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  • August 24, 2022 5 min read

    Has Your CBD massage oil Gone Bad? Here's How to Tell

    CBD massage oil has a shelf life of 1-2 years, it has an expiration date. Meaning that it does go bad, expired CBD oil is murky, rancid, and has a skunky smell. It turns cloudy with time. However, one can prolong its shelf life by storing it appropriately, in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight. It should also be stored in a dark amber bottle.

    This article discusses how to identify if CBD oil has gone bad and factors to consider to prolong its shelf life.

     Practice Cleanliness When doing a Massage

     Massage tools and pieces of equipment should be kept in good working order. Linens should be washed using antibacterial detergents in an environment that ensures good customer comfort. The same should be reciprocated when using topical CBDs for massage. Creams, lotions, gels, and oils affect the client's skin. Though it takes time for CBD to go bad, CBD goes bad. Its effectiveness varies on the way one will store it. CBD should be stored in an air-tight container placed away from direct sunlight to prevent it from being oxidized. Paying close attention to CBD   massage oils creates the difference between a safe, effective massage that gives you an experience like no other.

    Here are some of the factors to put into consideration when dealing with CBD massage oils.

    Temperature, Air, and Light

    According to Q Menget al. (2018), the temperature is among the essential factors that impact your CBD massage oil and other products. When storing products for the massage, room temperature is essential because lengthy exposure to any type of thrilling temperature in any direction will ruin your massage product or even subject its shelf life. Many lights will drastically lower the shelf life depending on the particular product.


    Amber-colored glasses have a lot of functions besides them being for aesthetic purposes. Such as branding the CBD oil. Amber glasses help to filter out UV light rays that keep the active compounds from getting degraded. The packaging facility, too, has a role to play when it comes to dictating the product's shelf life. Packaging manufacturing processes that are good as used in the medical industry help maintain high-quality standards.

    Time / Duration

    The speed at which a manufacturer's product is relocated from the industry to the consumers has a role to play in the product's shelf life. The lesser the time spent in the shelves and warehouse, the fresher it is when it arrives at the consumer, lowering the chances of the CBD oil getting bad. Upcoming companies that create CBD products in artisan batches tend to move fast from the company to the consumers spending less time on the shelves; this maintains their freshness.

    Ingredients and Combinations

    Additives are also known to affect the lifespan of a massage product. A lot of manufacturers produce massage products that are not thoroughly examined the reactions and effects that all the ingredients can have long-term when mixed. Note that some oils utilize ingredients that may be poisonous to the skin. According to Spiezia et al. LMHI World Congress 2008:  People with delicate skin should take note of the paraffin-based ingredients that may react badly with the skin. It can be noted that some massage oils that are produced in masses are susceptible to non-sustainable ingredients, which are prone to decay and dangerous.

    Stable vs. unstable

    How to tell if A Massage oil has Gone Bad

    Besides considering the constituents' quality and your best efforts, massage products can go bad. According to Pratap Singh et al. (2020).The storage life of the antioxidant product depends on the additives and chemicals used to come up with the product. A massage therapist can easily identify a massage oil that has gone bad by taking note of its taste, smell, and texture. Sometimes the color is likely to change, or the product may turn cloudy. Massage therapists should inspect their products often to avoid using substandard products on their client's skin. In other words, they should familiarize themselves with organoleptic assessment. It, therefore, means acting on or involving the use of your sense organs to examine the condition of products. Suppose the therapist is not sure of the product's viability. In that case, it is recommended that you administer a small amount of it to your skin and wait for about fifteen to thirty minutes and affirm if there is any negative or unexpected reaction on your skin. If there is any, then know that the product is not safe for its use.

    Burman (2019)  noted that if the oil has a smell and a funky taste, CBD oil does not function to give the expected results.

    To use and Not to Use

    It is advisable not to use a product that has exceeded its shelf life when doing a massage. When performing a massage, the products are absorbed into the bloodstream through the skin and inhaled in the case of aromatherapy. Products that have been rancid and oxidized are ineffective on the body. Using outdated products will affect the skin externally and have internal issues. It is advisable to use massage oil or generally topical products wisely. Get a brand that utilizes both essential and carrier oils. Natural ingredients are good when it comes to the best ingredients. Additionally, it's good to refrain from coming up with your carrier oil and oil blends unless you are experienced. Learn more about using cbd massage oil as a lubricant a safe bet


    CBD oil hardly goes bad, but it goes bad. You should purchase a reasonable amount of CBD oil that will not last long on the shelf till it gets expires. It is advisable to make CBD your daily routine to benefit from its health uses, better your skin, and prevent other skin conditions. The storage method, handling manufacturer, and time is taken for the product to get to the consumer affect the shelf life of the CBD massaging oils.   Light deactivates the effectiveness of the oil. Consider storing the CBD massage oil in a cool and dry place away from direct sunlight.



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