit, and pat it to your face like you are patting a dog, but a little lighter depending on the size of the dog. Warming up the Moisturizer in the hands before patting it onto the face is an awesome way to ensure it penetrates the skin faster. Heat makes everything happen faster.

Method Two: The Rub

If you were to moisture without rubbing, it would then be auto-pilot, the default way of facial and skin moisturizing. By taking the Moisturizer in your hands, you can warm up against the skin as you rub the face.

Method 3: The Tap

It is pretty similar to method one, but it is halfway between dap and pat and slap. It has the benefit of increasing blood flow in the face, which makes the Skin warmer; it helps to sink in that cream. Boosting circulation in the skin is very important. The blood carries food everywhere in the body. If part of the body has no blood to feed it, it dies. Tapping the skin like an exercise without the sweating part. For people with sensitive skin, be careful with skin tapping. Dabbing and Tapping can be the best ways to apply the facial Moisturizer. Below are some of the reasons you should dab or pat and not rub.

Dabbing in Moisturizer is less irritating For the Skin

Dabbing moisturizers on the face is gentle and non-irritating. It is a cushion for the skin and the most widespread method for putting creams or serums around the eyes. It is because it is a much less aggressive way of moisturizing, and also, the eye is crazy thin. That is why you can get dark circles under the eyes caused by seeing through the skin. Rubbing around the eyes, even in the morning, when trying to peel the lids open and allow the light of the day to filter in, makes you get wrinkles. Once you dab Moisturizer instead of rubbing it in, you are pulling the skin into a strange position, and it might one day decide to stay in.

Dabbing or Patting is Great for The Eye and Other Great Areas

Dabbing is the way to apply moisturizers around the eye area. The skin around this area is as thin as 0.5mm. Stretchy and very thin, and once you stretch it too much, it remains in that position. Dabbing leaves the stretchy skills to clingfilm and gives the skin the required care.

Skin Gets to Drink Up, dab or Patting Provides the Skin with a Concentrated Dose.

Once you rub with your hands, you somehow make a face compete for the moisture with the hands. When you dab, you leave some little micro mountains of the Moisturizer for the skin to absorb. Rubbing can be likened to force-feeding while dabbing, and patting gives the skin a natural way to drink up. Some of the moisturizers need some time to sink in, especially to the barrier types of the skin. Rubbing at it rubs them off.

More of it Gets into The Skin Rather Than Rubbed into The Hands.

It would be best not to let the hands be all competitive with the face. Once you rub too much, you may rub it all off the face and onto or into the hands. You will have to repeat it over again. The perfect moisturizing solution would be to face plant the head into a pot of cream and take the hands out of the equation together. Dapping or Tapping pushes moisturizers in instead of Rubbing them Out.


Rubbing the moisturizers is automatic, but the skin may not like it. Pat in with some love and better care for your skin. It eliminates wrinkles off the face and makes your lotions and potions work better for you. But ensure you consult a CBD expert before applying using the products.


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