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Does consuming CBD products provide energy for an individual? How much CBD oil does an individual need to consume to provide the needed energy? This article explains the energy produced when one consumes CBD oil.

According to Leizer et al. (2000), taking CBD oil can boost metabolism, which will lead to food being turned into energy. CBD in the body creates an imbalance between appetite and metabolism, which leads to burning calories in the body as CBD oil contains at least 10 calories per 30ml bottle.

Effect of CBD Oil on Appetite

Taking CBD oil can speed up metabolism, the process of breaking down food in the digestive system. CBD binds with CB2 receptors in the lymphoid tissues, which increases the flow of signals from the CB1 in the brain, increasing metabolism but lowering appetite. According to Cota et al. (2003), CBD can increase appetite. Low food intake can effectively use the body's energy and break fats for more energy.

CBD oil and Body Fats

The body contains white and brown fats. Too much white fat in the body might put you at risk for health issues like diabetes and coronary artery disease. According to Romero-Zerbo et al. (2020), CBD helps brown white fats and enhances the expression of specific genes and proteins that promote brown fat.

How to take CBD oil for energy

Ingestion Method

The ingestion method involves taking CBD oil products like capsules and CBD oil-infused gummies. The CBD undergoes metabolism before it is absorbed into the bloodstream. Although the method is slow, the bioavailability of CBD is high. The effect of CBD taken via ingestion lasts longer than any other method.

Inhalation Method

An individual can feel the effect of inhaling CBD oil in 10 minutes or less because the CBD is absorbed almost immediately. The effect of CBD via inhalation can last for 30 minutes. Inhalation of CBD oil involves using CBD oil vapes or smoking CBD concentrate. Vaping can be a good choice because the vape pens can be refilled and not emit smoke.

Sublingual Method

According to Zenone, Snyder & Crooks (2021), the sublingual method involves taking CBD oil as a tincture and CBD sprays. When taking CBD oil as a tincture, place drops of oil under the tongue and hold it for 60 seconds for absorption to occur. The sublingual layer is filled with capillaries and tissues that absorb the CBD directly into the bloodstream.

Topical Method

CBD oil topicals are meant for external use only. Apply it to the affected area and massage it for absorption to use a topical. One can use CBD oil topical for energy by massaging muscles and joints. This method is effective because you use the oil directly on the affected area.

Other Ways to Boost Body Energy

Taking a Nap

Taking a nap is one way you can regenerate energy during the day. Individuals can nap for an hour in a comfortable place before starting work. However, napping should not be done late in the afternoon as it will affect your ability to sleep at night.

Manage Stress and Anger

Stress results from anxiety which silently drains one's energy. It can result in one being mentally and physically exhausted. Untamed anger leaves you exhausted because all the body’s energy is directed towards containing the anger.


When dehydrated, individuals may feel exhausted because thirst can masquerade as fatigue. It is important to drink water after exercising because the body craves it. You can avoid dehydration by drinking at least 8 glasses of water a day.

Consider Whole Grains and Less Sugar

Taking less sugar will keep the blood sugar balanced, resulting in constant body energy. Eating sugary snacks makes one's body sugar spike, giving them an energy spike followed by a rapid drop of blood sugar, leaving them tired. Whole grains give a low but steady supply of energy throughout the day.


CBD oil contains at least 10 calories in a 30ml bottle, but this does not give you the body's energy. The energy in one's body comes from the foods one eats. Energy in the body is stored in fats, white and brown fats. White fats stores energy for various activities, while brown fats regulate body temperature. Taking CBD oil alongside exercises will help brown the white fats. Before buying CBD oil, one can check their state's laws on CBD products.


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