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  • August 26, 2022 5 min read


    Sunburn has become a prevalent condition that affects all people despite age or skin tone. Victims seek various treatments because, if untreated, the condition might cause adverse effects. Some people inquire whether CBD oil can help sunburn. Are you interested in this? Keep studying this blog to acquire relevant knowledge.

    Sunburn has become a prevalent condition that affects all people despite age or skin tone. Especially, the condition increases significantly during the summer seasons. People who stay indoors or in cold regions have a higher risk of contracting sunburn, particularly during summer. Mostly, this condition is caused by overexposure to sunlight. This means the outer skin layer gets damaged by ultraviolet (UV) radiation. However, several ways are available to overdo sunburns. For instance, to avoid sun exposure and using natural remedies. Scientists discovered many cannabidiol (CBD) health benefits. Today, people inquire whether CBD oil helps with sunburn. Study this blog for more information.

    Cannabidiol Oil for Sunburns

    CBD is a cannabis and hemp herbs compound that networks with the human endocannabinoid system (ECS). The Endocannabinoid contains receptors in the human nervous system that, via endocannabinoids (natural transmitters), help control various body functions. They include the immune system, cell regeneration, appetite, memory, and mood. The immune system validates the usage of cannabidiol oils for sunburns. Karst, & Wippermann, (2009) showed that cannabis regulates the body’s inflammatory reaction by attaching to receptors. This makes cannabidiol oil a renowned remedy for people with sunburns and exercise soreness. Although many people consume cannabidiol internally, the skin contains endocannabinoid receptors. Thus, a whole cannabidiol topicals range is being marketed, adding more skin care and pain ingredients.

    How to Use Cannabidiol Oil for Sunburns

    Cannabidiol oils are available in wide delivery formats and product ranges. The product effectiveness differs when dealing with sunburns. For instance, cannabidiol oil topical is more effective than others. Their effects persist for a long although the absorption rate is low. CBD oils have no standard dose but consult the doctor upon CBD usage. Remember, these products interact with other medications.

    Why Utilize Cannabidiol Oil to Help with Sunburn?

    After working or relaxing in tough UV radiations, the hot sunburn sting can cause your entire week to be unfavorable. Sunburns are caused by overexposure to sun rays. In particular, they show the absorption of excessive UV(ultraviolet light). This condition is a harmful body response because the skin's outer layer is damaged and overwhelmed by this ultraviolet radiation. Sunburns are prevented by avoiding direct ultraviolet radiation. Maghfour et al. (2021) explained some mechanisms that lower sunburn changes, including wearing ultraviolet-blocking accessories or clothes and screens. Although they are simple mechanisms to shun sunburn discomforts, many people encounter sunburns at certain instances in their lives. CBD oil is excellent for applying to painful symptoms that might arise from this condition.

    CBD Oil Moisturizes Skin Dried by Sunburns

    The pain experienced after spending time in UV radiation is a singular effect. It does not seem dangerous peradventure a slight surface sensitivity when it starts. The discomfort worsens as time goes by until an excruciating point is reached. Cannabidiol oil comes with various benefits, especially its moisturizing properties. Scientists explain that sunburns eliminate moistness from the denatured skin. The CBD oil is absorbed fast, thus restoring moisture to the dry body and maintaining prevailing moisture in the skin lengthier for extra relief.

    The Science Explaining CBD Moisturizers

    Research by Sroczyk et al. (2022)., showed that Gamma-linoleic acid is a hemp component that supports skin health. The omega-6 was initially noticed in evening primrose kernels utilized to lower swelling. The human body naturally generates gamma-linoleic acid, and CBD oil might positively affect skin qualities. The human skin inherently maintains itself moisturized and strong by producing an oil called sebum. The oil absence would make the skin breakable and brittle similar to a sunburn. With excess sebum, human skin becomes oily, and subsequently, blocked pores cause acne. CBD oil moisturizes and balances the skin without leaving sticky deposits of different sunburn lotions or overloading pores. For individuals with inherently oily skin, the product controls sebum production. This will maintain the hydration and moisture required to boost and recover sunburned skin.

    CBD Oil Nutrients Revitalize Sunburned Skin

    According to Shih, et al. (2018)., Sunburn can destroy the skin's topmost layer, leaving it brittle, susceptible to peeling, and flaky. Cannabidiol contains omega-3 and omega-6 oils, vitamins E, D, A, and other important fatty acids. Most consumers report that the oil help in essential cell repair required to diagnose skin denatured by sun rays. The CBD oil contains high omega-6 that boosts blood circulation and oxygenation under the skin. This elevated blood circulation helps in sunburned skin healing and a shorter therapeutic period. Consecutively, the anti-inflammatory property of CBD oil constituents lowers pain. The following are nutrients provided by this product when applied to a sunburned skin:

    • Omega-3 oils- Tempers sunburn reaction
    • Omega-6 oils- Safeguards against skin thinning and drying
    • Vitamin A- Stimulates collagen synthesis for strong skin
    • Vitamin D-Related with anti-inflammatory properties and tissue repairs
    • Vitamin E- It is an antioxidant, thus de-escalates inflammation

    How to Select your Cannabidiol Oil

    Whether shopping at the CBD superstore or domestic organic grocery, cannabidiol sunburn lotions dominate the market. When comparing trademarks, an individual will realize different ingredient textures and lists to the calmers. Avoid additional fragrances of cannabidiol oil products. Fresh, burned skin can be conveniently irritated. For extra comfort factors, seek reviews or packaging that shows your lotion absorbs faster without remaining stickiness. Reputable hemp brands cultivate their plants in Food and Drug Administration (FDA) - certified facilities. Furthermore, they have documents to confirm the farming and manufacturing methods. 


    CBD is a hemp and cannabis plant compound that interacts with the human endocannabinoid system. This system regulates cell regeneration, mood, appetite, body balance, and immune system. Cannabidiol oil products have a different range and react uniquely to sunburns. Sunburns are caused by overexposure to sun rays. You escape this by avoiding walking in direct ultraviolet radiation. CBD oil moisturizes and balances the skin without leaving sticky deposits of different sunburn lotions or overloading pores. Cannabidiol contains omega-3 and omega-6 oils, vitamins E, D, A, and other important fatty acids essential in maintaining the skin healthy. Start with low doses and consult your doctor about CBD oil usage for beginners.


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