August 29, 2022 5 min read

How Do You Use Brown Sugar As A CBD Face Scrub?

Are you looking for an affordable DIY face scrub that will not disappoint your savings? If so, it is high time you considered a brown sugar face scrub instead of a CBD face scrub. Read below as we give tips on using brown sugar as a face scrub.

CBD, also known as cannabidiol, is a compound of the Cannabis Sativa marijuana plant. It is mostly incorporated in sophisticated beauty and skin care products for clear skin and good health. However, most CBD products are a luxurious investment that most people who live from hand to mouth cannot afford. That is why skincare fanatics came up with cheaper face scrubs alternatives that are sure to offer the same benefits as a CBD face scrub.

Brown Sugar As A Face Scrub

Sugar scrubs are a cheaper option for skin exfoliation. According to Soto-Vaca et al. (2012), sugar has a rich texture and aroma when applied to the skin, and with regular use, you are sure of an abundance of benefits. Brown sugar scrubs have been at the center of most skin care tables and shelves because they are organic. Therefore the chances of skin irritation are minimal. However, most people do not know the right way to use brown sugar face scrubs, and often, they end up damaging their skin and causing irreversible damage like skin scarring.

Brown sugar manually exfoliates the skin, thus getting rid of dead cells, unclogs the pores, and also helps to reduce acne scars. Thompson (2006) noted that regular exfoliation using brown sugar would open up our pores, allowing moisturizers and serums to penetrate the skin. However, even with advice from skincare gurus and dermatologists, there is no right or wrong method for skin exfoliation, especially with sugar and, in this case, brown sugar. Often, people are advised against using face scrubs, especially if they have sensitive skin; or easily irritable skin. It is because sensitive skin responds harshly to most products, especially those with abrasive ingredients like brown sugar scrubs.

How To Use Brown Sugar A Face Scrub

Face scrubs are among the most common physical exfoliation products, thus making them an important aspect of any skin care regimen. A good face scrub should be able to exfoliate the skin without any adverse effects like inflammation and scarring. Therefore, if you are up to the challenge, you can purchase your preferred brown sugar scrub from skincare shelves, or you can opt to make one at home using DIY techniques. However, before using a brown sugar scrub, you should consider your skin type. If you have sensitive to dry skin, you should stay clear from this type of scrub as it will do your skin more harm than good. Also, if you are unsure about your skin type, you should talk to a dermatologist before hopping on to a brown sugar face scrub.

Once you have the go-ahead of a dermatologist to use a brown sugar face scrub, do not start too fast. Begin by slowly easing the scrub into our routine. You can start using it once a week for a maximum of 10 seconds and then gradually take it up to using it thrice a week. As with every exfoliating product, skin care pundits advise exfoliating not more than twice a week because over-exfoliation may damage the skin’s barrier and cause an acne breakout. You must take into account your skin type. You should use the face scrub twice a week if you have oily skin. However, you can also use it thrice a week only if your skin accommodates. If you have sensitive skin, be cautious when adding an exfoliant into your skin care regimen because often, sensitive skin is easily irritable.

Using a brown sugar face scrub is dependent on where you are exfoliating; what parts of the face you are focusing on. If your T-zone is the problem area, you should be a bit gentle because the T-zone area is made of soft skin. However, if your problem area is around the cheeks, you should use a quantified amount of pressure because, unlike other facial areas, it is not made of soft skin. Below are some steps to remember when using a brown sugar face mask.

  • Cleanse your face with a facial cleanser that is appropriate for your skin type, then rinse with warm water completely. After rinsing your face, don't pat dry because the scrub needs a moist surface to work efficiently.
  • Using circular motions, carefully apply your brown sugar face scrub to your face. Avoid rubbing too hard because your skin may tear.
  • Massage your face using upward motions, concentrating on the cheeks, upper lips, and the corner of your nose.
  • Take your time rubbing your face, focusing on the areas most prone to grime and bacteria. The process, however, should not take more than 15 seconds.
  • Don't forget your neck, which gathers sweat and dirt as well.
  • After completing all of the above processes, splash your face with lukewarm water, pat it dry, and follow up with a good moisturizer. 

Benefits Of Using A Brown Sugar Scrub

Helps To Unclog Skin Pores

Our bodies generate sebum regularly, which ensures that our skin stays moisturized. However, sometimes, our skins produce excess sebum stored in the pores, thus clogging the pores. Ravisankar et al. (2015) established that when the pores get clogged, they cause acne to break out, which may only go away with regular exfoliation using a brown sugar face scrub.

Gets Rid Of Dead Cells

The skin's cell turnover process, also known as epidermal turnover, results in dead skin cells. When the skin does not shed completely, it results in flaky skin and plugged pores. Packianathan & Kandasamy (2011) commented that exfoliation, on the other hand, helps your skin shed these dead cells, thus revealing the supple skin beneath.

The Bottom Line

Exfoliation is the process of removing dead skin cells from the skin’s surface by using exfoliating products. Using a mild exfoliant is the best way to keep your skin healthy and look revitalized. Most people, however, do not know how to utilize an exfoliant, particularly facial scrubs made from brown sugar, and hence end up doing more harm than good to their skin. If you're new to the brown face scrub game, follow the instructions above while keeping an eye on the dos and don'ts of physical exfoliating products. 


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