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  • August 24, 2022 5 min read


    Do you have the CBD facial cleanser and wondering what next? Here are some guidelines to follow to achieve what you want. It might seem simple, but it is not; you need to follow a specific procedure to avoid interfering with your face and to have a good experience. Performing the right face washing procedure may be the difference between glowing skin and an acne breakout. The frequency that you wash your face may not matter how you use to clean the face matters. This article explains some effective CBD washing techniques that can be used in washing good skin.

    Steps To Follow When Using A CBD Facial Cleanse

    Remove all your make up

    Using a makeup remover, carefully do away with the makeup. Pores are used to do away with toxins overnight, and if they are clogged,  toxins will accumulate and become congested. No matter the skin type, it's good for you to first do away with your makeup. If you have clogged pores, it's advisable to try double cleansing, a two-step routine that utilizes natural oils such as olive oil,  sunflower, and castor oil to remove the dirt, and then use a mild facial cleanser to remove the oil. Use micellar water and cotton swab, make-up remover, or natural oils to scrap the makeup around the eyes. A cotton swab helps tackle lined areas tightly tugged on the skin. Learn more about can i use my cbd facial cleanser to remove makeup

    Avoid Harsh Bar Soap To Clean Your Face

    Unless the soap is specially modified to clean the face, normal bar soaps are good because they have a balanced PH with the skin. A change in the normal PH might be the entry point of bacteria and yeast growth. Cleansers made specifically for cleaning the face are good for all kinds of skin. There is a norm that people have developed ongoing for the cleansers that foam, thinking that the foaming ones don't clean. Such an idea is very wrong because the foaming ones can go to the extent of scrapping natural oils. According to Telofski et al.(2012), surfactants hinder the skin molecules from remaining in order. Learn more about how to use hemp soap

    Utilize Water That Is Neither Hot Nor Cold.

    Sharma (2014) explained that individuals should do away with the common belief that pores get opened when cleaned using hot water while they close if you use cold water. But that is wrong as pores do not work on such a basis. The truth is that extreme water temperatures will cause skin irritation. Therefore, you should use lukewarm water. One should not imagine seeing a flashed skin when they look at themselves in the mirror. According to an American dermatological academy, it is best to clean your face using a gentle cleanser. A cleanser's work is to remove oil, debris, and oil from the skin. Learn more about all about cleansing how to choose a gentle cbd cleanser

    When Exfoliating, Be Gentle

    Scrubbing your skin is likely to strip off some of the skin’s natural protective barrier. The most preferred way to clean the skin is using the tips of your fingers as you gently massage it for some minutes. Before exfoliating, check the ingredients that make up the cleansing product you use; in our case, CBD facial cleansers are mild and perfect for your skin. Get products that have glycolic acid, lactic acid, and salicylic acid and let them stay for around 2 minutes, and your pores will be cleaned, removing dead skin and leaving your skin glowing ad healthy. Learn more about does exfoliating dry skin out

    Refrain From Overdoing It

    Individuals should know that the skin has a natural barrier that shields it and enables it to retain moisture. While making use of a scrubber, avoid scrubbing too hard. Also, refrain from continuous scrubbing of the skin since it does away with the outer layer of your skin. A major sign of exfoliated skin is hypersensitivity. According to  Lee, (2017), hypersensitivity causes irritation, breakouts of the skin, and a stinging feeling when applying any skin product. Beware of exfoliating daily cleansers that contain active exfoliating additives such as AHAs and fruit acids. Such ingredients are extremely powerful in sloughing away. Bar soaps, daily exfoliating cleansers, harsh foaming cleansers, and perfumed or dyed cleansers are among the cleaners to avoid.

    Try Out Micellar Water A Shot

    Micellar water is water that has micelle molecules that get attached to makeup and remains. The water breaks the debris down. It's not necessary for the people who don't do makeup. Micelle water can be a good substitute for water.

    Don’t Use Unnecessary Tools.

    Research shows that the number of bacteria that piles up on loofah sponges is clear that these tools may not be good unless you are careful about constantly cleaning the skin. Individuals should adopt using our clean bare hands.

    Use A Dry Soft Towel to Dry up Yourself 

    Leaving the water running down your face doesn't hydrate it. The water evaporates with time, therefore, leading to dryness. Remember to gently pat the face using a soft, antimicrobial towel as you exercise caution around the sensitive parts such as the eyes and the nose. Abd Alsaheb et al. (2015) explained that leaving your skin dry after manually working on your skin is part of the skincare regime.

    Only use a recommended Amount

    If you are surprised and wonder why your cleanser is not sufficient or working as you expected, it’s good to have a look at what amount you are using. You might be overdoing it, therefore, rendering the cleanser powerless. Also, you might be using less of the cleanser because it's a bit expensive, so you don't get to the shop anytime soon. It's wise if you use the indicated amount of cleanser to get the expected results.


    CBD facial cleansers are utilized the same way as other cleansers are. As long as you understand the kind of skin you have,  you must use it the same as other cleansers. Though CBD cleansers may be expensive, it is good to incur the extra cost and get the best for your face. CBD has many health advantages to the skin and your general body. Follow the procedures above, and I am sure you will enjoy your experience with CBD.


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