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  • August 29, 2022 5 min read

    How Do CBD Skin Cleansers Work?

    People use different cleansers for their faces. Some use natural products, while others use cleansers with CBD. Herein is about CBDskin cleansers, including; the properties of a good cleanser, how to use and their benefits.

    The skin's natural renewal process, epidermal turnover, and the production of oil or sebum from the sebaceous glands make it greasy. The skin is also constantly shedding the outermost layer of dead skin cells. Often, these dead skin cells cling to sebum to clog up pores; you may find that your skin starts to look dull, flaky, oil, and less smooth.

    Other impurities such as dirt, essential oils, or makeup clog up the pores and may need cleaning to maintain smoother and healthier-looking skin. The accumulation of such impurities is why folks often feel the need to exfoliate. While numerous exfoliants are available on the cosmetic market, one stands out for its unique skin-cleansing properties; CBD cleansers. Unlike other cleansing agents, CBD cleansers contain cannabidiol as a well-documented ingredient with numerous tonic therapeutic potentials. CBD cleansers have also become popular in the skincare space; hence, people explore how they work in exfoliating your skin.

    Why Use a CBD Cleanser?

    According to Trak & Chauhan (2022), numerous impurities that get attracted to the skin oil or sebum can clog up pores and potentially cause acne breakouts, dullness, and generally less smooth skin. That is the worst-case scenario if these impurities and chemicals are left uncleaned. Therefore, CBD cleansers, and indeed all cleansers, are to attract all unwanted particles and wash them off as you rinse off the cleanser.

    The skin needs a certain threshold of oil or sebum to maintain its elasticity. A person can strip off a certain amount of dead skin cells to avoid tightness, irritation, or dull skin. While most skin cleansers are believed to open pores and make the skin younger and healthier, CBD cleansers can do the job better.

    Properties of a Good Cleanser

    Mohiuddin (2019) stated that a good cleanser contains ingredients or recipes designed to moisturize, exfoliate, calm, and clean off dirt and dead skin cells to leave a smooth and healthier surface. Dermatologists have found Cannabidiol (CBD) to be an ingredient because it interacts with the endocannabinoid receptors (ECR) in the skin to help you maintain healthy skin biology. The choice of the skin cleanser is determined by the skin type, lifestyle, and existing skin conditions, among other factors. However, numerous CBD-infused cleansing products are available in the current cosmetic market to suit your specific face and body cleansing needs.

    Cleansers Vs. Scrubs: What Is the Difference?

    According to Bunwat (2017), cleansers are designed with a creamy or foamy texture that attracts oil and debris from the skin surface. Scrubs are generally cream-based or jelly and come with coarse granules that deep clean and remove dead skin cells. Depending on the skin type and severity of skin conditions, cleansers can be used, while scrubs are better used twice or thrice per week.

    Cleansers and scrubs serve different purposes. Furber et al.(2022) showed that cleansers incorporate your daily skincare routine to keep your skin fresh and clear. Scrubs are designed to exfoliate and remove the outermost layer of dead skin cells and debris.

    According to Gabriel (2008), cleansers are popular skincare products that can clean and refresh your skin. The study above also noted that cleansers could gently scrape away excess oil, sebum, or impurities that accumulate on the body or facial skin. A person acquires a smooth, clear, brighter skin complexion when using a cleanser since it removes the dirt-soaked clogging the skin pores.

    The Working Mechanism of CBD Cleansers

    CBD Cleansers are hemp-based and contain cannabidiol as the base ingredient. Melissa Petitrto (2020) stated that CBD is hailed for its numerous tonic therapeutic properties, including its ability to relieve symptoms related to skin conditions such as psoriasis and acne. According to Oleinik (2022), most topical products, including cleansers, contain CBD as a major exfoliating ingredient.

    According to Gomes (2021), when infused into cleansers, CBD interacts with the CB 2 receptors in the skin to calm and moisturize the epidermal layers. These cleansers attract and lift oil, dirt, and other impurities that accumulate on the skin. They are usually foamy or creamy and often work by gently scraping away excess oil from the skin.

    CBD cleansers are designed for daily use because their risk of irritating or damaging the skin is quite low. They are formulated using a host of active ingredients designed to cater to the needs of different skin types. According to Evans (2020), CBD cleansers infuse hydrating ingredients such as glycerin and hyaluronic acid for dry skin. CBD has active antibacterial ingredients such as salicylic acid and azelaic acid for acne breakouts.

    How to Use a CBD Cleanser

    There is no major difference between using a CBD cleanser and a regular cleanser of the same design. Both don't take long to work or require specialized instructions. Cleansers are ideal for use in your everyday skincare routine, and so are CBD cleansers. Dermatologists recommend washing and cleansing your face daily, morning and evening, to achieve desired results.

    Using a CBD Face Cleanser

    The process is quite straightforward. Simply;

    • Wet your face using warm water.
    • Place an adequate amount of CBD cleanser in your palm and gently apply it to the face.
    • Massage in gentle circular movements, including the eye area.
    • Rinse off your face using warm water.
    • Pat your face dry using a towel.

    The Bottom Line

    Unlike the regular ones, CBD Cleansers contain cannabidiol as a base ingredient. That is so because of the tonic therapeutic benefits linked to CBD. Cleansers can calm and maintain healthy skin biology by interacting with the CB 2 receptors in the skin. When using cleansers and scrubs, dermatologists suggest starting with a cleanser because it clears away the oily surface to create a clear path for scrubbing. Regarding their working mechanism, cleansers are often creamy or foamy to attract and lift excess oil, sebum, dirt, and other impurities that clog your skin pores. It leaves behind clear and refresh-looking skin. Ensure you use CBD skin cleanser twice a day to help attain the best results. Follow instructions when applying CBD cleanser on the face. Wash your face with warm water and apply the cleanser. Rinse off the face with cool water after the recommended time. Pat a towel on the face and observe the results.


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