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  • August 24, 2022 5 min read


    CBD body butter has many plant extracts, essential oils, and carrier oils that can make your skin glow. Besides, the individual ingredients in it add to its benefits, more than giving your skin a glow.

    People use CBD body butter as a moisturizer to make their skin supple, but it also makes the skin glow. The essential, plant and carrier oils add to the glow, making it a common product in skin-care products' inventory. Besides, the CBD in the CBD body butter adds to the product's health benefits, as this article explains. So, how often should you use CBD body butter? How do you apply the topical product? Here is all you need to know about CBD body butter and if it can give your skin a glow. Learn more about where do you put cbd body butter on your skin

    Understanding CBD Body Butter

    CBD is no longer new to many people, and it has become part of the mainstream. What, though, is CBD? According to Bauer et al. (2020), CBD is the non-psychoactive chemical compound in hemp and other cannabis plants. Such active compounds are called cannabinoids, and CBD is one of them, standing out for its non-psychoactive nature.

    Body butter is also not new, and it has been part of people's skin-care regimen for the longest time. It is an emollient moisturizer like body lotions, only that it is thicker and features a lot of fats. CBD body butter is like any body butter, but with CBD as an additional ingredient. It features many other ingredients that add to its functions, and studies find them more organic and beneficial for the body.

    What Makes Up CBD Body Butter?

    According to Purnamawati et al. (2017), shea butter is a must-do for any body butter, and CBD body butter is no exception. The other critical ingredient in CBD body butter is CBD, which, according to Watt & Karl (2017), is therapeutic. People have been using CBD for pain, stress, inflammation, and many other conditions, and its inclusion in CBD body butter is purposeful. Besides CBD and shea butter, CBD body butter also boasts essential oils such as lavender, rose, olive, and jojoba, which contribute to what CBD body butter can offer. According to Djilani & Dicko (2012), essential oils have therapeutic and medicinal values, explaining why they are a critical part of many body products. Some body butter has plant and carrier oils that make the products more suitable for the intended role. CBD body butter may also have plant extracts like aloe vera gel. Learn more about how do i make my own cbd body butter

    Does CBD Body Butter Make Your Skin Glow?

    People believe in the therapeutic effects of CBD and essential oils. Still, you may wonder if applying CBD body butter to your skin will make it glow. Yes, the plant extracts, CBD oil, and essential oils in CBD body butter make it great for your skin. Besides, Purnamawati et al. (2017) stated that emollient moisturizers like CBD body butter and body lotions are great for rejuvenation and revitalization of the skin, all the more why people look forward to CBD body butter giving them a perfect glow. Learn more about where do you put cbd body butter on your skin

    How Often Do You Use CBD Body Butter to Give Your Skin a Glow?

    Are you looking forward to giving your skin a perfect glow with CBD body butter? You certainly want to know how often you need to use CBD body butter to get the desired results. Sadly, there are no hard-and-fast rules on using CBD products because the industry is largely unregulated. Still, Nisbet (2018) stated that CBD body butter is best applied for 2 consecutive weeks. Although the study is specific to the case of eczema, it makes it clear that you can use CBD body butter daily. Meanwhile, Purnamawati et al. (2017) suggested using body butter 2- 3 times a week under normal conditions. Therefore, how often you use CBD body butter depends on what you want from the product. Learn more about why should i not put cbd body butter on my face

    How Does CBD Add to CBD Body Butter?

    CBD is fast becoming part of the mainstream. Does adding it to CBD body butter make the topical products any better? According to Watt & Karl (2017), CBD is therapeutic, and one way to tap on such therapy is by applying CBD body butter. Besides, Hammell et al. (2016) reported that CBD can help with inflammation, especially in the case of arthritis. Although the study was specific to arthritis, it revealed that CBD has anti-inflammatory properties, which studies are yet to confirm. Besides, Shannon et al. (2019) found CBD great for sleep, anxiety, and pain, and you can look forward to these benefits when using CBD body butter. Learn more about what is the purpose of a cbd body butter

    CBD Body Butter vs. Body Lotions: Which Is Better?

    CBD body butter and body lotions play the same role; they are all moisturizers. Still, many wonder if any is better than the other. Generally, your moisturizer choice depends on your needs, preferences, and skin type. For many, body lotions are everyday moisturizers, while others use CBD body butter. There is no rule of thumb for which moisturizer to use for what. However, CBD body butter is thick and works well with rough skin types. Meanwhile, if you have regular skin that does not need special products, body lotions may be good for you. Learn more about cbd body lotion vs cbd body butter which works best for your skin type

    Can I Use CBD Body Butter and Body Lotions Together?

    Is it possible to use CBD body butter and body lotions together? There are no rules against this, but you need to consider a few things. Body lotions and CBD body butter all moisturize the skin and using them together equals wastage. Besides, CBD is a novel compound and its products, including the body butter, are expensive. Therefore, if you are interested in saving a few bucks, you shouldn't use them together. Learn more about cbd body lotion vs body cream vs body butter


    CBD body butter is an emollient moisturizer that many people apply to moisten the skin and make it supple. It has many ingredients, including plant extracts, carrier oils, and essential oils, that give your skin a glow. CBD body butter is more like body lotions, only that it is thick. Many use it 2- 3 times a week, and since it plays the same role as body lotions, you need not use them together.


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