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  • August 26, 2022 5 min read


    Many people are curious to explore CBD oil as a supplement because CBD oil is reputed to have multiple beneficial wellness advantages. This product is a hemp-based extract infused with inert carrier oils.

    They may include several other compounds and terpenes from the cannabis plant, including a regulated amount of the psychedelic compound THC in some types. There are scores of positive reviews on online product websites from people who have successfully tried CBD oil since its legalization in 2017. Anecdotal evidence based on pre-clinical studies suggest various wellness properties of CBD oil. Owing to this popularity, you may be anxious to try it out. This article familiarizes you with the various ways you can use CBD oil.

    What CBD Oil Could I Use?

    De Briyne et al. (2021) reviewed CBD products for veterans. CBD oil is available in multiple brands, potencies, and flavors. Knowing the right CBD oil to use can be quite a task. CBD oil affects each user differently, so conduct detailed personal research before trying CBD oil. This will ensure you pick the right potency. Avoid any risk of adverse side effects or hostile interactions with any clinically prescribed medications.

    There are three CBD oil types: CBD isolate, broad-spectrum, and full-spectrum CBD oil. CBD isolate oils contain pure CBD as the only hemp-based compound. Broad-spectrum CBD oils contain almost every other compound and terpene from the cannabis plant. They are typically THC-free, meaning they can deliver desired hemp-related benefits without producing any unwanted psychoactive effects of intoxication. Full-spectrum CBD oils consist of every inherent natural compound of the hemp plant, including THC. The integrity of compounds and terpenes in full-spectrum CBD oils is also well preserved due to less processing. Most delicate natural plant compounds are retained in full-spectrum CBD oil. This CBD oil is perfect for a non-THC user.

    When shopping for CBD oil, go for good quality, priced products with certified proof of third-party testing for quality and safety. The source of hemp used in the processing and the method of CBD extraction employed both play a critical role in the quality and safety of CBD oil, and they should be disclosed on the product label. Most reputed brands use clean CO2 extracted CBD from quality hemp grown in Colorado, USA.

    How to Use CBD Oil

    Shannon & Opila-Lehman, (2015) indicated the methods of CBD application. CBD oil can be taken directly through oral drop administration. It is often packed in dropper-styled, tinted blue or brown bottles. Oral drops are administered using these droppers. The standard dosage for dropper administration is often 5 drops. However, CBD oil often has a strong, earthy taste that some people may deem unpleasant. This may discourage you from regular intake of the product. Fortunately, there are several ways you can use CBD oil in your daily diet and leisure routine, as shown below.

    Under-the-tongue Concoctions

    Cohen (2015) noted that this method could be used for recreational purposes. Concoctions are made by mixing CBD oil with organic sweeteners to mask the earthy taste. These concoctions can be administered in drops under the tongue using a dropper. You then have to hold them for a few minutes before swallowing. This ensures quick absorption of the supplement into the system for faster results. Under the tongue is a network of capillaries that facilitate direct absorption of CBD into the bloodstream.


    CBD oil capsules are a good way to ensure regular, balanced doses of CBD oil. They are pre-dosed in various potencies and CBD strains. CBD oil capsules, however, take a little longer to deliver desired effects. This is because the capsule has to go through the digestive tract first. Please wait up to an hour to start feeling its effect.

    Vape Pens

    Vape pens are a friendly alternative to smoking marijuana rolls. They are easy to use, friendly and discrete. They emit less smoke compared to marijuana rolls, making them more environmental-friendly. They are also flavored to keep the breath fresh. Vaping offers one of the most efficient methods of CBD oil consumption. CBD oil goes directly to the lungs and is immediately absorbed into the bloodstream. You typically start feeling the desired effects of CBD within a few minutes of intake through vaping. Nonetheless, the long-term side-effects of vaping are yet to be established, so the full safety of this method is not guaranteed.

    Recipe Infusions

    You can incorporate CBD oil into a daily diet by making it part of the cooking and baking recipe. There are countless recipes to prepare using CBD oil without altering the original taste of the end product or sacrificing the quality of CBD oil. CBD oil blends smoothly into salad dressings, cake toppings, and baking ingredients. You need to add in the recommended amount. This can be anywhere between 2 droppers to 4 teaspoonfuls, depending on the recipe. To get more results from CBD oil without compromising the taste of your food, you need to increase the potency rather than the quantity of the dosage. More importantly, avoid exposing CBD oil to direct extreme temperatures, which may destroy inherent terpenes and compounds. CBD boiling point is 356F, so the recommended temperature for CBD-infused baking is 350F.

    Beverage Infusions

    Add a few teaspoonfuls of CBD oil to relatively warm coffee or iced tea. This ensures you get your CBD oil dosage infused in a favorite beverage. CBD is also reputed to take the edge off coffee; it can let you enjoy coffee without worrying about the jittery side-effect of caffeine intake. Garcia & Salloum (2015) pointed out that CBD oil may help minimize the risk of caffeine addiction. You can as well add CBD oil to your relaxing fruit smoothie.

    Sweet Treats

    CBD oil can be infused into edibles and sweet treats such as cookies, cakes, and gummy candies. Pre-dosed CBD sweet treats are conveniently easy to carry around and discreet to use. They are also an effective method of CBD intake for faster results. Furthermore, you have a variety of sweet treats from which you can choose your favorite.


    CBD oil is a popular product that most people take to supplement various clinical and herbal medications. It is a wide variety of product that holds different results for each user. Therefore, personal research is necessary to establish the particular CBD oil that suits an individual. Quality and safety are important while shopping for effective CBD oil that is user-friendly. The best quality CBD oil is quite expensive due to the hemp-sourcing, extraction, and processing methods; there are various ways to use CBD oil, including food, snack, and beverage infusions, vaping, and capsules. Dosage is determined by individual comfort and preference. CBD oil should always be stored in a cool, dark place away from direct heat to preserve the integrity of inherent natural compounds.


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