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  • August 20, 2022 5 min read


    Shaving is the most effective way of exfoliating your skin. According to experts, painless shaving can be achieved through exfoliation. Therefore, it is important to understand how to exfoliate properly. This minimizes acne, makes your skin glow, and makes the shaving experience much easier. The product you use for exfoliation is important in determining its effectiveness. Consider organic products to minimize skin irritation. Also, check on the purity levels of your products to avoid bringing your skin into contact with chemical solvents that might have infiltrated the products during processing. CBD creams are one of the best products you can consider for maximum benefit.

    Exfoliation Before Shaving

    The best time to exfoliate is before shaving to minimize the harshness of the razor on your skin. Before shaving, exfoliation helps remove the dead cells and dirt on the skin surface. This keeps the skin clean and unclogs pores making the shaving experience much easier. Exfoliation helps push dead skin and dirt away, giving the razor a better environment to move freely and smoothly. Also, it helps lift the hair making the shaving experience less painful due to minimized destruction of the razor. If the hair is lying against the direction of your razor, it tags them, making it more painful. Prior exfoliation protects the skin against irritation and razor bumps, making it smooth and less painful.

    Exfoliation After Shaving

    This might not be the best idea at all. The freshly shaves skin is likely to be sensitive in certain places, especially if there are cuts. After shaving, there is redness on the skin, which might easily trigger irritation, especially if you use chemical compounds. The most appropriate thing to do after shaving is to soothe your skin using a smooth and clean towel to remove the dead cells and any lingering hair.

    Note: There is also an option for exfoliating before or after shaving. Everyone reacts differently to shaving. However, there is also an option of exfoliating during shaving. If you wish to achieve this, follow the following steps.

    How to Exfoliate During Shaving

    We are in a generation of exfoliation, and you need to know how to do it properly for maximum effect. Use the following quick tips to achieve this;

    Step 1: Choose the Exfoliating Product

    This is a primary step and will determine the outcome. Although numerous options exist, you should settle on the most appropriate, preferably organic. CBD exfoliating products should be on the top of your list. They have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects that work best for the skin by reducing the impact of free radicals and minimizing inflammation, which can cause acne, among other skin conditions. Before settling on any product, assess its impact by applying small amounts around the elbow and giving it about 30 minutes to see the possible outcome. If it is harsh on your skin, consider other options.

    Step 2: Use warm water alongside the product

    Exfoliating doesn't require much product, especially from the hemp plant. Apply minimum amounts with warm water for maximum results. The warm water is important in helping clean up the pores allowing the product's active ingredients to penetrate to the roots of the skin giving maximum effect. Before applying, put a small amount of oil on the product on your fingertip and run some warm water.

    Step 3: Apply in a circular Motion.

    Put the finger around the area you wish to exfoliate and move it in a circular motion to make the cream froth up. It should be gentle and slow to avoid damaging the skin, yet you intend good for it.

    Step 4: Rinse With Warm Water

    The final stage is simple and fast. Rinse the cream with warm water. You can use your hands to plash the warm water around the applied region.

    What Are the Risks Involved?

    Taking care of your skin through exfoliation should be done every time you shave. However, besides your shaving routine, you should understand the possible red flags to be on the safe side. Callender et al.  (2022) reported that some risks are itchiness, dryness, peeling, ingrown hairs, and rashes. If either of these side effects shows, you should slow your exfoliation routine. This will help you minimize skin cracks allowing penetration of bacteria.

    Why Choose CBD Cream To Exfoliate?

    Mist (2003) reported that  CBD creams are one of the best exfoliation products that minimize damage to the skin and improve its appearance.  According to Baswan et al.  (2020), CBD creams have various elements, such as terpenes and flavonoids, with anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and antifungal properties suitable for maintaining good health for your skin. However, the quality of CBD cream determines its effectiveness. Before buying a CBD cream for exfoliation, check on;

    Other Elements

    Zenone et al.  (2021) stated that CBD cream manufacturers use organic elements such as MCT oil, jojoba oil, arnica, and Vitamin C to maximize quality. Besides, the anti-inflammatory properties work together with other elements to provide a perfect entourage effect. This helps in reducing skin conditions such as itching and dryness. Avoid CBD creams with artificial ingredients since they might lead to skin burns.

    The Lab Results

    This is a key factor, and CBD creams without COA's report should not be considered. The absence of the lab results means the product doesn't meet the required quality putting you at more risk. Confirm the purity levels and ensure the cream doesn't have chemical solvents that might risk it. Besides, consider CBD cream manufactured with CO2 extracts and minimum chemicals involved in processing to minimize contamination.


    Although it can be done before and after shaving, it should be done carefully. Most dermatologists recommend exfoliating before shaving to reduce the impact and exposure of the razor to damage. However, you can do it while shaving for maximum results. CBD products are one of the best products to consider because they are organic, and most are assessed for potency and purity levels. Avoid products that an IOS-certified lab has not assessed their purity levels since it might expose you to more damaging risks than benefits. Apply considerable amounts to avoid potential side effects due to overuse. The elements incorporated are also important to avoid harsh chemicals coming into contact with your skin.


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