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CBD is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid extracted from the hemp plant, and it has significant health benefits that are scientifically proven. CBD makes the user feel relieved of muscle sores, sleep better, focus more, lessen stress, and elevate their mood. Both CBD oil and CBD products play significant roles.

Different people have different views and opinions about how CBD oil and CBD products make them feel. CBD is non-intoxicating. This means that it can’t get the user high. However, CBD is known for inducing a calming wave and a relaxing effect that cools down the mind and invigorates users. The effect of CBD varies from one individual to the other, depending on their metabolism, weight, dosage, and the type of CBD product they have taken. CBD oil relieves muscle sores, promotes better sleep, enhances focus, eases physical comfort, and elevates the mind. CBD products, on the other hand, provide relief. Some effects take time to be felt, while others show the effect is displayed promptly after being ingested. How do CBD oil and different CBD products make you feel? Let’s find out in this article.

How does CBD make you feel?

Sleep better

Drew Todd, the co-founder of the new CBD brand ‘Feals,' said that after taking CBD, he experienced a night of better sleep. Taking CBD sublingually is the fastest way of absorbing CBD oil into the bloodstream. It takes relatively 15 minutes for effect to kick in. After that, you’re able to feel the full health benefit. After 15 minutes of taking CBD, Drew admitted that he started feeling a comforting, warm, calm sensation in his regimen. By that time, he was watching a movie on his TV screen, and in the next 30 minutes, he felt dizzy and tired; after a short while, he was dead asleep. He recalled waking up in the morning feeling steady and focused. He had a better sleep by taking CBD oil instead of the sleep supplements he had been taking.

Increase focus

According to Moltka & Hindocha (2021), CBD makes the user have a clear mind and focus on their to-do list. People who often experience anxiety and encounter distractions reported that CBD oil helped them stay focused and attentive, hence allowing them to be more productive in their work. If you want to stay focused and concentrate fully on your work, it is better that you take CBD in the morning to have a clear mind all day long.

Relieves discomfort

According to Ibeas, Clementino et al (2015), CBD can change the way certain signals are sent to the brain. The mechanism affects some sensations in the body. People complain of physical discomfort from swelling or feeling tension, but they tend to feel much better after taking CBD oil. Muscle soreness is another discomfort that people may experience, leading to pain in the joints. CBD is anti-inflammatory, and it helps your body feel better, hence helping the body repair itself.

Lessen stress

Some people are prone to stress because of overwhelming responsibilities, being jobless, relationship issues, financial problems, family responsibilities, etc. If you fail to manage your stress, you will feel drained and anxious, and pressure can build up, depriving you of happiness. You might feel hopeless and cortisol surging in your body. Drew reported this experience; he said he encountered stress in accomplishing his to-do list, attending meetings, working, love life, and other responsibilities left him overwhelmed; he was just like any other person. Taking CBD oil was a great relief for him. It cooled down his nerves and induced a wave of calmness in his mind. This proves that CBD oil can make users feel better and their stress levels lessened.

How CBD products make you feel

CBD topicals

CBD topicals are beauty skincare products available in balms, creams, lotions, patches, ointments, and gels. They target specific areas with discomfort. After cleaning the area, massage gently, and it will be absorbed into the skin epidermis; this is the area that will have the concentration of cannabinoid receptors type 2, abbreviated as CB2. After the product is infused with CBD and CB2 receptors, you will be able to experience a soothing effect that will last for about 6-8 hours. The absorption rate may vary depending on the base of the product and its formula.

CBD gummies

Popping a gummy and chewing it gives the same effect as what CBD oil gives; both the product and the CBD oil have similar ingredients. However, when taking capsules or tablets orally, they will need to pass through the digestive system before they are fully absorbed into the bloodstream. The kick-in effect is delayed; it takes about 90 minutes, which depends on the user’s body metabolism and weight. When taken orally, the effect can last for up to 8 hours.

CBD vaping

This is closely related to taking CBD oil, but the difference is the time for the effect to kick in and the duration it takes for the effect to last. Vape pens are used to inhale CBD into your regimen. It goes through the lungs and later gets absorbed into the bloodstream allowing the effect to kick in immediately. The amount of terpene in the CBD oil can result in a refreshing r more relaxing .with vaporization, the effect does not stay too long in the body; it only takes 2-3 hours.


The final effect of CBD varies from individual to individual, and this depends on the type of CBD taken, the time is taken, and the dosage. Generally, CBD effects are; relieving muscle soreness, ensuring better sleep, inducing a relief in terms of; enhancing focus, improving mood, relieving stress, and lessening discomfort. Before taking any CBD substance into your regimen, you should visit a doctor for the correct prescription and approval.


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