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  • August 29, 2022 5 min read

    Final Answer: Do You Need Skin CBD Toner?

    CBD toners benefit your skin because they remove dirt from it and moisturize it. CBD toners are also important in controlling the production of sebum, and CBD toners can balance the skin pH. Read this article to know more about CBD, CBD toners, and the types of CBD toners.


    Needing or not needing a skin toner depends on your skin's needs. People with normal skin may not need toners. But people with acne, dry, and oily skin will need a toner because their skin needs special care. For instance, if you have oily skin or acne, after cleansing, you still have to tone your skin so that you can remove the sebum that has clogged the skin pores and also regulate the amount of sebum that the body is producing. And if your skin is trying, you still need CBD toner to clear the skin pores, balance the pH, and moisturize the skin. Toning is, therefore, not a necessary step in skin care for everybody.


    What Is CBD?

     Grotenhermen & Russo (2002)  showed that CBD (cannabidiol) and THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) are the two main components of hemp or marijuana. Marijuana and hemp are different mainly because of the composition of hemp in them. Marijuana has 50%-90% THC, while hemp has 0.3 %THC. THC is the component that gives marijuana its psychoactive effects. Therefore, CBD extracted from hemp is accepted in most countries more than CBD from marijuana. As CBD gains more popularity, Evans (2020) explained that industries are making more CBD products that can be found in the market in various forms; as explained by some of the products are soaps, candles, gummies, toners, etc.


    What Is CBD Toner?

    A toner is a liquid that removes residue from the skin after cleansing. The residue may be dirt, sebum, or make-up. Therefore, a CBD toner comes laced with CBD.

    Benefits Of CBD Toners

    Toning may not seem important, especially for people with normal skin. But for others with acne, oily, dry skin, toning is an important part of the skincare regimen that they can not skip. The following are the reasons why CBD toner may be the best for your skin;

    CBD Removes The Dirt From The Skin

    CBD toner removes not only the dirt that remained after cleansing but also make-up and sebum. Sebum is produced by the body so that our skin can be smooth, oily, and waxy, but when there is an overproduction of sebum, it may block the skin pores and cause acne. Acne is a skin condition that may occur when the pores are blocked by dirt or sebum. When your skin is too oily, that is a sign of overproduction of sebum. The CBD toner can remove the sebum from the skin pores and regulate sebum production.

    CBD Moisturizes The Skin

    When the skin undergoes a lot of cleaning and cleansing, sometimes with harsh products, the skin may get hydrated. Some people may be reluctant to use skin toners. They have gained a bad reputation with many people for making the skin drier because some toners contain alcohol. Still, CBD toners have hydrating and moisturizing properties.

    Controlling The Production Of Sebum.’

    Sebum is produced by the body to make our skin smooth, waxy, and oily. Sebum overproduction may cause the skin to get oily; sometimes, the sebum may clog the skin pores and cause acne. CBD toners can remove the sebum from the skin and unblock the pores.CBD toners can also control sebum production so that the body produces the right amount that the skin needs.

    CBD Toner Is Good For Sensitive Skin

    CBD is good for sensitive skin because it is a natural product with anti-inflammatory properties. CBD also relieves pain.

    CBD Toners Balance The Skin pH

    The skin pH is naturally acidic, and that keeps away pathogens. When the skin pH is affected by the soap, water, and cleansers we use, pathogens can get into the skin and cause skin problems. The CBD toners can restore the skin to the pH that it is supposed to be.

    Types Of CBD Toners

    Brockway (2020) stated that CBD toners are different from every other CBD product. The toners are categorized according to the spectrum. It is worth noting that the more the components in a CBD product, the more effective it is. When you use a CBD product with several components, you will enjoy the entourage effect, which means that you benefit from the product’s effectiveness because it comprises various components. Below are the categories that your skin CBD toner may belong to;

    The Broad Spectrum

    The broad-spectrum has some other compounds, such as terpenes and flavonoids. The most important fact about CBD in the broad spectrum is that it lacks THC, so the toner cannot cause a psychoactive effect on you. People who want to enjoy relaxation, and be calm in what is known as the entourage effect, may use CBD toner in the broad spectrum. The entourage effect is achieved when the toner is more effective because it has more compounds found in a plant than when the compound is used in isolation.

    CBD Isolate

    As its name hints, the CBD isolate is the purest form of CBD and does not contain other compounds of the cannabis plant. All the other compounds are removed except CBD. CBD isolates are usually 99% pure. Even though they are pure, they are considered less effective than the CBD grouped in the broad-spectrum and the full-spectrum.


    According to Ashton (2022), the full spectrum includes CBD, THC, flavonoids, and terpenes. The full spectrum may be perfect if you are looking for a CBD toner with some natural scent and earthy flavor. The full spectrum is the most effective of all the spectrums, but it may be unavailable in some countries because of the presence of THC.  THC is illegal in some countries because of its psychoactive effects.

    How To Choose A CBD Toner

    There are a variety of CBD toners on the market, and you may imagine that any one of them should be good for your skin, but that is not the case. Some CBD toners may have added ingredients or impurities that may harm your skin or general health. First, users of the CBD toner should consult the doctor before using CBD toners. The doctor may recommend the best toner for your skin and health. You may also get recommendations from the doctor on the best place to buy the skin toner.



    Toning may seem like an unimportant step in skin care, but it is necessary for people with skin problems. The CBD toner may be the best choice because while we have to buy several toners to meet the different skin needs, the CBD toner is good for every skin type. Beyond skin care, as the CBD gets into the bloodstream, you may feel the other benefits, such as relief from stress and anxiety. CBD has been used for panic attacks, too, CBD toners, when used properly, may leave your skin glowing and radiant while you will be in a nice mood,


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