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Anger can result from financial issues, chronic pain, or stress. It should be noted that adults face anger issues and adolescents. Research says about 8% have anger management issues. As a Phytocannabinoid from the cannabis plant, CBD has helped people with anxiety disorders and mood swings. Unlike marijuana, CBD lacks psychoactive properties. Therefore, it helps calm the mind and the body at large.

Anger is a very common condition affecting many. People change their moods because something or somebody has acted negatively upon them. Despite anger being common, one should control their feelings and avoid getting angry severally because it might bring problems to your health. Most people who experience outbursts of anger and let it take charge of them have medical issues and complications. Some complications require medical attention, as some lead to ulcers that later cause stomach cancer. CBD is an effective way of helping in anger management. Read this article that highlights more ways CBD can help with anger management.


Since different people have varying anger fuses, anger disorders may vary, and it is usually easy to realize when things have gone overboard. Anger can result from things such as financial issues or chronic pain. According to Hyman & Sinha (2009), it could also be brought about by stress. It should be noted that adults face anger issues, and adolescents and research by Thomas et al. (2007) showed that about 8% have anger management issues. Other than the external factors, there are also chemical factors that cause anger. They are known as catecholamines. These neurotransmitters work by regulating how the nervous system works in issues such as reasoning, emotions, and thinking. These three have different functions, but the absence of one can bring about anger issues. They are;


Controls emotional responses and emotional learning. Dopamine controls cognitive working. Therefore, low dopamine levels make it hard for one to concentrate and think. Alternatively, high dopamine levels make it difficult to process information in the brain.


Initiates the fight or flight process in the body if there is tension. It is also realized when one is nervous, anxious, and excited.


Helps regulate moods and enhance memory and focus. Low catecholamine levels will lead to moodiness, lack of concentration, and anxiety. High levels of norepinephrine results in maniac reactions such as bipolar disorder.

Does CBD Oil Reduce Anger Issues?

As a Phytocannabinoid from the cannabis plant, CBD has helped people with anxiety disorders and mood swings. Unlike marijuana, CBD lacks psychoactive properties. Therefore, it helps calm the mind and the body at large.

The Endocannabinoid System

This system controls nearly all the activities in the body. The activities include absorbing nutrients, working the metabolic system, and sending the right quantity of CAs needed to regulate anger and other emotions. A recent study by Hurd, et al. (2019), showed how CBD decreased stress levels and improved the cognitive functions of the members being tested using CBD. Anger is controlled by stress management, and CBD has proven to be a stress reliever. CBD oils are suitable for anger management since they are absorbed quickly. Therefore, they act in time in the case of an outburst of anger.

CBD Products to Go for in Anger Management

According to Gruber et al. (2016), CBD tinctures and oils are fast-acting and are kept below the tongue. Therefore, they are great for instant regulation of anger episodes where one feels an outburst is forthcoming. They will be absorbed faster, and the effects are felt almost immediately after being taken in. On the other hand, CBD capsules tend to take a bit longer, and this is because they have to go through the digestive system and then later get absorbed. The absorption process might take half an hour or even a whole hour. Therefore, it is hard to seize the moment of an angry outburst. In anger management, CBD oils are the best simply because the effects are felt almost immediately, preventing the negative effects of anger. Anger management can be quite difficult to control, and one requires help. Dealing with the cause of anger itself is the best place to commence. Psychologists will be of great help for you to understand where the problem is coming from. Nonetheless, choose a CBD product that works best for you regardless of the cause of anger being internal or external.


To sum up, CBD can deal with stress, which can cause anger. When using CBD, especially to calm a wave of anger outburst, it is advisable to use a product that will give the effects fastest, such as the sublingual. Seize the moment so that you can control your anger. Remember, it is always right to start small as you advance gradually in the dosage depending on the expected results. Get a quality CBD product that will be serving and give you value for your money. Finally, don’t let anger overcome you while there’s a way to deal with it at your doorstep. Try CBD oil, and you won’t regret it.


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