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  • August 24, 2022 5 min read


    From CBD lipsticks to makeup, you can have all- CBD products. Early research shows that CBD oil might fight inflammation, clear acne, solve skin dryness, reduce bacterial and fungal infections, and counter aging. Still, more studies are needed to prove these claims.

    Since CBD oil became federally legal in 2018 following the passing of the 2018 Farm Bill, it has been featured everywhere, and the beauty industry is not to be left behind. You can easily find CBD lotions, lipsticks, moisturizers, perfumes, and many other beauty products featuring CBD oil in the stores. You may wonder how CBD benefits the skin to enhance the beauty regime. This article focuses on how CBD oil in beauty products might benefit the skin. Most of the studies quoted are based on anecdotal evidence, and others are animal-based, although they call for further studies to prove them true. Before then, let's define CBD.

    Understanding CBD

    CBD (cannabidiol) is a non-psychoactive component of cannabis plants. Cannabis plants, including hemp and marijuana, have cannabinoids, or active components, with CBD being one. In the 113+ cannabinoids, CBD stands out for expressing the desired results without causing the 'high' effect. THC is yet another cannabinoid as abundant as CBD, only that it is psychoactive. You can enjoy CBD in beauty products in the following three formulations;

    Broad-spectrum CBD

    It features CBD with all other cannabis compounds, including terpenes, flavonoids, and additional cannabinoids like CBT, CBN, CBC, and CBG, but does not have THC.

    Isolate-based CBD

    It is purified CBD without any other cannabis compound. Although most CBD beginners like it, most veterans do not like it for lacking the full entourage effect.

    Full-spectrum CBD

    Full-spectrum CBD features many cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, and THC. It is linked to a full entourage effect because of the many compounds, although studies are ongoing to prove the existence of such effects.

    There is no better CBD formulation than the other, and the existing classes only present users with several options from which to choose. Regardless of the CBD formulation you want your beauty product to feature, you may enjoy the following benefits of incorporating CBD in your beauty regime;

    CBD Might Slow Down Acne Outbursts and Clear Spots

    Acne is one of the many skin problems people have to contend with. Most beauty items such as lotions and moisturizers feature additional compounds claimed to help manage acne. Can CBD oil in beauty products be the answer to these challenges? Olah et al. (2014) established that CBD interaction with sebocytes or sebum cells helps slow down sebum production, potentially reducing acne outbursts. Palmieri et al. (2019) also reported that CBD oil might fasten the healing of acne spots, suggesting that the cannabinoid might be everything a person who suffers from acne needs to boost self-esteem. Still, more studies are needed to prove these claims, so we hold back from recommending CBD oil in beauty products for acne management.

    CBD Oil Might Help with Inflammation

    The other challenge most beauty products try to manage is sporadic inflammation. Inflammation is naturally a harmless process and is the body's mechanism for responding to an external factor. It becomes detrimental when it happens uncontrollably for whatever reasons and could be linked to chronic problems (Ferruci & Fabbri). Could CBD improve the beauty regime by fighting inflammation in the face? Hammell et al. (2016) observed that when CBD oil was applied topically to rats with arthritis and inflammation, the latter improved, suggesting that CBD Oil Drops might help with inflammation. Still, more studies are needed to prove that the cannabinoid might help with inflammation in human beings.

    CBD Might Lower the Risk of Bacterial and Fungal Infections

    Everyone admires smooth skin, especially on the face, and having such would improve our self-esteem. Yet, because of infections, primarily fungal and bacterial, many people cannot have such faces that they so much desire. Can incorporating CBD Oil Drops into the beauty regime improve appearance by lowering infections? Khan et al. (2014) noted that Sublingual CBD Oil Drops seems to have powerful anti-fungal and antibacterial properties, suggesting that CBD intake may increase the body's defense mechanism against infections. Still, more studies are needed to support these claims before recommending Sublingual CBD Oil Drops for infections.

    CBD for Dry and Itchy Skin

    Dry and itchy skin is one of the most troublesome skin types a person might have. The skin cracks, itches, and peels off at the slightest provocation, say exposing yourself to the scorching sun. It is uncomfortable, and the more the itches, the more you feel inclined to scratch it, worsening the problem. Could you take beauty products with CBD to improve skin dryness and itchiness? Ikarashi et al. (2021) showed that CBD Tincture might help moisturize dry skins. Still, more studies are needed to confirm this before recommending CBD in beauty products.

    CBD as an Anti-Aging Agent

    Aging is a natural process exacerbated by oxidative stress and the accumulation of free radicals in the cells. Besides, as one advances in age, more cells die than the body produces, fastening the process. Science has been exploring ways to slow down aging, but there seems to be no viable solution to halt the process. Still, many supplements are purported to slow aging, although studies back only a few. Could CBD Tincture make your face look even younger and slow down aging? Atalay et al. (2019) stated that CBD Oil Tincture might have powerful antioxidant compounds that slow aging. Still, more studies are needed to confirm these claims.


    CBD is the non-psychoactive chemical compound from cannabis plants. It is marketed for many purported health benefits that still need studies to uphold them. CBD Oil Tincture has taken the beauty industry, and you can find it as the key ingredient in moisturizers, lotions, lipsticks, and many other beauty picks. Herein discussed is how CBD might transform your beauty regime, although we need more research to prove this.


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