August 17, 2022 4 min read


CBD oil is administered sublingually for maximum benefits, although you can also take it orally. Besides, you can take other CBD products by inhaling, topically applying, or ingesting them.

When the Farm Bill was passed in 2018, making industrial hemp and CBD oil with less than 0.3% THC federally legal, most states took advantage of this and made CBD partially or fully legal at state and federal levels. As a CBD fan, it is critical to know how to take the cannabinoids, which this article takes you through.

Introduction to CBD Oil Tincture

CBD Oil Tincture is a hemp extract, although you can also get it from marijuana plants. It is a chemical substance and one of the active compounds in cannabis plants, apart from CBG, CBG, CBT, CBN, and many others. While CBD and THC are similar in structures, they vary significantly. For a start, CBD Oil Tincture does not have the psychoactive properties of THC and will not make you 'high.' Besides, the two bind differently to receptors, hence the variation in the results one experiences from taking them. CBD Oil Tincture comes in three formulations; isolate-based, full- and broad-spectrum CBD formulations, which vary depending on the available compounds.

How to Take CBD Oil

You can take CBD Oil Tincture orally or sublingually. Many CBD users find oral CBD Oil Drops unbearable since one has to taste the bitter flavor of tinctures, which they find undesirable. Still, taking CBD Oil Drops means feeling its earthy taste, which some find pleasant, but many CBD Oil Drops users do not like it. Administering CBD Oil Drops sublingually seems to be also better than oral intake. In oral CBD intake, you put drops of the oil on your tongue, allow 30- 60 seconds to pass, and swallow it. Since the tongue has a mucoid membrane with multiple capillaries, taking CBD Oil Drops sublingually allows faster absorption and more bioavailability of the oil. However, you still have to put up with the bitter taste of Sublingual CBD Oil Drops and its earthy aftertaste that many cannot bear.

CBD Oil Delivery Methods

CBD deliverable oils come in various methods, including;

  1. Oils and tinctures- refers to Sublingual CBD Oil Drops in the liquid form taken orally or
    They have various base carriers, including oils and solvents.
  2. Topicals- serums, patches, balms, shampoos, lotions, bath bombs, etc.- benefit the external skin.
  • You can also vape Sublingual CBD Oil Drops using vaping equipment like cartridges, pens, and tanks. Although they deliver Sublingual CBD Oil Drops the fastest to the bloodstream, it may cause a lung reaction, especially in hypersensitive people.
  1. Edibles- refer to ingestible CBD products that you eat or chew and include mints and gummies.
  2. Capsules- are other ingestible CBD products that are swallowed instead of munched.

Other Effective Ways of Taking CBD Oil

Below are other ways through which many CBD users take the oil and benefit from it.


You can smoke or vape CBD to enjoy it through inhalation. You need to have the equipment, including joints, rollers, and dabbers for smoking or vape pens, tanks, and cartridges for vaping Sublingual CBD Oil Drops. Still, you can buy a mini kit with all the vape equipment. The primary advantage of inhaling CBD Tincture is that it is the fastest delivery method since vaping or smoking the cannabinoid takes it directly to the lungs, reaching the bloodstream faster. However, inhaling CBD Tincture comes with its fair share of challenges. For instance, you might suffer serious irritations and respiratory problems if you have lung sensitivity and inhale CBD Tincture. Besides, the equipment you must have to inhale CBD comes at a cost.

Topical Application

Topical application also helps the body benefit from CBD Tincture, and it's no wonder that many people, athletes, sportspeople, and the general public CBD users opt for them. They are not difficult to use, and all you need to do is apply the oil on the affected area, say the joints, spread consistently, and allow action time. Measuring the right CBD dosage for the topicals becomes a challenge since one must apply the topicals continuously until he feels the effects. Besides, the effects of CBD topicals do not last as long as do CBD Tincture and tinctures. Still, you might opt for CBD topical application if you do not want to inhale the cannabinoid.


CBD Oil Tincture is also available in ingestible options, which many like because of its discreet nature and dosage precision. You might take CBD capsules that come with CBD Oil Tincture in pre-determined dosages. You need to worry about the bitter taste of CBD Oil Tincture since you don't taste the oil directly. Other ingestible CBD products include tablets, mints, and gummies that feature multiple flavors, shapes, and tastes.


The primary method of CBD Oil Tincture is sublingually administered or taken orally. However, you can inhale, ingest, or take CBD Oil Tincture topically, depending on the deliverable. While sublingual administration allows for faster absorption, you have to put up with a bitter taste. Each method has advantages and disadvantages.